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A Saner TTC-The Worm Moon

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Happy Almost Spring, Ladies!! Well, except for you Chuord winky.gif, is it getting to be Fall-ish there?

When I went looking for the name of the next moon I happened upon this link on the Farmer's Almanac site. I just love the wisdom and fun factoids that is the Farmer's Almanac. http://www.farmersalmanac.com/full-moon-names/


(I forgot to re-post this intro in the last thread...) 
Hello all and welcome!

The original "Sane 2ww" thread was started by zenquaker. This is a continuation of the "Sane 2ww" thread and we felt "A Saner TTC" was a natural evolution. We will start a new thread each new moon and name it for the upcoming full moon.

Here's the gist of the original thread: this is a space to re-conceive the 2ww as a time of waiting and contemplation. Although we don't judge those who wish to poas frequently, symptom-spot, or do chart analysis, this a space set apart from that activity. We share our thoughts about other ways to approach the 2ww and all parts of our cycles. We encourage each other to feel our feelings fully and to greet all possible outcomes with openness.

We hope you'll join us.


Since we're trying to not obsess over all this TTC business and I've got the origin of names on the brain from looking up moon names...I thought it be fun to share how we came to choose our screen names. Share if you like love.gif


Mine is a combo of the name of my town-Prescott, and my first name, Chelsie, shortened as people like to do.


And this is just so cute I couldn't help but post it luxlove.gif http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to7uIG8KYhg

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Thanks prescotchels! My user is a combination if my married name - Chu, and my maiden name - Ord lol... It's a fairly unique combo so I tend to get exclusive user name rights. You are right I. - autumn here it is, although we are semi tropical, mangos avocados etc so it's really just a move to a cooler summer lol
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Those are pretty unique names in and of themselves!! 

I think one of these days we'll get down that way...DP actually has friends w/an avocado orchard in NZ, who have been wanting him to visit.

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Wow I didn't think it would be warm enough in nz for avo's! I grew up in Tassie - same latitude as nz, temps are 4-27 on average Fromm winter to summer - but it's very like the uk in seasonal change etc... In Brisbane we go from 16-35 (Celsius) it just doesn't vary as much, oh and the humidity - especially during floods! I keep getting the feeling with all the natural disasters around that Mother Nature/planet earth is really not happy with us and is trying to shake us up... Lol like a dog with fleas!
Ok symptom spotting, yellow cm last two days with some spotting, tired beyond reason - I never nap and have been wanting 2 a day - and am ambivalent about getting up again lol. Tummy is not nauseous, but feels hormonal and hungry. But my temps dropped halfway back to the cover line this morning, AF due tomorrow ish... Where are you up to prescotchels?

Anyone else found the new site yet?
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Oh my gosh prescott, that was adorable! love.gif I would love a two for one deal when I get pg luxlove.gif . Let's see, how I got my screen name. Well, my mom's name is Cathy and growing up she was kind of everybody's mom, people just loved her like that. So people called her Mama Cat. I'm her baby no matter how old I get lol.gif and I just put it all together b/c I liked the way it sounded smile.gif . Thanks so much for the new thread! Will check out that FA link. We love factoids here orngbiggrin.gif .

chourd I completely agree that Mother Earth is purging herself. Our whole solar system/universe/reality is going through some intensities and it's going to get a lot more crazy before we're through it! Hmm, it ain't over 'til it's over so guess we'll see what AF decides to do! fingersx.gif for you!

Me, CD5 here and tea6.gif . Lovin' the fact that spring seems to be setting up shop here but having some allergy issues methinks. I've been eating a lot more dairy though and I think that's the culprit, boooo! Hope all is well with you ladies kiss.gif .
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Mamacat-I keep watching that video! lol those babies are too cute!! I've always loved the thought of having twins. And at this point in the age game... I'd go for twins for sure! Plus they run in both sides of my family so it could totally happen, which DP isn't super thrilled about lol but what ya gonna do?? winky.gif


It's CD 19 for me so I have a ways to go yet. No symptoms to speak of, yet... It's spring break here so DP is off work and it's sposed to be 65-70 today! So perfect! So he's gonna replace my water heater today, which has been working, but leaking steadily for a while irked.gif so not kosher to be wasting all that water for one and on top of that I've paid to heat it! Boo. Hoping it all goes smoothly... I've got some painting projects to work on while he does that...another coat on the garden gate I made from a pallet and a first coat on a hand me down bookshelf that is ugly fake wood, and maybe some touch ups on the outside trim of the house. Definitely a good day for Zen-chop wood, carry water, except I don't have a wood stove, so ummmm...paint stuff, fix water....? orngbiggrin.gif


Hello to those of you lurking wave.gif

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I finally viewed that clip - it is cute!
Another bfn this morning... Chatted a lot on the scenic route thread, and feeling calmer now... Have a great day!
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Hope your day was as beautiful and calm as it sounds like it was prescott! How did everything turn out?

Glad to hear you're feeling a lot more mellow now chourd. Hope AF has stayed away for you! fingersx.gif . How is your DH enjoying his new position?

LilyKay, JustJenny, and everyone else wave.gifblowkiss.gif .

Not much going on with me. Will O sometime next week so just reading and cooking and, and, and lol.gif .
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Mamacats, I'm still relaxed poas out of habit rather than desire lol... Still nothing, woke up with a backache so strong that it immobilized me and made me cry in my dream - so weird... Dull cramping but still doesn't feel like AF, best way to describe is my uterus feels like its in lock down lol... So waiting and watching... Dh it was so funny when he got home yesterday... I looked at him in his tie etc, and he looked so officially a surgeon - given his Chinese baby face it was quite bizarre! Maybe this means we are growing up (lol at 38!)
You're still exuding a wonderful relaxed vibe - it's tangible and infectious... Thanks!
Prescotchels - how's the painting and fixing been going?
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Chuord-any news??


LilyKay & JustJenny-Where are yoooooooou?  


We had a successful water heater install mission!! Wahoo!!

I actually didn't get around to any painting whatsoever lol but I did get the shed tidied up a bit as well as the yard, some random little bits of things done and repotted 3 indoor plants so it was a productive day,for sure! And oh so lovely to be outdoors so much. It's so good for my soul. 

Today I hung clean wet sheets on the line to dry! I get to snuggle up to sunshine tonight!!  If only the nice weather didn't come w/a whopping case of allergies. boo. 

It's CD 20 and my cycles are 28-30 days typically. I feel like I'm doin good so far. It's about the half way point that usually has me in tears, so hopefully all this sunshine and these good outdoor projects will keep me fairly sane. I kinda feel like there's some energy in my belly that isn't usually there, like a heightened awareness...? I've felt it before and it hasn't turned out to be anything, but  you never know, right? winky.gif

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Prescotchels - another bfn... Lots of back ache and cramping, so either a way vicious AF or who knows? No longer having any huge hope, just waiting... I've not been able to bend in half comfortably since O and have a constant pressure on that area... Anyway... Glad you enjoyed the weather 😀 lol it's almost cool enough here max 28 in a day to actually go outside and get into gardening etc lol...
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chourd- Finger's still crossed for you! fingersx.gif


Prescott- With this weather I've got the allergies going too. I've had them since childhood and I always dread the pollen counts in spring! Glad to hear you are still holding it together and getting lots of projects done.


AFM- CD5 and AF is gone today. The side effects of Clomid have come back full force with a few new ones added in. So I've been a little quiet. Just trying to take it easy and take care of myself. I laid in the sun today and just puttered around. Luckily dh and I are self employed so I don't have to worry about work. I can let him pick up the slack! smile.gif

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Just Jenny - that's a bit rough with side effects - but totally awesome you can take care of you and leave dh to do it all! I'm lucky because of my migraines etc I've been not working for a few years... In previous relationships I was always the 'supporter' it's soo nice to be looked after, I'm all about equality lol - but hypocritically I love feeling feminine and precious ☺
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Chourd- Glad that your dh is a sweetie and gives you support orngbiggrin.gif  Migraines are so debilitating! I get them when I eat gluten.

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Glad you ladies are taking care or getting taken care of winky.gif


JustJenny-I wouldn't survive w/o my homeopathic allergy remedies!! It's so great to be able to take them as often as I need and not worry that it's too soon if symptoms reappear. This year the remedy is allium cepa, last year it was sabadilla. I think my body gets sensitized to things and I have to switch it up from time to time. Plus I don't have to worry about taking them while conceiving or during pregnancy. The weird part is that I didn't get allergies til I moved to "allergy friendly AZ" lol go figure

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Hi everyone! tiphat.gif


prescott - thank you for the new thread and the adorable dancing babies.. Hope you're doing ok in those last day of the TWW goodvibes.gif


chourd - keeping my fingers crossed for you here!


JustJenny - interesting about the gluten, I've now cut out gluten drastically for a month, but I've had a piece of bread or cake a few times. Interestingly enough, now I can notice the direct effect (slight nausea, feeling very sluggish and my mood just deteriorates).


mamacatsbaby - that is so sweet, how your screen name came about that is! We're almost on the same CD, so the time for action is coming soon. I'm feeling a bit jaded about it all.


So I'm chiming in late but Lily is DD's second name and Kay is the first letter of my last name. I sometimes (not so secretly) wish I'd given her my last name too because at first sight she does not look like I'm her mom at all. She has a German name and looks 100% German... While I was pregnant I was 100% sure she's going to look mediterranean, the little bean came out blue eyed and blonde!


So I'm CD 10 and looks like O is happening in the next few days. I picked a cough syrup with Guaifenesin and just took the first gulp thumb.gif.  You know how they say when it rains it pours? Well we're swarmed at the moment, I have a heavy load all of a sudden at work, we're receiving our new apartment this week (ton of work to keep up with the builders that they did everything ok, which they did not of course, so lots of headache there) and I'm suddenly starting to worry about the move and upcoming trip (for which I prepared nothing so far). So yeah, in the midst of all of this, I hope I get my BFP!

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  hola.gif I just created an account so I can join this discussion.  I need a saner TWW!  My desire to conceive is starting to affect my ability to get my job done...On a daily basis I obsessively look up nutrition and fertility information hoping I will stumble upon the one thing that allow me to finally get knocked up. I have seen other TWW groups but they just make me feel more obsessed and stressed out. I am at work now and just discovered this forum. I love that this discussion is moon-based. It helps me to remind me keep my faith and respect Nature's timing.


I have decided that this will be the one little thing I will allow as my TWW indulgence. Otherwise, I really need to get to work! (Despite my honest efforts, the internet will not magically me a baby.)


Since I am at work, I am going to keep this post brief. About me: Married with a 3 yr DS luxlove.gif, miscarried 3 maybe 4 times (most of them very early, one at 11 weeks-mecry.gif). We have been trying this time around since Sept., I think. If and when I get a sticky bean, I will be shooting for a VBAC. (I still need to figure out how to make a permanent signature line.) 


I am trying to do this naturally, but I have decided this cycle to start taking baby aspirin daily, wondering if I have clotting issue, but not quite ready to do any tests. I also take B-100 Complex, Calcium, and prenatals, eating sunflower seeds for extra vitamin E, and trying to make sure I eat enough stuff with Vit C.


I chart through FertiltyFriend, but this month I have been sick so much early in my cycle that my chart is all thrown off. Based on my CM, I O'd on CD14, which is little early for me. Today is CD17, which is when I normally O.


Thanks for having this thread. I look forward to my little indulgence! Now back to work...oh, wait, fairy dust  goodvibes.gifand prayerspraying.gif for us all!

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Lilykay- Its amazing just how little time it takes to have a reaction after eliminating a intolerance/allergen. When I first did it I just couldn't believe the results, lol. How can something I've eaten since childhood all of a sudden make me so sick?! It was just crazy for me at the time and I tried to introduce gluten back in permanently. It never worked. I can never go back to gluten- and now I don't want to. Its a part of my life now. I'm cow dairy intolerant too but goat's milk products are fine. 



earthwalker- wave.gif Welcome and glad we can be of support to you during your insane times. I think all of us can commiserate with the endless googling and constant obsessing at one time or another. It can seriously take over our lives. Its been a balance act between need to know info and just ridiculous extreme info. I now have a self imposed ban, lol. I can only google my "need to know" info. So far it has helped me let go of a small amount of anxiety leading to a more peaceful day. HTH! winky.gif


Prescott- are those remedies OTC or do you have them specially prepared? I used to take nettle and it did help, I may go back to it as I believe its good for iron in pregnancy.

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Earth walker - welcome!!! And huge hugs for your losses 😞... Here's to starting fresh, not forgetting the past but embracing the now. Fx to you for a lucky cycle.

Lilykay (love your name story too😜) justjenny (would love to hear yours) that's so funny re gluten, my kinergetics lady had recently told me to stop it, I asked if my body would ever be able to eat it again - I'm sure it was a no... And same I get bloated mild pain and constipation lol... I'm hoping to lose the intolerance at some stage but maintain the lifestyle - crazy optimistic I know!
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Welcome Earthwalker!!


JustJenny-the remedies are OTC. Available at most health food stores, though I do get mine thru one of the naturopathic docs in town. She has an apothecary open to the public and they make homeopathic remedies right there while ya wait and they only charge once and then unlimited refills so it's a sweet deal thumb.gif


Wow so many of us w/gluten issues... I have a rash on my foot that flares up when I get glutened unknowingly. I used to have "food coma" so sleepy and yawny all the time. After I eliminated gluten and tried to splurge I realized what symptoms were connected to it. So trippy to live soooooo many years feeling so bleh and never think to link it to a food. Any of you w/gluten issues also O blood types? I am, and it's very common for O's to have issues w/gluten.

Took a field trip to the salvage yard today w/DP to get rid of my water heater, made a few bucks on the metal and then explored all the amazing "junk" that's there for sale. I couldn't believe I'd never been there before!! It's my new favorite place to shop lol I'm such a reuse/recycle dork orngbiggrin.gif  Bought a solid wood dresser for whoever in our circle needs it for $12, solid wood, nice design, good drawers, a little dinged/scratched, but nice. I just couldn't believe it was so cheap cuz used affordable ones are so hard to come by.

All this sunshine we're having is revving me up!! I just finished cutting some plywood (that I scored for free) for spice shelves in my kitchen. Now to paint them lol another thing to paint...

Anybody else got any good projects happening? 

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