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Sorry I haven't been on ladies, I thought I would get to rest this week (spring break) but it has been crazy.  Tomorrow my grandma, Dd, and I are going shopping and I will hopefully get some new bras.  Tomorrow is also my birthday so I am indulging in Red Lobster.  Friday I am going to my other grandma's to finish the dress for Dd's birthday pictures, and Saturday she is getting her pictures done.  I also have lessons to prepare, bows to make, and a hat to knit before Saturday.....I just want to sleep.

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I've kind of reluctantly picked a provider. I'm on medicaid this time around. There are two birth centers that accept it. One is run by a woman I just didn't feel comfortable with or trust. The other leans medical. I decided I'd prefer to deliver at the women's pavillion that is a branch of the best children's hospital in the state and possibly the best in the few states surrounding us. There is a doctor and midwife group that delivers there and I went to make an appointment and the midwives aren't taking new patients right now. So I'm going with the more medical birth center. If we find that we can afford out of pocket for another birth center, we may switch later. 


On Monday we went to a pregnancy center to get a proof of pregnancy for medicaid. It's focus is anti abortion so they offered a free ultrasound. I said yes please! It'll be nice to see a heartbeat, maybe the nurse is good and can give us dating. We aren't excited yet since this was unplanned. So we go tomorrow for that. 


And happy hump day ladies!

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Danielle... that must have scared the crap out of you!!  Cracking the windscreen is always a bit of a shock.

Once I was driving down an esplanade when a huge flock of like, a hundred galahs swooped my car and committed bird suicide all over my windscreen.  It was cracked and was covered in galah guts & bits and I couldn't pull over for ages because I was in the middle of a huge traffic snake.   Apparently it's a fairly common thing for them to do though.  Gross and fairly startling :) LOL


On my way to the hospital to see MIL - not really looking forward to that, but I will do it for DH.


Hope everyone has a good day :) x

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Suzie I've seen something like that happen once on a major highway here! I dunno what kind of birds they were, but a huge swarm of them just descended into the middle of traffic and there was mass bird-death. Super scary, but I was lucky it happened right behind me, so I just saw it in my rear-view mirror. How crazy!

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I hope the visit to your mil goes as well as it can suzie! thinking of you! 

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LOL It's no wonder so many people are scared of birds Slammerkin :) 


For some reason, at almost 9 weeks I suddenly feel really sick at smells - it might be sunstroke (I accidentally sat in the sun for an hour today and got pretty burned) but wow the smell of roast chicken..gross!  And my DHs deodorant!  Aside from that and all the stress, I feel great :)


The visit to the hospital has been postponed for a while -  they don't allow pregnant people to come into contact with chemo patients (!!), especially in ICU, as she is having the chemo flushed.  She seems to be responding slightly at the last minute to the drugs, so everyone is hanging on to the hope that she might pull through this stage.

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hug2.gif for Danielle...


Suzie, even when you are having a rough time you still make me laugh. That bird story is crazy! My smell sensitivity also got really intense these last few days, and the worst was on Tuesday when I roasted a chicken! Too funny. It's something I do every few weeks for dinner and then freeze up the leftovers to top our salads and things, but I just could not stand to be in the kitchen while it was cooking, and poor DW had to strip the whole bird by herself after it came out of the oven. The very next day I was find to eat some though, weird! Thinking of you...


Do I dare say I think I'm getting some of my energy back? Fingers crossed it sticks around, I've got my last pre-baby vacation with DW in Las Vegas in 3 days!

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Thanks for the hugs Sphinxy! They were much needed. Suzie I know your husband will still appreciate your support immensely even though you aren't able to be at the hospital. You and your precious babies health and safety will be top of your husbands priorities even during this hard time and doing whatever that takes is paramount. hug2.gif


today is looking much brighter. I wonder if the sneaky piece of dark chocolate with breakfast has helped biggrinbounce.gif

i went and spent the evening with my mil last night and we checked on baby and heard its precious little heartbeat! Took awhile to find but some jumping around and a few glasses of cold water fixed it. Lovely strong heartbeat. I think that really help lift my spirits I had been so worried that something had gone wrong its so reassuring to hear babies heartbeat. I feel like I've been pregnant for so long already I've known for 7wks and I guess the waiting for dramatic changes is just taking longer than I had anticipated.  Yay for it being Friday here! A wonderful quiet day with my toddler is what I have planned. Hope you all have a great day!

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Hope things work out for you Suzie! Sounds like a very difficult and complicated situation.


Danielle, sorry to hear about your rough day. 


I was looking forward to meeting up with some crunchy friends tonight for some birth talk, but that got pushed to next week due to illness and scheduling conflicts. Boo. I'm staying in a watching the homebirth episode of Bones instead. A friend recommended it to me. Three of us are pregnant and due the first half of October, and we were going to check for heartbeats with a friend's doppler. I have my own but it's easier for someone else to do it than to try to find it on yourself. I'm 10 weeks tomorrow. I don't have a Dr. lined up yet. I like to have one for backup and prenatal care, and to sign my FMLA papers for work. I can't decide if I want to wait until 16 weeks to start going or to go at 12 weeks. I guess it really doesn't matter. I have a bit of an ulterior motive of wanting to find out the baby's sex asap. I know they will probably do an ultrasound at the first visit. Mostly I'd just like to know that he or she is growing okay in there! Time was dragging so much at first and now it seems like the weeks are flying by! Guess I better get on the ball. 

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Hey everyone.   Just a quick note that Ross's mum passed away this morning.  Seems last night's recovery was false hope for everyone.  He was lucky we had warning that her lung collapsed and we were at the hospital from midnight until the end at 10am, so the family got some time for goodbyes.  Sad times here :(

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grouphug.gif Oh Suzie, that happened so quickly! You poor things! Sending both you and your husband much love and strength over the coming days as you all come to terms with such a big loss. I am pleased your husband had you there at the hospital to support him to the end. What a big shock. Things will be probably be crazy over the next few days, make sure you take time to sit down and rest and eat and drink plenty. Thinking of you! Xxx

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Sorry Suzie for your loss
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Suzie, what a rollercoaster!  I hope the rest of your pregnancy is peaceful and filled with light and relaxation.

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Suzie, I'm so sorry. Big hugs to you guys. Take good care of yourself!
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Suzie, hug2.gif. What an awful roller coaster these last few days for you and DH and his family. Stay strong, Mama, and take good care of yourself. You are all in my thoughts.

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So sorry for your loss, Suzie. How are you doing?

AFM: 9 wks here. I've had pretty intense nausea and exhaustion. My partner seems to have caught my morning sickness too, like most of my other pregnancies, though he hasn't had the vomiting. My three year old figured out that I'm pregnant, and slowly he spills the beans to everyone so I hope hope hope this one sticks. I've had horrible morning sickness in the past with pregnancies I've lost, so I don't find the illness reassuring.
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Sorry for your loss Suzie hug.gif

Revolting, my hubby was a little sick at first here and there but I don't really get sick. I get to feeling sick here if I don't eat frequently enough or if I eat the wrong foods- more like low blood sugar sick.

It's been spring break here and I've been running around like crazy trying to keep everyone busy and I'm exhausted! TGIF! At least we have routines for Sat & Sun so hopefully soon I can get my house back into shape!
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Sorry for your loss Suzie! Do take care of yourself. Maybe you will have a girl, and you can name the baby after her. wink1.gif

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Love to you and your family Suzie!


For the caregiver question, I will be having the same homebirth midwife I did for my last birth, which will be a first!  This is my sixth homebirth and I've had different midwives for each due to moving and midwives retiring and such.  So it is nice to have someone I'm familiar with.  I think she did a great job at my last birth.  She and her partner were incredibly patient while I had a super long, weak labor, and then she handled a little shoulder dystochia (how to spell that?) quickly and with very little discomfort that I can remember.  My previous baby got stuck like that and the midwife just had me push super hard, and I did even though I felt like I was going to split in half.  It worked, but I hemorrhaged pretty badly afterwords. 


I have my first appointment Monday and I can't wait!



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Suzie, so sorry. greensad.gif peace to you and DH and family during this tough time.
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