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Hello! I'm not a newbie, but I skulk around here sometimes. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone fancied imparting any pieces of advice onto me/us...

We are both really mega broody for a baby, we're in a solid relationship, and we've just settled into new jobs which are working well for us. We tick a lot of the right boxes. If anyone's willing to share their stories, I'd be really interested to know when and why you thought it was the right time to start trying? Was it a simple decision for you, or a complex one? 

From our point of view, we have a lodger that we're waiting to move out (and she will do soon), and we'd like to get married although not necessarily before a baby comes. We might want to wait until October to start trying because I'm a self employed piano/singing teacher and where possible I would like to plan a baby to arrive in the summer holidays but that relies on me getting pregnant within a small time frame in October/November, and we've been wanting to try for a baby for a long time now, and we're just not sure we can wait that long! We wish I could just get pregnant by accident so we wouldn't have to feel like we'd have to do all this planning and just get straight into adapting to our new situation.

Anyway, I'd be interested to hear other peoples stories :)

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Hi button-nose! Love your starting-to-plan story! I hope things work out for you so you get a summer baby love.gif

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