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Weekly Chat 3/11 - 3/17

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I want a new thread already since it's time, but I want someone else to choose the question of the week.  So c'mon, someone, jump in and ask us somethin'!

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Oh and side question:  is it ok that I stick around this club, as after my first ultrasound today they dated me at 11 weeks 6 days, or due Sept 24th.  quite a switch from Oct 2.  I think I'll do both clubs if that's ok with ya'll?

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Serafina - Stay! How many weeks gestation did your previous children come? I would really resist having my due date moved that much earlier, but then again, both of my kids came after their due date.


Question of the week: Have you chosen a care provider and if so, why did you choose him or her?


(Edited to clarify: By care provider, I mean the medical care provider for the pregnancy, be it your midwife, OB/GYN, or family doctor. Sorry for the confusion!)

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Since my parents are retired, my mom will most likely take care of the baby once I go back to work. Then we'll choose a preschool or nanny when he or she is around toddler age.

How is everyone feeling? Some of us are in the home stretch of the first trimester! I'm 10 weeks today! Hoorayy! And I have a teeny tiny bump which I love and can't wait to keep watching it grow smile.gif it's amazing how much I love this little noodle, when I haven't even seen/heard him or her yet! I can't wait for my next appt on March 26, when we should hear the heartbeat for the first time, and then my first ultrasound on the 28th!
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I have been seen at the local prenatal clinic which is standard and free here in this country, and if I have a homebirth, I have the same midwife lined up that delivered my last homebirth.  Not sure if DP and I will decide on that though.  Fingers crossed.


revolting:  34 weeks :( and 40 weeks (smack on the due date after laying in bed for 3 months to keep PTL at bay, which worked a treat).    I'm expecting PTL symptoms, and to fight pretty hard again to keep this baby to term.  However, since my kid was over 9 pounds the second time around I really wouldn't mind jumping out of bedrest after 37-38 weeks and jogging around the block to get labor going to avoid such a huge babe. :)  I planned to do that last time but stamina and muscle tone was shot after a couple months in bed and I didn't have any fight in me to jump up and jiggle the contractions on in earnest.  This time I will try to be more disciplined and ditch the bedrest as soon as I'm good enough full term (which is after 37 weeks of course).

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Oh and I had my first ultrasound today, I'm 11 weeks + 6 days (for another few hours, then I'm at 12 weeks even)  so....  goodbye first trimester!!!!!!!  (or is it until 14 weeks?)


I had the NT scan and that combined with blood tests put me at risk of 1 in 260,000  for chromosomal defects.   joy.gif


     I tried to post a pic but it says I don't have permission.  shrug.gif

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Ok here are links to the pics.



Will ya'll please guess my babe's nub?  Pretty please?  If you don't know what nub theory is, google it, it's totally a fun game to play with your 12 week ultrasounds.









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From the first one, I'd guess girl smile.gif
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if it's pointing up it's girl right? 

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I thought horizontal was girl
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I can't remember! lol

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Haha I'm like 95% sure horizontal is girl, vertical is boy.... for obvious reasons lol. If I'm looking at the right thing, it looks horizontal yo me, but I could be looking at the wrong spot haha
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Hi my name is Elisabeth.  I am 10 wks today with my first baby!!  I feel really great, just tired quite often.  And really hungry....need to eat every two hours.  Happy to be here, and love reading all the posts!

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Hi ebsmith! I'm 10 weeks today too! Due date buddies smile.gif
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Morning ladies, well to answer the weekly question - here in nz it is common practice that every woman's lead maternity carer is a midwife. Only triplets and extremely high risk pregnancies require ob gyn care. 

My midwife has been present at all of my births so far, she is amazing. Was my back up first time around and my Lmc with my home birth. She is also a family friend which is so wonderful. 

Tuesday morning here and woke up to my son saying he was going to vomit and sure enough 30seconds later he did. So no school today. A quiet day at home actually sounds very appealing.

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My guess is boy Serafina! stork-boy.gif

From what I know a nub pointing up is a boy, and anything horizontal or down is a girl. My prediction is from the third scan photo. 

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oh ok, then I guess boy! wink1.gif

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Oh the third scan photo shows no nub at all, just the umbilical cord.

Only look based on the profile side laying shots, where you can see the spinal cord, and then if it's horizontal with the spine, or only slightly up, it's a girl, but if the angle is more than 30% upwards compared with the spine, it's boy.   It really looks like a girly nub to me.  The ultrasound tech on babycenter.com's ultrasound board thought so too and she has an 85% success rate guessing everyone's nubs over there all day, so I am really cautiously hopeful it's a girl indeed!   I'll know for sure in two months but until then I'm going to daydream happy mommy/daughter thoughts!

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Sheepish.gif Well I have no hope in guessing hehe I will have to post my pics here once I have my scan so you lovelys can see what you think. 

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  http://bios.weddingbee.com/pics/91328/nubtheory.jpg  if you click on this image, you'll see what a boy nub looks like vs a girl nub.

Can't wait to try guessing your guys' baby nubs!  


I thought this whole ultrasound thing would make me more excited about the pregnancy but I still feel more ...detached than I ever thought I would.  I had the same reaction as the other mama who had an ultrasound recently and was like, "oh, neat, look at that" but not like emotional or crying or feeling really bonding with the baby.  (Who was that, I can't remember now).....

Darn. But at least DP will announce now!  Yay!

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