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chuord: Oh my, I've been misspelling your username the whole time! duh.gif I don't know why I've been seeing people's usernames as different than what they are lately nut.gif . So funny this growing up business isn't it? We look up one day and we're the adults! ROTFLMAO.gif On femininity, I definitely like to revel in mine in all its forms love.gif . AF still hasn't shown so yay! fingersx.gif

prescott: I'm being hit with the allergy funkiness too. Hasn't happened in a few years. It's my own fault b/c I've been eating dairy again since I can tolerate it just fine, even crave/need it, during pregnancy and for some months after plus I've had more gluten when we try to be as grain-free as possible. I definitely feel waaaaaaay better off the gluten/grains, both mentally as well as physically. So, off the dairy again for now! And after one more PB&J back off the gluten whistling.gif . Man, that would be excellent to have that kind of deal going on with the apothecary that you do! Oh, and I'm O+. Didn't realize the connect there with gluten. We love to sift through the tossed away things. We've found all kinds of excellent stuff! Spring cleaning is our ongoing project and we're going to get the place painted and the carpet cleaned soon.

JustJenny: I'm sorry to hear about the funky side effects from the Clomid. Glad you can take it easy and let DH pick up where you can't ATM! What do you guys do?

LilyKay: I was feeling pretty jaded about all of this TTC business myself at the start of this cycle. Definitely wasn't feeling it, at all. Now that I've had a few days I'm not in as funky of a place as I was but I'm pretty "Meh" about it all. I don't want to temp but I'm going to keep going for the info, I don't want to hem and haw over BD, I don't want to do the TWW, just, blah. I want to keep going like I am, enjoying my reading, relishing the sunshine, recharging, enjoying life outside of TTC. Then I think about when I finally do get pg, oh man, I am not looking forward to the anxiety of being PAL. So yeah, I hear what you're saying. How's the Guaifenesin working out for you? Hope things cool out soon and you get your BFP on top of it all! dust.gif

Welcome earthwalker! wave.gif I'm so sorry about your losses and sincerely hope that this is your cycle. This is a wonderful bunch of ladies and we're happy to keep you company while you try to keep the crazy down winky.gif .

Me, not much going on but not thrilled about these allergies irked.gif . Like I said though, my own fault lol.gif . I thought I'd be able to indulge in the dairy for just a bit longer though Sheepish.gif . I need to get preggers with a sticky babe soon so I can eat cheese and ice cream by gawd ROTFLMAO.gif .
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Prescott- that is really cool. I'll have to see if I can find something like that here. I know there is are several chinese herbalists around so I'll start looking. My blood type is AB positive.


Chuord- I keep misspelling your name too, sorry redface.gif


mamacats- We do Estate Liquidations and we have a big one this weekend.  I'm really into vintage jewelry and have a online Etsy shop to re-sell the stuff we buy. I also make my own jewelry but have slowed down this year. Just so much distraction that I haven't really put much effort towards it.


AFM- I decided on "JustJenny" because everyone always asks me what name I prefer. Jennifer, Jen, Jenny, Ginny etc. I usually reply " just Jenny" simple and easy smile.gif

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Mamacat-when you just need that PB & J there's a great brand of GF bread available at most supermarkets now (in the freezer) as well as at Trader Joes called Udi's. Don't get it confused with Rudi's who also has some GF bread, but not as good as Udi's eat.gif

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Ladies - no prob at all re user name - I've misspelled some too I'm sure at some stages...
Blood, I think I'm b but can't remember if - or + will work it out sometime...
Orescittchels - yay on the active diying! We have jobs to do here, but funds and effort lol... So slack considering I'm a project manager lol 😝
Mamacats - having a reason to indulge is awesome! im with you on the charting,I love the knowing, but am hating the stress and pressure... The lady today suggested getting a sample from dh in case he's not in the mood at O to take the stress off - I feel like that would be worse!
Justjenny - love the name logic, and buying and selling estates sounds like fun... How often do you have to keep something for yourself? Lol I would be a shocker!
Lilykay- here's to a relaxed and fun baby making for you!
I've been having really bad back and stomach cramps, so I was a little concerned etc... Had Bowen today, it's colic! Lol although annoying its so hilarious as well - so simple! Although I've been eating heaps of veg so no idea why... Anyway still no AF, but there doesn't seem (natural therapies) to be any baby energy going on either - so I'm going to wait patiently (or ish). Temp went up again today FYI... Having been mad in the tww I am now so ambivalent, and am working on being zen and focussing on actual other stuff again fx I can keep it up 😳
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earthwalker Welcome.gif I can totally relate to not being able to work and googling the same things over and over. I've one time considered going to our IT and asking them to stop internet access for a week or so (did not because I couldn't come up with a good excuse!).


mamacatsbaby - hope those allergies clear up soon.. are you lactose-intolerant or any thing dairy sets you off? The Guaifenesin tastes horrible (well the cough syrup it comes in). So far I'm not sure it is working though.


chuord - wow getting excited for you! Which CD are you now?


prescott & JustJenny - I've always admired (envied?) people who can find scour vintage/thrift stores for great finds. I've tried wondering into these shops but I get very overwhelmed by the large amount of things. My next attempt is to go to a famous Sunday flea-market in Belgium (it's near-by). I've heard it is filled with antique and vintage furniture..


Interesting about the blood type, I'm an A+ but my sister is also an O and she's a lot more sensitive to gluten than I am. We both tried the low carb for a while (not for weight loss but health/acne) but it really did not work for us. I've added potatoes and white rice and it's been really great.


Ladies wish me luck! Today we will be the official handover of our new place. I'm so nervous because we have several things that we would like them to fix before we official accept it. I feel like I'm preparing for battle bag.gif but hopefully it won't be like that... it's proving to be a good distraction from the whole TTC thing.

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Good luck on the handover lilykay!

I've decided to take a complete break from thinking about it lol... Ttc that is, so I'll be here for the other bits and to enjoy your journeys for a bit...
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Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone! I really appreciate it.  One of these days I need to try gluten-free and see what happens. I did go gluten-free for 2 weeks, but I was doing a whole elimination diet when I was nursing -my son was getting little dry spots on his skin. I cut out gluten and dairy. I remember praying it was not the gluten! But I don't remember feeling personally different, other than really hungry.  My son's problems kept up. In fact, they got worse. That is when I realized I had starting eating a lot more almonds!  So then I cut out nuts and that helped a lot. Since then we have also identified cinnamon and berries as aggravators for him.  


As I get older, my allergies are getting worse. A couple weeks ago, the start of allergy season kicked me on my butt. Worse ever. If this keeps happening, I guess it will be time for me to scrutinize my diet, too.


I really should know what blood type I am, huh? After my unplanned cesarean, I read the hospital records over and over very carefully...tearing it apart word for word...but never thought to find out my blood type! redface.gif


As for my username, well, I came up with it yesterday as I walking during a work break, deciding to join the forum. I like the name because 1) I really like walking and 2) it reminds me that I am just a creature walking this earth...humbling...reminds me that there is a much bigger picture. During my TTC-craziness, I am trying to remember this - the bigger picture.


As for projects, I am hoping to work in the yard this weekend- if my allergies let me! I need to cut the grass, and I have dreams of preparing a small garden.


LilyKay-One of my fears is that my IT Dept will discover how much non-work searching I am doing. Part of my job is searching the internet so that helps...but I have a real problem with guilt, so I really need to slow down on this guilt-inducing activity!


Fortunately, I am not at work today...so I could type this up guilt-free! YAY!


One question for y'all: Have you stopped drinking caffeine altogether? I am a total coffee-addict, and I have been able to limit myself to a cup a day. But cutting it out altogether is one of my greatest challenges in TTC.  After my losses, it makes total sense to stop the caffeine- just in case. I have gone a few days with just green tea, but then I find myself back drinking coffee. Aaagh!

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Sounds like very interesting and fun work you guys do JustJenny! Definitely seems to fit with the "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life" side thumb.gif .

Thanks for the Udi's rec prescott! I'll look for it the next time I'm at TJ's and will try it out for when I get those cravings nod.gif . I seriously could eat PB&J's four or five times a day, every.single.day yummy.gif .

chuord: Yeah, I think my DH would be like "Erh, no." lol hug.gif I know the frustrating nature of all of this can be a bit much to take. I am glad to see that you've been able to come out the other side of one of the more energy-sucking emotions surrounding TTC and have landed in "Ok, I'm good regardless" mode. It's still aggravating and such a letdown when AF shows. Still, I'm not counting you out 'til she comes knockin' for you, pointy hat and all!

LilyKay: Any kind of dairy does me in shake.gif . I wonder what it is about pregnancy that flips the switch to ok-time with it shrug.gif . Since I've got a coughing/chest thing going on from the allergies I said "Alright, even more of an excuse to try the syrup!" lol.gif When I was at the store today though all they had, besides really expensive stuff, had other ingredients in it besides the Guaifenesin so I just didn't get any. I think BF may be more my issue (DS2 seems like he's juuuuuuuust about to wean though, soon hopefully!) than lack of CF but I figured it couldn't hurt to toss it into the mix 'cause you never know! We never went low-carb but did go no-grain and now we're mostly no-grain. The weight-loss was an added bonus for me! I had no idea that would happen and went no-grain for other reasons altogether. I hope the handover went well! Can't wait to hear about it lurk.gif .

earthwalker: When I went grain-free I upped my fat intake exponentially and I'm never hungry. Extra virgin coconut oil, ghee, cold-pressed olive oil, lard (that I render, not that garbage in the store, ewww), organic palm shortening, bacon fat, stuff like that. Very full and satisfied, my weight stays in check and I feel awesome thumb.gif . Well, unless I eat a bunch of dairy and gluten lol.gif .

I'm so curious, what kind of work do you do?

I still eat chocolate and coffee "ice-cream" but I don't have a thing for straight-up coffee though. That would be a hard one! I watch what happens when my DH tries to go w/o coffee sometimes and it ain't pretty horrors.gif . I do have maybe an artisan beer before I hit the TWW though.

Hope you ladies are getting ready to have a lovely weekend!
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Thanks mamacats! I'm trying to no get sucked back in! Re dairy is yogurt ok? I know you said all but... One of our friends was the same, she could only eat minimal dairy, then when pg with her son could eat volumes - her husband was a big dairy lover... So we think it was the babies immunity and deem sure base it ok for her... I know it shouldn't work like that but 😜 it seems too. With one of my early losses I started craving volumes of meat.. My dh is a meat and carbs man, I actually ordered a triple pattie cheeseburger at McDonald's - and loved it eeww! I never eat there and make him go alone! Lol my natural lady swore rated the babies food requirements from mine, so I can find a food I love to supply appropriate cravings lol
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It's fascinating how these babies bend us to their wills isn't it chuord!
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LilyKay-Hope all went well w/the handover today. Looking forward to hearing all about your new digs!


Earthwalker-I've never been a coffee drinker so I haven't had to cut it out. I do still each chocolate though, mostly dark like 60-70%. My diet is so healthy I'd have to be in serious pregnancy crisis to cut that out. In my experience cutting out addictive things you have to power thru the cravings if you really want to eliminate it. I've cut out all refined sugar AND sweeteners of any kind for months at a time so I understand the intensity of the cravings, but for me it usually was just the first week or so that's the hardest. 


Mamacat-have you looked for Guifenesin at the health food store? When I was researching it I found places that sold it as a single supplement. Or at least cough syrup from the health food store wouldn't have all the other artificial yucky junk in it...


Hey everybody!!


I actually did get some painting done today! The spice shelves got a coat of primer biggrinbounce.gif Hoping I'll get them finished and installed tomorrow so I can get all my spices off my microscopic counter since I took them all out of the cabinet to reorganize and make room for everything else. It was something of a kitchen organization avalanche winky.gif but it's well on it's way to being under control, and I was inspired by my own organization radio interview lol  I did a pre-recorded interview last month and then forgot to listen on the air date, which was on March 1st, I think...oops...so I finally remembered to check it out this morning from the archive. We have so much fun doing these interviews and it really comes thru in our voices. Sunday my best friend and 3 of her teen & older kids are making the 3 hr trek to the Renaissance Festival so it's gonna be a full weekend. Perfect for not thinking about the TWW-CD 22 today... pondering POAS monday... 

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Prescotchels woohoo on working through the projects!
For me AF has finally started - which is sort of good, onto a romantic next month... Lol
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Prescotchels woohoo on working through the projects!
For me AF has finally started - which is sort of good, onto a romantic next month... Lol
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Thanks prescott, I'll check the HFS as well. Ooh, you should put up some pics of your kitchen organization project once it's done if you have time. It would be fun to get visuals of what all you did. Have fun at RenFest!

Dang, I'm sorry AF found you chuord but I'm glad you're feeling good about a fresh cycle. Hopefully this is the one love.gif .

Absolutely gorgeous day outside joy.gif . I know I keep talking about the weather lol.gif but it really is imperative for me to have sunshine and warmth. Cold and gray are a type of kryptonite for me! horrors.gif
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And geez, what's up with this forum getting spammed all the time lately?! We don't want to watch rugby!
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Awwww Chuord....glad to hear you seem ok w/AF arriving... hug2.gif


Mamacat-what part of the world do you live in? It's gorgeous here in Northern AZ too. I grew up in Oregon and never realized how much those gray days affected me til I moved here lol 


I love pictures lol so here's what I did last night... I springified my "season" window. I can't open this one & I keep a storm window over it, so the whole thing has a cool shadow box effect. My best friend was razzing me the other night when she stopped by cuz it was still winter in the window-snowman, reindeer, fake snow, icicles...technically there are still patches of snow in my yard in the shade even though it's been 70 degrees here lol so I didn't feel bad about winter in the window. It was still accurate winky.gif



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chourd - {{{hugs}}}


prescottchels- I love the seasonal window!  Hey, I live down south where we had no snow at all this year, and I still decided to wear my penguin winter socks yesterday. I wanted to celebrate the last few days of the season...even if my azaleas are blooming already.


mamacatsbaby- I am a reference and electronic resources librarian so I am on the internet all day long...which makes my TTC searches so tempting...


well, we had a great st. pat's parade today. my boy is running wild so i got to keep this one short.

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Thanks ladies! I am surprisingly ok with it, lol guess I knew it was coming...
Prescotchels that window is so cute and cheerful... My mum had her fireplace (old oil heater) boxed in with metal so she has a shadow box thing too - but hers is either Christmas or just candles... They got reverse cycle ducted to it was obsolete...
Onto this next cycle with you guys, and I'm truly going to stay zen this time - thanks xxx
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prescott: We're in the southeast (GA). We'd love to be some place like California though. I am not a lover of snow and am so glad we didn't get that this year. It never sticks around long but I still don't dig it lol.gif . What a pretty window! How fun to change it up with the seasons smile.gif .

earthwalker: Awesome! I used to think about being a librarian. Definitely seems like it would be right up my ally.

chuord: Wishing you a zenful good time this cycle orngbiggrin.gif .

Me, CD10. Seems like my body is working itself up to O. This is a weird looking chart for me though. All three of them have been weird lol . Not posting this link to obsess but to share how my chart looks like the Big Dipper lol.gif http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/41ee4a . I'm feeling pretty relaxed and good so yay thumb.gif . I do retain the rights to freak out some and cry if I need to later though ROTFLMAO.gif .
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Mama cars - lol and lol - that totally looks like the Big Dipper! Ironically we watched a doco a couple of days ago that was on star gazing... It one made it funnier... I don't think it matters too much what a chat does before O as long as it dips and rises at the right time... Glad you're taking it in your stride!
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