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faithrising: Yeah, no high mercury stuff. We generally avoid tuna as well but a leeeeeetle bit works out quite tastily now doesn't it yummy.gif .

chuord: I just looked up shabu-shabu and hot pot and zomg, what have you done to me woman! My mouth needs to get down with some nom-nom-nom on that as soon as humanly possible drool.gif . And ROTFLMAO.gif on the morse code AF! LOL! They sure do love to get all cryptic and weird whenever the hell they feel like now don't they! Listen up universe, chuord hears you on the O business and is just going to have a lot of hard-working fun so take it easy will ya! lol Oh, and my scratchiness seems to be more or less gone but DS1 is still coughing and such and he had a fever last night. DS2 seems ok mostly except for the bit of runny nose. Maybe it won't run rampant through the house?! Ooh, your weather sounds heavenly. I guess we're going to skip spring here (usually a lot hotter by now) and move straight to summer shake.gif lol.

prescott: Yay! Glad you survived! biggrinbounce.gif Sounds like you had a lovely time despite all the hard work. I ran into an old friend/acquaintance of mine the other day at the farmer's market and she's due the same month I would have been. I was absolutely happy for her but it certainly stirred up my own emotions about my situation. I started to ask what her EDD was but then thought better of it; it wouldn't help me to do that to myself. I wanted to tell her that I should be having a baby then too but didn't want to put that on her. I don't know her fertility history so I don't know what it took to get her children but I'm certainly getting some first-hand experience on why pregnancy and birth loss is a "silent club". Anyway, we got started talking about a few different things and we're working on threads along similar paths so it will be cool to see any other reasons we were brought together now manifest themselves if they are to do so. But I get you though; it can be difficult to keep the "should haves" in perspective as we evaluate where we are in the present and how we feel about that. And yeah, I'm glad you ladies are here too! I can't see moving from this thread when I finally do get my BFP redface.gif . Feeling your lucky/good feelings this month and hope this is it for you! dust.gif

oasis: I'm so sorry about your loss. I'm glad you're feeling ready to jump back in though smile.gif . This is one of only two threads I regularly post in 'cause I love the energy/space/support that's been created by these lovely ladies and it sure helps me when I'm nut.gif lol. I totally get needing to cool out on things that are making life a lot more stressful though and I'm hoping your TTC nutty doesn't consume you again goodvibes.gif (< - - - anti-crazy vibes lol.gif ). On your post m/c chart, I don't have a clue really there but would think your temps would be going nuts still. I haven't looked at all that many m/c charts in FF's gallery but the ones I have come across get pretty erratic. I just tracked cycle length and not temps during my m/c. Time will tell it though! I know, I know, yet more waiting disappointed.gif . Too exciting right? lol On timing of BD, O-2 is supposed to be an ideal time for BD and a bit better than O-1 and O (though I can't recall stats). Did you have EWCF then or use a sperm-friendly lubricant? If that was in fact O and you had the right kind of environment going I'd say you're in it thumb.gif . Wishing you all the mellow you can handle this cycle and beyond darlin'! dust.gif

JustJenny: How did the trigger go!

Matt's Mom: Reading in the sunshine is awesome and one of my favorite things to do! And I definitely understand your sushi "Hell no!" lol.gif . I was there but it's seriously so, so, so good. Brings a tear to my eye happytears.gif . And wooooohoooooo! Glad AF brought her butt on! Hope she isn't being too wicked doll. Go get on that insemination info lady! lol

AFM, I'm with you prescott and I'm feeling really good about this cycle! We shall see fingersx.gif . I'm certain I saw maca root at our farmer's market though so if this isn't it I'm going to add this root veggie in and see if that helps with my crazy hormones. Gotta look for some ways to prepare it though.

Ok, enough of my lollygagging and such, gotta make some food for the kiddos! Hope your day is or has been amazing lovelies! flowersforyou.gif
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Welcome back Oasis!!


Matt's Mom-so glad to hear you're finally able to get to the exciting part!!


Mamacat-Thanks blowkiss.gif

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Oasis - big hugs for the heartache and fx for a bfp ASAP! And ASAP for the rest of us too!

Mamacats - lol! Really glad you like the sound if hot pot - it's so fun to share the food 'journey' that dh took me on when we met... Btw I also tried pickled jellyfish - once only, very weird! Glad that you at least are recovered, then regardless there is one healthy person to look after the rest! I forgot to add that this second batch of AF has the cramping... Lol - you really have to love the way the universe 'directs' you!
Prescott - hope AF is not being too aggressive?
Faithrising - hugs and good luck!
Matt's mom - how's that AF happy dance going? Any actual flow yet?
Hugs to anyone I missed
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Oasis- Welcome Back! Yes, I would agree that sounds exactly like a chemical pregnancy. So sorry. hug2.gif Your odd temp rise could go on for awhile. Your cycle could be a little wacky this month but some women are just fine. Mine are always screwed up or annovulatory afterwards. We don't wait to ttc either. Just keep on bd'ing!  


matt'smom- yay for AF! Now you can move forward!


mamacats- FX'd for you this cycle. Hope your hormones get the preggo picture! Maca could really help I liked it when I tried it.


Prescott- Glad you had a fun time this weekend! Is it me or or are you all seeing fresh little babies everywhere? Driving me nuts too. It hurts when really young or "advanced age" mamas get pregnant so easy. I feel so- why not me- bag.gif  I mean Halle Berry is pregnant at 46!! Incredible.




Me- Well dh gave me the trigger shot. I just couldn't do it and he did such a good job! Had the iui this morning and all went well. I actually ovulated on my own saturday- a surprise there. But I followed through with the instructions anyway. Statistics for a iui 36 hours after ovulation are very good. So my fingers are crossed!  We have decided that this will be our last iui. If we aren't pregnant this time we will be taking a break and saving for ivf. I found a great clinic in Mexico that does ivf for under $4,000! You don't even know how much stress that takes off of me. I just can't pay $12,000 for each maybe. 

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chuord: Pickled jellyfish eh? Interesting! Had no idea one could pickle a jellyfish and eat it lol. And yeah, I don't understand the ways of this plane sometimes but it does seem to work out like it's supposed to in the end doesn't it (even when we go places we consciously would rather not)? Very frustrating ride!

JustJenny: Yay! Got my fingersx.gif for you doll! Twelve g's is harsh, wow! Hoping this cycle is it so all the IVF costs are out of the picture anyway but I'm glad that you've found a more affordable solution. And I've actually got your maca thread open right now orngbiggrin.gif .
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dizzy.gif mecry.gifbanghead.gif  om.gif   praying.gif  sleepytime.gif  my night has gone something like this. more on that later...love and hugs to you all

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Sleep well Prescottchels! Zen dreams to you!

Just Jenny - I agree with mamacats - fx this is it! Otherwise you just found a three for one deal with Mexico - I love a sale!

Hugs everyone - see you in the morning!
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Oh no prescott hug.gifhug2.gifhug.gif . Whatever is going on I hope that sleeping on it took the edge off at least.

Errands, errands, and more errands today! At least DH is only working 'til early afternoon so I can hopefully get a little time to tea6.gif later . Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here, woohoo! flowersforyou.gif to you all and hope this day brings a whole lot of wonderful with it dust.gif .
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Thanks all for the welcome back :) Turns out you were right mamacats and JustJenny -- that was not O, just a random temp spike and I started bleeding more heavily this a.m. so I have a feeling m/c is not quite finished yet... I was only 6 weeks and a couple of days and this is going on three weeks of bleeding and spotting which is frustrating since I just want to get started again! I go back for another hCG draw soon so that will be the deciding factor but I feel like my levels are falling oh so slowwwwllllyyyy. 


Luckily the weather is gorgeous right now and DH and I are enjoying fun times with all of our (mostly young, single and childless) friends so that's been a great distraction. That and we got a puppy! Here's hoping all those carefree and maternal vibes lend themselves to a natural BFP whenever this bleeding stops! Still I'm finding it way easier to be not pregnant in the summer than I was in the winter. Anyone else??


Also JustJenny I know exactly what you mean about being elated at finding cheaper options. So happy you were able to find something that works better for you but hopefully you won't even need to go down that path! DH and I live overseas and it is incredible how much simpler and less expensive medical care is here. We have a wonderful fertility doctor renowned in his field and the experience of going through IF consultations, getting medication, ultrasounds and miscarriage care has been a breeze here compared to what I know it would have been back in the States. And although we are lucky enough that insurance covers all of this, if it didn't we'd only be out a couple hundred bucks. The downside? All this easy and cheap medical care lends itself to over-medicating and over-treating problems, IMO. For example, doc wanted to put me on 100 mg of clomid right out of the gate instead of the usual 50 mg (I ovulate on my own any way so I thought this was over kill). I halved the dosage myself and ended up getting prego that first cycle (and then miscarrying). Plus: imagine a women's hospital without fluorescent lighting and that horrible decor and sterile atmosphere. The birthing suites at our hospital have real furniture, huge windows with sweeping city views and are pure luxury compared with OB wards in U.S. hospitals. I'm really hoping to get preg and deliver while we're still here so I can take advantage of it!


Good luck to everyone just starting a new cycle! xx

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I would swear I was pregnant cuz I have been so nauseas and ugh feelin the last two days that last all day. But I'm in the 4th day of my cycle still bleeding normal but if I wasnt bleeding I would swear I was pregnant lol
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I could have sworn I checked in yesterday.  Guess I'm losing my marbles.  nut.gif


Thanks everyone for the positive thoughts as I was waiting for AF.  She is here in a big way.  I've been super crampy and very, very b!tchy.  Now I remember why I stopped having periods in the first place.  But I'm so excited it's here anyway.  biggrinbounce.gif


hug.gif prescottchels hug.gif  I hope that everything is ok.  Lord knows I've had nights like that.  Sometimes the only thing to do is go to bed and hope things look better in the morning.


mamacatsbaby - send some of that wonderful weather this way!  We got 3 inches of snow on Sunday and it's supposed to be cold and rainy today.  Of course we have a baseball game tonight, but I'm hoping they call it because of the weather.


chuord - pickled jellyfish sounds revolting, but good for you for trying it.  I don't think I could bring myself to put it in my mouth.  In fact, I'm kind of gaggy just thinking about it!  


JustJenny - FX that this is your cycle.  Things sound promising!  dust.gif


oasis84 - what kind of puppy did you get?  I love, love, love puppies.  It's funny because every time I've wanted a baby we've wound up adding another dog to our chaotic mix.  That maternal instinct is just so strong that it doesn't matter whether it's human or canine, you just want something to love and baby.  


AFM - As I said, AF is here.  I've set up the insem date.  We're officially pulling the trigger on May 3rd.  I should O sometime on the 4th and I'm hoping that will be enough time for some of the male swimmers to die out.  We're really hoping for a girl, but secretly I would be fine with a boy too,  Although I can't imagine having 3 boys,  dizzy.gif


Love and hugs.  blowkiss.gif

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oasishug2.gifSo sorry you are still bleeding. I hope your body heals quickly and your hormones get it together so you can start ttc right away. They say you have a higher chance of conception after you have a MC. Hopefully that will be the case for you.   Also I'm with Matt's Mom- I've been through 2 puppies in 3 years. Definitely wanting babies = more doggies for us. LOL. BTW-Were are you?  I wanna go!! orngbiggrin.gif


prescott- hope things are a little brighter today hug2.gif


mamacats- enjoy your beautiful day smile.gif


Lol Chuord- I love a sale too. I am a frugal woman and that much money without a guarantee or at least better statistics- cripes!- I just can't do it to us. Plus the Mexico Clinic offers a discount plan. 2nd ivf is half the cost and the 3rd is FREE. You just pay for meds. 

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Okay I have a weird question to ask. Has anyone on here ever experienced a period and be pregnant? Cuz as soon as I got my period the next day I started feeling sick I'm not throwing up but I'm just nauseated and feel ugh. Could I just be sick? My af started heavy but it's lightened up some I started on Sunday morning
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Scjp - I've had nausea before and definitely been not pg, it's not a normal thing for me but it can happen... Just wait some more if after AF you're unsure - then what's one more test to make sure 😜
Matt's mom - yay on AF and being happy despite the hormonal soup! Fx you get into the next bit soon
Oasis - I'm with justjenny on the post m/c increased chances of pg... Fx you get that silver lining! So where are you? Sounds sort of similar to here...
Justjenny - wow that's even better! Dh and I are not frugal... I wish! We are much better at spoiling our friends etc... Or shall I say throwing it away lol... But we're trying to get better - any hints great fully received. While he is starting up in private practice his income has dropped to half it was as a trainee... Mind you things in Aus cost up to double what they do in US... And there are no coupons (dh so loves your extreme coupon ing)
Mamacats - ah the breath of sunshine that you are 😄 happy errands, and peace time later with dh
Prescottchels - hoping that nothing too drastic has happened? Hope you and dp are still fine together...
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oasis: The other thread I post in regularly is the Hope, Healing, and Conceiving thread in the TTCAL forum here. A poster on that thread has had the same kind of experience as you with the constant bleeding or spotting and hCG falling reeeeeeeally slowly. Have they checked for retained tissue? I'm sorry you're still bleeding, ugh, how frustrating hug.gif . And wow! Those maternity wards sound vacation-esque! Ooh, I want to know what kind of pup you got too lurk.gif .

I almost blacked out at the mention of 3 in. of snow Matt's Mom! lol.gif Hope some of my beautimous weather goodvibes.gif hit you guys right when you need it most. From the sound of it that would be right farking now cold.gif . We'd be thrilled with another boy as well but also love the thought of a little girl love.gif .

JustJenny: This day certainly did not disappoint! coolshine.gif I am in serious heaven with all this sun and not too hot, not too cold biggrinbounce.gif .

scjp: I haven't experienced this but my mom did with me (bled every month like a period until about 6 months in, didn't even realize she was pg for the longest; I wish she was still alive so I could talk to her about this more from the other side of the coin now!) and my sister did with her youngest. She was bleeding off and on for a few months but baby kept on growing luxlove.gif . Are you going to get a blood test to see? Have there been any stomach bugs going around? Could you have gotten some funkiness in your food? Do you know what your pre-O temps are usually like? If so maybe you could give the thermometer a go for a few days to see if they're still high?

Hi chuord! How are you planning to romance it up this cycle orngbiggrin.gif . Also, are you working on any other art projects ATM? I always think of you guys when I see Australia mentioned lol.gif .
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I think it is a stomach bug greensad.gif my son has an external ear infection and swollen lymph nodes and my mom is a nurse so I asked her about me being sick he said he could have been carrying the virus and only got the ear infection and gave me the rest lol she too had a period throughout her pregnancy wih m olde sister
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prescottchels - I'm worried about you (but I'm a worrier lol.gif).  



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Originally Posted by scjp1109 View Post

I think it is a stomach bug greensad.gif my son has an external ear infection and swollen lymph nodes and my mom is a nurse so I asked her about me being sick he said he could have been carrying the virus and only got the ear infection and gave me the rest lol she too had a period throughout her pregnancy wih m olde sister
So interesting how that monthly bleeding thing can happen to women while preggo isn't it?

Originally Posted by Matt's Mom in MT View Post

prescottchels - I'm worried about you (but I'm a worrier lol.gif

I know. I keep obsessively check in here for your update prescott hug.gif .
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Thanks for all the hugs and love. It was a busy morn and afternoon so I didn't have time to get on plus I didn't want to post earlier cuz I knew it would stir my emotions up all over again. Now that I'm home it's all in my face again...DP & I are over... Unless/until I decide to change my mind on the issue at hand and then he'll gladly revisit the relationship, which I'm not even thinking about right now. Meanwhile, I don't want to give up TTC. Which means I have roughly a week and a half to find a donor, which is what I was doing when I met DP, and now I'm kind of kicking myself for allowing a relationship, again, when that's not what I was seeking in the first place. I was fine and happy with the idea of being a single mama by choice and then I started really liking the idea of having a family w/DP so now I have to untangle my brain and heart from that scenario, which I'm finding difficult in the moment, or something...I just know that when I go look at potential donors online I'm heavy hearted having to sift through them all again. ugh. It's a very busy week and I just wanna hide under the covers. 

Sorry for no personal replies. I'm so overwhelmed by my own crappola over here bag.gif  I'll get back to it though. You guys are too important not to grouphug.gif

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Prescottchels - hugs on the pile of poo! Can I just ask (completely impartially)... Knowing that the single mum thing is what you want or wanted, also that you're a determined lady who sticks to a plan (I've done that myself - lol even to my detriment)... Also your dejection at donor searching... Is it possible that your thought towards dp have changed? I'd hate for you to throw it all away, then realize after it was what you wanted after all... Like I said totally impartial - but you seem so happy with him... And I know you well enough to WANT you to be/do what makes you happy 😄 hope it works out for you xxx
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