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training puppy to not attack my chickens!!

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Somebody please HELP.  A friend of mine told me I have to make sure my puppy knows she is lower on the chain than the chickens.  She has had dogs and her chickens all free range and the dogs leave them alone.  Our puppy is a 14 week old Boxador.  I have 8 hens and they need attention twice a day.  I've been trying to get the puppy around them as much as possible.  On the leash she is pretty good.  Off - she charges them.  Any tips?  Is it just hopeless, please tell me if it is. 

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I don't have any advice to offer but I saw your post and thought I'd bump it up for input.


Anyone have any advice?

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Thanks :)  I really would love to hear from someone who has been there...

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My dogs and chickens coexist pretty well - I have dippy breeds -a hound dog and a King Charles - when the latter was a puppy I yelled at her when she put her mouth on them. The both take a run at them sometimes but no harm is done and its kinda exciting for all involved orngtongue.gif
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We tried to acclimate our pups to our chickens, but unfortunatley none of the chickens we had around at the time had any kind of courage (we had one previously that would peck the cats on the nose if they came up to her even before she was full grown, I think she would have put them in their place).  The stupid chickens we have now ran from them even when the pups were tiny, and we had to stop letting the chickens free range after a few accidents where someone let them all out at once and the dogs tore open the backs of one hen or another.  As an aside, I was able to sew up the hens in question as they had no deep wounds, and they healed beautifully.  One houdini chicken did escape when noone was about and died, apparently from shock, because she also had no deep wounds.  It was very sad - I had raised her from the egg.  So bottom line, it did not work.  I think a lot depends on the prey drive of the dog in question - I have seen photos of dogs lying down calmly covered in roosting chickens!  Not happening with my boys and girls.  

The only think I can think of is whether you could do some sort of negative reinforcement that was not obviously connected to you - something that makes an unpleasant noise to dog ears maybe, like a special whistle perhaps, that you could blow from inside the house every time you saw the dog go for a chicken.  I have seen anti-barking devices based on that principle - could be worth a try.

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