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A little random, but . . . what is a good vacuum cleaner?

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I hope I'm not posting this in the wrong board.  If so, I'm sorry.  I just had a general home-life question - what is a really good and really cheap vacuum?  I can't say I've ever had a particularly good vacuum, and here I am buying one for the first time.  We used to live in an apartment where a vacuum was provided, but it was 11 years old and falling apart.


Anyways.  I would basically just like something cheap and effective - nothing fancy.  And it should be safe for kids, if that's a thing with vacuums, because I have a young boy and a daughter on the way.


I read a guide that purports to list the best inexpensive vacuum cleaners - what do you think?  Also, is there any way to spend less than that?  I don't really want to shell out $150 just to get a vacuum.


What vacuum do you use?  What do you like or dislike about it?  How much did it cost?


Any advice is greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance.

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I've never had a cheap vacuum last, or perform as desired. But I'm dealing with pet hair, so maybe my frustations won't be yours.


That said, I bought a dyson 6 years ago or so. It's been wonderful, and still "sucks" like new. I did have a problem with it, and dyson customer service was great. I hadn't registered the vacuum, nor could I find the receipt. That was probably 4 years in. They have a 5 year warranty. They sent me a new part, free.


I think we paid about 500 for it.


as for safety, my boys use it to vacuum the steps and the furniture, and have for about a year. They are now 8.  I don't let the 5 year old use it, because I think it's too heavy for her to use.

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Agreed with the Dyson. Customer service is great, and they do send free parts. We've gotten a new hose, and filter connector, completely for free, even past warranty.


They are extremely heavy, and continue to suction even if they're full to the brim!


I let my near-2 year old use it, but only to push across the floor.

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I love my Miele.  I paid $650 for it, though.  

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I love my Bissell Helix System. I got it for less than a hundred and great. They also have a very cheap little one that is very good but has to be emptied a lot.
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A good vacuum cleaner doesn't suck. Oh, never mind. 

I think the lightweight ones, and especially the cordless ones for cars, are totally useless. We have a Miele, works fine. I like the switchable head thing - has bristles for when you are on wood/marble floors, and then bristles in when you are on carpet. 

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I'm using an electrolux that is probably older than I am. I got it at a thrift store. I did need to buy a replacement hose which costs about $60. Something like this: http://www.americanlisted.com/pennsylvania_38/garden_house_22/vintage_electrolux_canister_vacuum_w_attachments_20_annville_pa_12901045.html

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Our dyson is 13 years old and still going strong. Can't complain about that, although it is very heavy compared to some of the new ones I think the quality is not as good as it was way back.


In the last couple of years we have had to replace the hose, and as dyson no longer make spares for that model (the original DC01) we've had to get third party ones and they quality is not great. I think if we have to replace anything more major we would think about upgrading to a newer one.

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Hmm.  You really do get what you pay for.  Cheap and effective might not be a paradox, exactly.  You can very likely find one that is cheap and effective. But it's not going to stay effective, or be in good working order, for as long as a more expensive one.  You will find yourself buying another one sooner than later.  Maybe your vacuum needs aren't very heavy. 


Been using our Dyson for 12 years. 

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We just bought one of these for our indoor baseball facility, I used it for over an hour yesterday.  It works great, has a nice wide path, a long (retractable core) and a good adjustment thing for everything from bare floors to thick carpet.  I have a Dyson at home and it;s been going strong for almost 10 years, worth every penny though!


BISSELL Rewind SmartClean Vacuum - Blue...
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Miele for me.

In the long run, $500 is less money than $100 a year for the 10-15 years it will last.

(cheap ones don't last)
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i agree with the mama's about buying quality - esp. for the amount of use it will get. 


so buy the best you can for the budget you allocated. 


if you have to go cheap, go with an used vaccum from a thrift store. 

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Our Dyson is 8 years and still going strong. I vacuum everything with it random blueberries, pet hair, stray candy wrappers  and good old run of the mill dirt!


I got a good deal at Kohl's . You could look for a refurbished model and that would save you some $$$. Maybe Overstock.com or Amazon?

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Another vote for dyson. Eats cathair effortlessly. Not cheap but very effective.
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I also like our dyson.  However, before the dyson we had a Kenmore (Sears) model that scored well on consumer reports and was around 100-150.  We thought it did a good job.  We didn't have pets yet though.  



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If you don't have pets, Roombas are great! You just have to spend $40 on a new battery every year or two if it runs daily. We have dogs though, so the roomba just does the master suite, I central vac the rest of the house. If your house is roughed for central vac, I totally recommend it. While you vacuum it also changes the air so when you're done you don't have the hot vacuum stink in your rooms, just fresh air. 

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Refurbished rainbow!
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This thread reminded me about Rainbows and looked them up. I remember decades ago, before dh and I got married, MIL got a Rainbow. She loved it. I knew nothing about them. I'm just wondering how they afforded it. I see Rainbows cost $1,000 and more.  These people couldn't pay the utilities a lot of times. Maybe she got a refurbished one...? Huh.

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Our Dyson animal bite the dust 5 years in. We weren't happy with it. We got a Sebo! Same vacuum hotels and the White House uses and man that thing is awesome. It's narrow and lightweight but powerful. I love it. About $600.
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