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Thanks for the new thread and question, serafina and revolting. I agree with the others that you should feel free to stay, serafina


The care provider question can get me a little nervous but I am trying to stay calm about it. Where I am living now we are using the local ob/gyn practice that was recommended by my general doctor. They use a method where you rotate through meeting with each of the obs and midwives in the practice during the pregnancy, so you don't just pick one doctor. They seem nice enough and again, come well recommended. The thing is.... we're moving. We're going back home to an area I know well, and I know women who highly recommend a midwifery practice in our town. I just don't know yet when we are moving - could be anywhere from mid-second trimester to early-third trimester. So the process of establishing a relationship with the practice mid-pregnancy and managing that transition has me a little anxious. I think I'll feel better once we have a moving date and can start making some arrangements. The goal is to be moved by the end of August at the absolute latest. 


Tomorrow is our first real appointment with our midwife. Two weeks ago we had an ultrasound but we just met with the tech, no appointment. So I'm looking forward to actually getting to talk to someone. Not sure if they will want to do another ultrasound or not. We'll be 10 weeks on Wed. 

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duh.gif  I misunderstood the question, woops. We finally chose the OB that I had seen originally, but then was unsure about. She delivers at a hospital 10 mins from our house, and is actually the head of the OB department there so she comes highly recommended. It's really important to us to have the hospital close by, and my only complaint about the practice where my doctor sees patients, is that they don't have ultrasound equipment there. But all in all, not a big deal.

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I have a GP who thinks she should follow me until my ob takes over because I'm high risk. I have a midwife who is a great friend. She has hospital priv. I have a pregnacy hemotologist. My midwife wants to transfer my car to her hemo

Tug of war
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We are using a midwife who comes holy recommended by some friends of ours. I've met her twice and I love her! She realxes me upon entering her office, and I only talk to her. No nurses, no office, it's such a personal experience, exactly how I want my pregnancy and birth to be!

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We are using the midwife and team of assistants that we used for our first birth.  She's totally laid back and fits in with our style.  I'm a bit cautious about this pregnancy though.  I was 10 weeks on Sunday.  We chose not to have an early u/s this go around and it's totally messing with my head.  


I've lost 5lbs after gaining a quick 10 and I don't know that I have any "true" pregnancy symptoms.  I do have some waves of hunger but nursing isn't painful like everyone described it to be.  My boobs are actually smaller due to the lack of supply and aren't tender like last time.  IDK....just being cautious I guess.  I'm trying really hard to trust that my body works and that it's part of God's plan that we will have this second child.  


Until I hear that heartbeat or start busting out of my clothes, I'm a little cautious.  

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  http://bios.weddingbee.com/pics/91328/nubtheory.jpg  if you click on this image, you'll see what a boy nub looks like vs a girl nub.

Can't wait to try guessing your guys' baby nubs!  


I thought this whole ultrasound thing would make me more excited about the pregnancy but I still feel more ...detached than I ever thought I would.  I had the same reaction as the other mama who had an ultrasound recently and was like, "oh, neat, look at that" but not like emotional or crying or feeling really bonding with the baby.  (Who was that, I can't remember now).....

Darn. But at least DP will announce now!  Yay!

Congats on the lovely scan :) I think that's a girl myself... but i thought my son was too LOL


I had my 8 week scan today and saw the heartbeat, so finally I can consider myself pregnant and not just imagining it :)  With no morning sickness or any other real proof I was starting to worry..

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Serafina... I attached that note to the wrong message - it should be with you other one with the actual scans, not the boy/girl comparison LOL


and the question of pregnancy care.. I will be seeing my local GP in a share care arrangement with the hospital that I'll give birth at.  That way I only need to head to the hospital for scans and the rest of it can be done locally with the same doctor all the time.  I won't meet him til next week, so I hope I like him!!  It's really hard to arrange a doctor who is prepared to share care like this, and because I'll be highly monitered (age/blood pressure/past issues with preeclampsia) this will be way more convenient and personal than last pregnancy.

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banana.gifThat is such awesome news Suzie! Yay for a lovely strong heartbeat! 

I am shattered, totally and utterly. This sucks. It's so insanely hot, about 30degrees but the humidity is at over 90% it's just killer. My youngest son somehow has a runny nose poor sausage. And my emotions are just so up and down. Totally having a good day then a bad, which is frustrating. Today is a meh day. Where I am just so hot and tired I have spent half the day wishing I was in a shaded pool just relaxing.

finally have my 12wk scan booked for the 28th of march. And now the nerves have kicked in, i just want to know this baby is ok. 

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Hello everyone, just jumping in convo smile.gif
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Welcome, BaconL0ver!

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Originally Posted by Serafina33 View Post

I thought this whole ultrasound thing would make me more excited about the pregnancy but I still feel more ...detached than I ever thought I would.  I had the same reaction as the other mama who had an ultrasound recently and was like, "oh, neat, look at that" but not like emotional or crying or feeling really bonding with the baby.  (Who was that, I can't remember now).....

Darn. But at least DP will announce now!  Yay!


Lol, that was me Serafina. I've looked at the ultrasound many times. Still kind of un-emotional about it. Though now that I'm getting so tubby and have switched to yoga pants instead of proper work pants, it feels even more real than with the ultrasound. I'm just not a "gushy" emotional person anyway so that might be part of it for me.


We chose a birth center with midwives about a half hour away, though I am planning a home birth...I think. I was just laying in bed last night and thinking about how I wanted a water birth but we might not have enough hot water to make a nice full birthing tub. We moved into a house a few weeks ago and over the weekend I tried to take a bath after DH had showered and I couldn't even get a half bathtub full of decently hot water. Boo. Anyway, got sidetracked there. I still haven't met the actual midwives, just some of the admin staff at an info session. But I want to go this route because I don't do very well with doctors in any circumstance, and I know that if I find myself in a hospital environment being pushed into interventions that I don't want I'm absolutely not going to make it through with a natural birth. I'll just crumble under the pressure, and I don't think DH would be able to resist on my behalf since this is our first and he doesn't know enough. I need providers who are wholly on board with the natural route and who will believe in me and support me. First prenatal today when I'll hopefully meet a real midwife!

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Ooh hope your first prenatal today goes great, slammerkin!  Exciting! bouncy.gif


I guess I'm pretty gushy usually.  But I have a whole lot of stuff going on with me right now.  I'm not really enjoying living abroad right now and I struggle to make a life for myself and I have an ugly relationship with my kids' dad and I struggle with the language and I just have a hard time sometimes getting all excited about starting a whole new PERSON in a new house with my fiance and our budding new life together which just feels like the beginning of so many settled down years ......in a place I don't feel like I fit in, and don't love, and feel so often alienated, alone, homesick.   This baby just feels a little bit sometimes like one more thing that will derail any way out of here any shot at pursuing any goals outside of the home that will lead to my feeling more integrated in society (making connections, friends, etc---I'm such a people person, and not having nearly as many adult connections outside the home as I would back in the US, really impacts my emotional well being).   I wanted this pregnancy!  I'm so in love with my partner and of course we bought this huge home by the lake so that we could room for my kids plus kids of our own and I've always always always wanted a big family.  Like, at least 4 kids.  So of course this needs to happen, and it needs to happen now if I would ever have more than one with him (my partner already has gray hairs at 36 and jokes about how he's not getting any younger and is more than ready, and at 33, I think time of the essence as far as my fertility goes of course, too).


Sorry for the ramble guys.  Man I do need to start a blog so I can just have diarrhea of the furious fingers on the keyboard somewhere else and not hassle you guys with overly long musings!  lol.gif

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Danielle, I have my 12week ultrasound on the 28th too!
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I have chosen my midwife for when we get back to Hawaii.  I am seeing an ob here in Texas though.  The only other u/s I am getting is my 18 week u/s so no nub theories for me.


So Dd woke up again last night throwing up.  It might be due to all the junk she ate at the zoo yesterday but this is like the 5th time since we have been back in Texas (since late January).  She has her yearly checkup later this month, so depending on how she feels when she wakes up I might call and get her in earlier.

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John, I hope your dd feels better, poor thing! Have you had an ultrasound already, or will your first be at 18 weeks?

Welcome, baconlover! Judging by your username, we'll be good friends lol

Slammerkin, good luck at your appt today!

Danielle, hope you get a break from the heat!

Afm, kinda dumb question for you guys. Is it ok to eat hotdogs/bratwurst while pregnant?? I have been craving a hotdog with sauerkraut for like 2 weeks but am too scared to eat it. I've stopped eating lunchmeats and it seems like hotdogs would fall into the same category. There's a hotdog vendor at the Lowe's where my husband and I go frequently since we're doing lots of home improvements, and every time I pass the vendor I drool lol.
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Cook it well.
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Dahlia- I agree with Shiloh Cook it really well. I am pretty lax about pregnancy food taboos but I feel like hotdogs are way sketchier than any lunch meat.  Especially hotdogs from street vendor where you don't know anything about the meat.  At least most lunch meat is a generally recognizable cut of meat.  My rule for all those taboo items has always been that I will eat them if I know exactly where they came from.


Sphinxy-  I can understand why that transition feels a little stressful but I will say that the nice thing is that by the time you're in the late 2nd/early 3rd trimester you are going in for check up's way more often so even though you'll be seeing the new midwife for a shorter period of time you should have plenty of visits with them to establish a relationship before the baby comes.


afm- I finally decided to go with the midwife group at a hospital about 40 minutes from me. Unfortunately that is the closest natural birth friendly hospital to us so since I know I don't want a home birth it is kind of my only option.  I do really wish we still lived near the birth center where my son was born but alas...

I also met with my potential doula for the first time yesterday!  I had met her before at parties and in passing but had never sat down with her. It was really good and gave me a lot of great insights into the birth of my son that made me feel more prepared for this one.   I'm still on the fence a little about hiring her only because I wonder if the $500 fee should be spent elsewhere (like on any number of major projects we need to complete on our house before baby #2 arrives).  Though, that is the only out of pocket we would have for the entire birth/prenatal/postpartum period.  My first appointment with my midwife is next Thursday so I think I'll have a better sense of how important her presence will be after that.

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hawaiian....my nipples are not sore either. I attribute it to my toddler having a deep, good latch, so my actual nipple doesn't ever get irritated. Also, with my last pregnancy and all of my previous menstrual cycles, my nipples and breasts NEVER get sore. Although some women experience discomfort, remember we are all different!


Are you still early? I was symptom free until this week, when food aversions and fatigue hit. But it is still hardly anything! My body handles pregnancy amazingly, and I'm really lucky to go through the whole process with nothing more than some leaking boobs and a swollen belly! It certainly is no indication that anything is wrong! Shake it from your mind and relax :) Enjoy your ride and your blessings! I know its hard, for some reason women always have to find something wrong with anything and blame themselves. It's alright to accept you are having an easy pregnancy :)


Don't worry, unless your one of those few women that say labor is painless, in a short time we will all be going through contractions thinking its the worst thing in the world and we can't do it, and we will! And all this worry over the pregnancy will be obsolete :)

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Hello everyone. I've had a full couple of days and now my big girls are home on spring break this week, so we'll be out and about doing as much as we can so that Dad can get his work done (he has a home office).

As far as a care provider goes. I used the same HB midwife for all three of our babies so far, but she retired just a few births after our youngest. Her assistant midwife who came just after the birth of our first practices in a very similar style as our old midwife and rents her little 'office' (a lovely small home with wood burning stove and claw foot bath). It's quite a drive, but they are willing to spread out the visits as much as possible because I've nary had a single hiccup in pregnancy or birth (other than precipitous labors where attendants don't or barely make it wink1.gif.
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dahlia-  I had a dating u/s at 8 weeks and then will just have my 18 week one but that's it I think. 


Becky/Hawaiian- Are you in Hawaii?  If so what island?  I am curious to see who you are using if we happen to be on the same one!

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