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What Have You Started Indoors?

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What are you starting indoors? What's your indoor set-up? And how's it working for you?

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I'm starting snapdragons, pansies, ivy geraniums, and strawberries (small variety similar to wild strawberries that does well first year from seed) this week.  Really.  I have been saying this since mid-january, but it's actually happening this week.  Really.  (My tall rocket snapdragons didn't bloom until almost August last summer, so I swore I'd start them in January this year... oops)


I'm starting bell peppers too as it's getting to be about time.  I may start a few cherry tomatoes this week too, though it's a bit earlier than I ever have before.  Ooh, and basil.  


In early April I'll start kale, broccoli, cauliflower, and possibly some lettuce and spinach (or I may just direct seed the lettuce and spinach... depends on how much room I have under my lights).  Also in April, impatiens, sunflowers,  marigolds, morning glory, sweet peas, black eyed susan vine (or does that need earleir?  must check), nasturtiums, dwarf cosmos, and.. and... I can't remember what else, but I'm sure there is more. 


Um... cucumbers and a couple watermelon (I have never been successful with watermelon, but I'm giving it one last try) in early May.  I might do a couple cucumber with the early April seeds just in case we have a warm early summer.  


I've just got cheap four foot lights from home depot (four of them, two bulbs each) with cheap home depot plant bulbs in them.  I have them set up on some shelving that I bought from Costco - we'll see how it works as I didn't realize when I bought it that the middle shelf wasn't adjustable, so I can't have them right where I want them.  In the past they were just set up on a table and the floor with basicaly a stand made from piling old paint cans and books and running a thin board between them from which a light would be hung. I have them on a timer usually with eighteen hours on/six hours off a day. 


My plants have done pretty well under them in past years, but I also end up putting a lot of early-starts out during the day and hauling them in at night when I run out of space under lights as I start later-starting plants.  They grow a lot faster once they start getting the real sun, but I get so sick of the hauling in and out!  I only had two lights in the past until last year when I had three and this year I have four, so I'm hoping to leave them under lights longer, and I'll have to wait and see just how well they do without getting outside so soon.  

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I've got tomatoes, calendula, zinnias and asters in plastic clamshells on my kitchen windowsill. That's the only place I have space for plants. I'm planning to add summer squash and larkspur soon. Now that it seems to be getting a little warmer, I may move the bigger seedlings out in the daytime like pers mentioned doing above. I am hoping to build some shelves for added space in the kitchen. It has the most/best natural light in the house.
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I'm living vicariously through y'all.  We are waiting to hear if we can get a pre-approval for a house and then I will start planning, but I may end up buying some plants this year while "trying" to get some raised beds in the front yard.  Being in my 3rd trimester in 8 weeks kind of puts a wrench in things.  I will be trying to do my best to be outside as much as possible and doing what I can.


If and when I do start seeds this year it will be all paleo friendly veggies and some fruit.  I think I want to make the beds out front perrenial herbs though.  I will probably just fence off an area in the back for the rest for now and not put in raised beds just add compost to the top layer and maybe I will get to do a cover crop on it to build it up a little.  I do want some tomatoes this year.  treehugger.gif

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