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Thanks again everyone!  Sorry to hijack the weekly news though :)  Very sad house right now - DH's brother is staying with us.. I really should tell u all, she has been horribly sick for the last year and had she survived, would have prob never left the hospital.  DH's sisters were planning on quitting their jobs to care for her, so this is a bit of a blessing in the long term.  Her prognosis was not good at all.  She had already lost an entire leg, half a lung and numerous bones from her shoulders and arms in the past 10 years, and was riddled with new tumors. 


I'm assuming the next few months will be consumed with this, and I'll do my best not to harp on too much - she was on her own and her house will prob be sold so there are some awfully sad things coming for DH.  Someone asked if we would name out baby after her... she actually couldn't stand me (I know...how could anyone not like me??? lol) so I would rather not... but if it's a girl I bet we do.

But that concern can wait til the 20 week scan!  I think it's a boy anyway!


Now - no more talk of this! 


My chest has now reached epic proportions and everyone at the ICU knew I was pregnant without me saying a thing - but assuming I was much farther along... which led me to this... I have added 3 weeks to my pregnancy (so I'm now 12 weeks). making my belly girth much more acceptable.  Hopefully this will help me avoid what I had with my DS, which was the professional opinion that I was 1. obviously huge for my date, 2. having many babies.  3. Fat (which, sadly, sometimes makes me actually rude haha)


I went 3 weeks over with my son and also had to put up with "haven't you had that baby yet", so this should (in theory) make my life easier in the coming months. I might even whack on more for strangers and be 4 months LOL!!  I'm still wearing a belly bloat from IVF in addition to my actual  baby bump, so believe me, this is a GREAT idea! 

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Just massive hugs to you Suzie! hug2.gif No sleep in for you today either I notice poor thing. But I totally think your idea is fantastic I have told very few people our actual due date I have just said sometime in early October because there is nothing worse than people ringing all the time, my mother included, last time she rang while I was in labor and having strong contractions which I couldn't talk through and she guessed I was in labour within 15minutes everyone I know knew and were contacting me! It was so frustrating. Thank goodness for caller i.d is time. 

Afm- I get crazy nauseous at night now bawling.gif feel happy and perky in the mornings and absolutely awful at night. Will try and figure out what will help today. 

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Suzie, that's actually not a bad idea! I already look 12 weeks too. I feel fat and bloated on top of pregnant, but hoping this ickyness fades along with my morning sickness and fatigue in the second trimester! 

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Danielle - do you think you're eating enough during the day? 

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Big huge hugs again, Suzie. What a crappy situation, and a sad one. I love your idea about adding weeks lol. Better yet, tell them you're farther along than you look. Then they'll say you look fantastic! lol


Danielle, I hope you start feeling better soon! The benedryl really worked wonders for me.


I feel huuuge now too, you guys. It snuck up on me. I've got my little baby bump where I can see my uterus pushing up from my pelvis, but then massive bloat on top. Not a sexy look lol.

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Suzie, we're all thinking of you and DH as you work through this difficult time. grouphug.gif


Danielle, sorry to hear you're feeling so icky! I was hoping to hear you mamas who are further along might be getting some relief from nausea! 


AFM, finally barfed for the first time in almost two weeks last night. Up came my chicken quesadillas. Sigh. I'm so frigging happy it's Friday night. I'm already dying being awake this late (10PM). Bed is calling my name.

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I hope you get some much needed sleep Slammerkin! 

Yay for a wee bump Dahlia, that's so exciting! I think you ladies are right, I think I'm not eating regularly enough during the day or having enough water. So hopefully I have managed to remedy that today. Just had a nap with my toddler and woke up and my amazing husband and 5year old had baked a cake. It was delicious! And the house smells Devine. My husband certainly knows the way to my heart! Cake all the way! Hehe.

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So my appt. went good, I'm only 8 weeks! Edd oct. 21st.

I might not be talking a lot the next couple months because I'm starting graduate school in a couple weeks, but I will try to check in as much as I can! If I'm not around just know I'm either eating, sleeping, playing with DS or writing a thesis, lol.
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Woke up this morning to starting my 9th week and still no nausea. Hopefully it's a good thing. I have my second app. On the 19th so hopefully things run smooth:)
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This week has been great!  I have gotten time to rest and even rearranged some things (like Dd's birthday pictures) to give me a little more time.  We are about to head to my grandma's to finish Dd's dress and then go grocery shopping.  I am looking for ingredients for green smoothies since I am horrible about getting those leafy greens in.

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Meagan, I used to have a green smoothie almost every morning before m/s hit. I wasn't very inventive. My standard recipe was to pack the blender half to 3/4 full of spinach or kale, add a banana, add some frozen fruit (mangoes, peaches, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries) add two spoonfulls of ground flaxseed, a cup of water, and blend. I haven't given my smoothies a try in several weeks because it's just not heavy enough to settle my stomach. Really hoping I can get back to them soon.

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Hey everyone :)   I'm just way too tired to try to acknowledge everyone individually, so I hope you're all feeling good and have a great weekend! 


Think my brain has gotten used to this terrible lack of sleep so now I can't sleep in..bah.  DH is dealing really well with everything and the funeral is Friday so hopefully this will give everyone some closure.

Going back to work today, and looking at the empty bottles of Wild Turkey that DH and his brother have left strewn all over the outside table I'm assuming it will be just me at work LOL.  They decided to toast their mum last night, which I think was a great idea in theory... but we don't really drink at all, and this looks pretty excessive so I'm guessing he is gonna be sick as a pregnant woman today :) hahaha

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Suzie, haha oh man Wild Turkey makes for roughhhh mornings lol. Get those boys some Pedialyte and excedrin haha. I hope you can find a way to catch up on your rest soon!

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I hope your in for a quiet-ish day at work Suzie! With potential for a nap later on! 

It is pouring with rain, which is very much needed here right now it's been nearly a month without any rain. So we are having a quiet Sunday lazing about. Dh is still asleep, and it seems the remedy to my night time nausea was indeed lots of food, a nap and plenty of water. I feel so silly but now I know I need more nourishment I can keep on top of it. 

My little boy is toilet training joy.gifwhich is so exciting! I'm so proud of him we'd tried before but by the fact we've had total success in the last 48hrs he is really ready now, so maybe some nappy free time before this little baby comes. 11days until my Nuchal scan. Wishing I hadve got an earlier one now as I'm feeling impatient but its our wedding anniversary that day and it will make the day even more special.

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Aaaah! Scant bright red bleeding...not much but still, not what I want to see. Luckily, no cramps. I am 9 weeks today, so I think I might schedule an early ultrasound tomorrow. Was planning on waiting until the 12 week scan, but I want some reassurance. Last pregnancy, I had a big fibroid by my cervix so I am wondering if that could be the problem? Anyone with this before? In any case, I want to verify everything...position, heartbeat, etc. to give myself a little security. Funny, we just to.d my parents, -after I saw the first spots. I guess I refused to be cautious, to even consider that there is a reason to wait. Hope that is the case!
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Danielle - Yay on potty training! I'm so happy that I've never had two in diapers, though when my second was born, my first had a strak of accodents despite having been out of diapers for a year and a half.
Aloya - Good luck. I hope everything is perfect!
AFM: Lots of vomiting and I think it's dehydrating me since I have a killer headache (though the kids aren't helping; when is bedtime again?). I wish I could just sleep through the first trimester.
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So I went to the store today and stocked up on fruit and spinach for smoothies.  I am hoping to make a green smoothie each morning to get a little extra boost of iron.  I also found a recipe for baked parmesan broccoli that I can't wait to try.

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I'm sure a big old fibriod could cause that! Especially with pressure, hormones, sex. There are many reasons to see blood and a good chance nothing is wrong. I hope your scan goes well!
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Another new week 11 weeks today! Which makes me very happy! That much closer to feeling a bit more reassured this little person is safeand happy snuggled in there. Raining here today, so a quiet day at home tidying and sorting things to donate to my sons school fair. Have a wonderful day mamas!

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Woohoo on another week down! I am 10 weeks today :)

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