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Bellyfruit- (((Hugs))) dust.gif   that this new cycle is the one!


LilyKay- I totally would want to wait until I was able to tell DH in person. Well, I will be waiting impatiently until Monday....FX!


AFM-  I did not see any more pink tinges again...until this morning. At first, I saw just the lightest of tinges with my morning pee. So then I started to worry I had blood in my urine. YIKES! But then when I went again this morning, I confirmed it was definitely coming from my lady parts.  But....it is super, super light. So I am not going to worry.  om.gif I am hoping matt's mom is right, and it is just the bean snuggling in tighter. So far my symptoms are very minor, some light-headedness, barely nauseous. I have always urinated frequently! shrug.gif   I don't really want to have morning sickness, but there is something comforting about knowing that my body is overwhelmed with pregnancy hormones. I am just now 5w. Hopefully, more symptoms will kick in next week. I am reluctant to go the doctor just to do HCG tests, but considering it. Either which way, I have finally accepted that I am pregnant right now. love.gif  My excitement is definitely subdued by my past m/c, but I am also allowing myself to feel the joy and gratitude. I imagine my DH and I will have our hearts guarded for a while, until we know HCG levels are good, and then until we hear a heartbeat, and then getting past 14-15w. 


I want to thank y'all again for all the zen you have showered upon me during this cycle. As I said before, I know my fertility is very much affected by stress, so the zen has been super-important! If y'all don't mind, I am going to stick around and lurk a bit. I have grown a bit attached to y'all. blowkiss.gif

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Heaping mounds of super sticky, super healthy baby dust.gif on you earthwalker! hug.gif

Glad you're enjoying Arizona LilyKay! fingersx.gif for when you test.
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bellyfruit - hug2.gif Sorry this wasn't the right cycle.  dust.gif and prayers that this is your cycle coming up.  FX.


chuord - Sadly there isn't even a little chance I could be pg.  DH has a vasectomy years ago and I've been using nuvaring until about a week ago.  The ring was so I wouldn't have my periods - I get PMS really, really bad,  I took the ring out last Thursday morning and have been waiting since for my period to start.  I was under the impression that AF would show up within a day or two,  Apparently I was WRONG!  


Hoping you manage to catch the eggy!  dust.gif


LilyKay - glad you are enjoying the awesome weather,  I totally get your hesitation to test.  dust.gif and goodvibes.gif.


earthwalker - YAY for finally getting to celebrate!  How about some dancing veggies?!  broc1.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gif


wave.gif mamacatsbaby!  


afm - I spent the day yesterday hanging out with my sister and her partner.  They took the boys to the river to collect rocks while I tried not to obsess about AF.  I'm sure you can all guess how that went.  I just don't understand what's going on with my body.  I'm going to call my doctor today to find out what's normal.  I'm really hoping that I don't have to wait a full cycle for AF to show up.  I think I'd go crazy.  Unfortunately I'm not the type of person who can just put this out of my mind and enjoy life.  I'm definitely obsessive and I don't like it.  The boys are both home on spring break and I feel like I just can't enjoy the time I have to spend with them because I'm obsessively thinking about my period.  I feel like such a Debbie Downer.  

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hug2.gifMatt's Mom. I'm dead center of an emotional monsoon right about now myself. I'm sorry AF is being such an elusive little heffa disappointed.gif . I hope she brings it on soon! Always there when you want her to back off and never there when you need her; like a bad relationship or something eyesroll.gif .
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And don't feel bad about your feelings! They are what they are! I hope you can honor whatever you may be feeling and that you'll be able to figure out a way to enjoy your boys this week smile.gif .
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Originally Posted by mamacatsbaby View Post

... I'm sorry AF is being such an elusive little heffa disappointed.gif . I hope she brings it on soon! Always there when you want her to back off and never there when you need her; like a bad relationship or something eyesroll.gif .




Sending you zen vibesgoodvibes.gifom.gif during this waiting period! Hopefully, getting some info from the Dr. will help.  


You mentioned that you have real bad PMS.  I also had super-bad, emotional PMS...for nearly twenty years...every month...from the moment of ovulation through AF....so yeah, half of my life. When I was 38, I finally realized that something had to be done. My DH had been begging me to figure something out (but we did not want to go the hormone route...go figure). ANYWAYS, I found a study that shows that Calcium supplementation helps with PMS. (At the time, I also found numerous recommendations for Vitex, but since I was breastfeeding I was reluctant to add that type of supplement.) I thought, "Calcium, I could use that anyway. It can't hurt, right?" Well, it has been a godsend! they say it can take up to 3 months to feel the effects. For me it helped me that first cycle.  I highly recommend it to anyone with PMS issues.


mamacats - hug2.gif

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Thanks mamacatsbaby and earthwalker for the zen vibes.  I really appreciate it.  My doctor was out of the office yesterday so I called this morning and left a message.  I'm trying to just put everything out of my mind and be calm.  


mamacatsbaby - sorry you are in an emotional $h!tstorm as well.  Big hugs.  hug2.gif


earthwalker - thanks for the advice about calcium.  After baby is born (and conceived! LMAO) I'll definitely give it a try.  Being on nuvaring constantly helped a lot.  I wasn't getting a period, so no pms.  It was awesome.


wave.gif bellyfruit, LilyKay, chuord, prescottchels, JustJenny, livnkadesmom, and anyone I missed!

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Earthwalker-have you joined or lurked in your due date club yet? I lurked last month for a couple days & hearing what others were going thru in the early weeks was really reassuring. Glad you're finally allowing yourself to celebrate a little love.gif


Matt'sMom-Have you heard anything from the doc yet? How many days has it been now since you took the ring out?  Keeping busy is key to staying out of crazyville. Get those kiddos out of the house and stay present/in the moment w/them. I had pretty horrible periods/pms before I changed my diet. That may be something to consider for yourself. For me it was gluten & dairy (for a while) I've since added dairy back in w/no ill effects, but if your system is out of whack dairy can be a big trigger along w/gluten. Many of us here are GF so if you need support going down that path you'll have lots of it here! Also evening primrose oil can help keep hormones balanced as well as vitex and maca.


Bellyfruit-Sounds like you're officially part of the club now winky.gif buckle your seatbelt! Hopefully it's not too long or wild of a ride for ya! 


Chuord-goodvibes.gifgood vibes for catching the egg this month!!


Mamacat-hug2.gif  what's eatin ya? Did you get run over by the emotional roller coaster...? Anything we can do? 


Hi to everyone else too luxlove.gif


Not much to report here...The Universe has been conspiring to continue giving DP & I a break. Our schedules haven't been meshing the past few days so the break continues, though I feel the energy rising in me again to let him know what I really want and perhaps that will be easier to say now that emotions aren't running so high. I really appreciate the supportive space we've all created here. So thank you all for being a part of that. This all would be so much harder with out ya grouphug.gif 

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DH is almost done giving the kiddos their bath so can't stay long although I'm thinking of you all and wishing you lots of peace and wonderful energy blowkiss.gif .

prescott: I'm having cycle stuff happening and it's really got me in a tizzy. I don't really know what's going on with it mecry.gif . Will BBL to elaborate.
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Well, its official. The iui was a bust gloomy.gif. I kinda knew the last few days so I've had time to process it. Had myself a good cry and am waiting for AF to arrive in the next few days. 


Lots of baby dust to all of you who are still in the tww dust.gif


Hugs for every one who needs them hug2.gif

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Hugs to you, JustJenny. hug2.gif Still cheering you on from the sidelines!

BTW: I don't think I offered here but there weren't any takers in the Bajingo thread. I've got some Wondfos, LH and HCG tests that I'd like to pass on to someone who will put them to good use. Free of charge, just message me and I'll send them in the mail (US postal address preferred). The LH strips are very light, the HCG ones get nice and dark.
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greensad.gif I'm so sorry JustJenny hug2.gif . I'm glad that you've had some time to process but I hate that you have to process anything at all but a BFP gloomy.gif .
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Hi dakipode!
Justjenny - huge hugs!! I agree with mamacats, it just sux
Mamacats - how is the cloud of AF going?
Prescottchels - yay for the break with dp... Hope it settles down
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Sorry this is a fly-by.  I'll be back for personals later.


I talked to my doctor and apparently I screwed up with the nuvaring.  I should have taken it out a week earlier than I did.  Of course, no one told me that.  banghead.gif  So this cycle is wasted.  I have to decide if I want to take the chance next month of ordering the sperm when I'm not *positive* when I ovulate.  I'm pretty sure it's between days 12-14, but again, not positive.  And the sperm in the dewar is only good for 7 days.  


So, I guess the good news is that I'm no longer waiting so anxiously waiting for Flo.  It's going to be at least two weeks before she shows.  I'm almost positive I ovulated in the past three days, so at least I don't have to monitor every wipe so compulsively.  


I really need a hug.  grouphug.gif

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Huge, huge hugs Matt's Mom hug.gifhug2.gifhug.gif . Man, how frustrating; I'm sorry darlin'. It's so hard to have to wait longer.
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More hugs here Matt's mom!!! What a poo!
Hugs all around! I'm still not sure if I O'd yet... If so we missed it, since dh has been feeling blah... So frustrating lol...
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Darn elusive eggies! I hope you'll still get a shot if you haven't O'd yet chuord. *linkurchartcoughcough*
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Rofl! Thanks mamacats... But I've barely charted this month... Here it is regardless😜

Oh I have to add the first temp this morning was 36.22 but as I woke up overheated from too much bed clothes I took it again...
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Thanks so much mamacatsbaby and chuord.  You guys are the best.  Now that I've had a little time to process, I'm doing ok.  I've got a ton of other things to concentrate on, baseball season is starting for DS1 and DS2 is always a wild, crazy ride.  I'm going to be ok.


Here's hoping you haven't missed the eggy chuord.  FX and dust.gif


How are things going mamacatsbaby?  I hope things have calmed down for you emotionally. om.gif


JustJenny -I'm so sorry the iui cycle didn't work.  Huge hugs.  hug2.gif

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Justjenny-drat. Sorry this cycle was a no go 


Matt's Mom-Oh man!!! That would have made me want to hit my head against a wall too! Gahhh!!! 


Mamacat-what's the story behind your new siggy?


Dakipode! Hi!!! Did ya get any takers on your generous offer? I'm well stocked, but it seems like someone around here would be able to use them thumb.gif


GROUP HUG!!!! grouphug.gif


It seems DP & I have made up (for the time being anyhow), only time will tell...and our makeup sex (2 nights in a row) just happened to be during prime eggy catching time lol even though I'm not super stoked about getting preggers this cycle cuz it would give us a baby born around Christmas/New Years, which would be sweet this year and kind of a pain every year after lol and since we're not paying attention to when we BD and since I'm not using OPK's this month it would be totally Murphy's Law for me to get pregnant eyesroll.gif which of course I'd be ecstatic about, but ya know it's just kind of a funny set of circumstances...

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