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Methylation/Detox/Allergies/Eczema (Long)

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So I've been reading a bunch of the threads linked in the 101 thread and I am sort of, maybe, starting to figure things out, but I am also really, really confused.  


Short version of a long story: Uncomplicated pregnancy, stalled labor requiring pitocin, then epidural, DD was born with a two-vessel cord (not noticed on ultrasound), major mastitis when DD was 1 week old, abx for me, nasty yeast diaper rash for DD that took about 6 weeks to get into check.  At three weeks old, DD developed a condition called primary lymphedema (super-rare, maybe genetic, but we have no family history), and around 4 months DD started getting some mild eczema. Her lymphedema makes her very susceptible to skin infection (celulitis) which can get really bad really quickly, so she has had 3 courses of Keflex already (she is 9.5 months old), but her last round was in December. We have followed a delayed vax schedule: she's had three shots of pentacel and 1 shot of prevnar so far.  


I've been looking for ways to help her eczema because I know it is a sign of other issues.  Her eczema doesn't really seem to bother her (doesn't seem itchy).  When she was really little I suspected a dairy intolerance because she spit up more when I ate dairy.  I cut it out for six weeks and added it back slowly and she seemed fine.  She now eats our 24 hour yogurt, butter and raw milk cheddar with no problems (her eczema does not seem impacted either way), she also eats egg yolk, veggies, chicken, beef, lamb, fish, apples, bananas, blueberries, pears, etc. She has had soaked oatmeal and quinoa but no other grains.  She also gets FCLO a couple of times a week, homemade kraut maybe once a week, and probiotic supps a couple times a week.  She still nurses about 8 times a 24 hour period, no formula ever.  We try and follow a traditional foods diet, but I am a sugar junkie, and I do eat (organic!) ice cream four times a week and dark chocolate every day.  


Anyway, I was reading about the methyl detox pathway and the midline disorders, and I thought that might make sense given DD's two-vessel cord at birth.  But, now I'm not sure what to do about it.  I can't quite weed through everything to see what I need to do to start to address that issue.


Any thoughts?

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You might look into MTHFR testing. This is where we are-- haven't done it yet, but just about to. I have read that knowing what mutations might be present, and then taking the correct supplements (methylated or not) makes all the difference in the world.
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Where do you get the testing done?  Not a just a regular doctor I would imagine.  

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I believe your doctor could order it, but you can also order a kit yourself from Dr. Ben Lynch's website. Again, I haven't done it yet, but I am planning to do it through Ben Lynch. Cost and all that is on there. Of course, I can't remember pricing, but it wasn't insane or anything.
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