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Haurelia - FWIW, I believe most adults have a stronger immunity to Rota than kids do.  My younger DD contracted it at 18 months of age while we were visiting family in California, and while her vomiting was so bad it induced seizures, DH and I only felt a little funky for like 12 hours (but no diarrhea or vomiting from me or him or my older DD), and frankly, that could have just been stress over worrying about the seizures and finding medical care in a state that doesn't accept our state's Medicaid.  And I bedshare, so I was like, singing doom and gloom the entire time about how I was going to vomit on the 8 hour plane ride home!  I'm emetophobic, so I did a ton of research and discovered that most adults aren't bothered by Rota - it's usually noro or adeno that brings down the grownups!


Nettlesoup - Wow, I am so sorry about your continued nausea.  Your new diet plan sounds perfectly healthy to me.  Perhaps not as conscious as what you may have done previously, but certainly not anything I would incite any guilt over.  My diet plan has basically been: "1. try not to eat nothing but carbs at every meal and 2. eat something green each day"  Yours sounds even better than that!

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dakipode- haven't checked the breasts really, but i definitely have a line of dark fuzz going all the way up my belly!

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Oh geez Dakipode I forgot to respond to you about my dog! Yes we are where TLPO is available. Our vet offered to refer us out to him, but that surgery is so expensive :/ we are a single income family, and while we have money left at the end of our month (most times) it's just not something we can swing. and they have yet to give a 100% diagnosis. I know that's what it is. My parents boxer did it and she was able to get the surgery where they repair the tendon. Because of his size he obviously isn't a candidate for that also crazy expensive surgery. He still has a lot of muscle mass surrounding the stifle so he flexes up and they cannot get deep enough into it to feel the ligament. And he is so damn tough he doesn't react to the pain like they *think* he should :/ but I know my dog and while I'm holding him down and feel his body quiver while they turn his leg this way and that I know he's in pain. Poor dog. I wish we could fix him, he's so young.

Haurelia, he's better-ish today. Thanks for asking! He is bearing a little weight on it and has eaten. So yay for that. Thank you for the good luck!! I hope your son gets better soon. That sounds absolutely miserable.

Dakipode- I got fuzzy hair all over my stomach with dd's pregnancy. I'm naturally light haired and super white skin so at least the hairs were blonde/translucent. But all the same it was disheartening at first.
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FYI I read your post about the hairy boobs after I wrote the response to my dog haha. That whole post seemed a little like I forgot who I was talking to.
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Haha, yes, the hairy boobs. I noticed it last week in the shower where the light hit just so but it's definitely increased now... Doesn't exactly make me feel sexy.


mamamash, if your dog is in pain he may eventually get to the point where he just doesn't want to use the leg anymore. Sometimes they're better off that way than if they keep trying to use it...


aidenn, I like your diet plan, that sounds manageable to me. I love carbs and carbs love me, I do very well with them, don't gain weight etc. I've been trying to eat more fruit but for some reason it feels like it just burns a hole in my stomach, i.e. I'm even hungrier 30 minutes after eating fresh fruit than I was before.

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Dakipode- Would that be something we could allow for a long period of time? Him not using his leg at all? My parents dog lost almost all her muscle mass in the leg with the torn ligament and was still in obvious pain even though she didn't use that leg at all. I don't want him to be in pain. Is it ridiculous to want them to just amputate the leg? (Although I assume that would also be very costly)
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mamamash, I thought about that. You could see how he does for a while not using the leg and see if he's up for some sort of rehab before you take more drastic measures. That said, there are many three legged dogs out there living a full and happy life...

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I always read the weekly chats but somehow there is never time enough to post on them. I started going to prenatal yoga a couple weeks ago. I was really surprised at how, well, "gentle" the classes are. I normally go to yoga frequently and I'm used to a much more vigorous practice. It's been an adjustment for me... probably a good thing, given what my body is facing! 


We are setting up Meet & Greets with a couple doulas, which is kind of weird because I don't know how my OB practice is going to be able us hiring a doula, esp. in a c-section situation -- which i am totally opposed to, but realistically, i have to kind of brace myself for because, well, twins. I am also kind of emotionally reserved and I feel like I might have a hard time connecting with a doula and finding someone we like, but I really want someone there to support me / free up my wife to support the babies. 


Oh, and I got the results of my maternT21 test. everyone is healthy and there are no chromosomal abnormalities (yay!!!!) and there are Y chromosomes present. That means that we're not having two girls !! I am so relieved and excited. We don't know if it is 1 boy or 2 boys, but I can wait a few more weeks to know. Our favorite favorite baby name could work for either sex, but we both imagine the baby with that name as our son. I am thrilled to think of him being real, in our arms with the name we've planned for so long. I cried at work when I got the phone call. So, yay. 

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Dakipode- well I hope the vet has some insight Friday. I do worry about his size and only having 3 legs. He's 105-110 pounds. I also know its only a matter of time before he injures the other knee. Sigh. Dogs.
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Yay mrs&mrs! I'm so glad everything came back great and that there is at least one boy in there!
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Baby Steals has nursing/birthing dresses and wraps on sale!

I just bought myself a Poppy one. No matter where I have to birth or who delivers the baby, at least I'll be comfy and stylish! smile.gif
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I always read the weekly chats but somehow there is never time enough to post on them. I started going to prenatal yoga a couple weeks ago. I was really surprised at how, well, "gentle" the classes are. I normally go to yoga frequently and I'm used to a much more vigorous practice. It's been an adjustment for me... probably a good thing, given what my body is facing! 

That's what I'd heard about the prenatal yoga classes - so I'm sticking to my regular practice for as long as I can! And even when I can't do some of the asanas, I think I'd rather try to keep up with the same class with whatever modifications I need, since my regular classes fit pretty well into my schedule and there's only one prenatal class once a week and it's on a weekend.

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chispita - yeah, there is ONE prenatal yoga class a week. i'm so confused. i am used to a much more frequent practice. i think i need to add in some dvds at home, or go to "gentle" classes and do the modifications I need.

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Was it someone on here last week that was recovering from sinus stuff? Aidenn for some reason I think it was you? And your phlegm turned bright yellow?? Well that is now happening to me and I have never every experienced it! Does it mean it's getting better or worse? Haha it's so gross!
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living sky: any updates on midwife care? how freaking annoying! 


haurelia: how is your DS feeling ? did you manage to stave off the rotovirus?


nettlesoup: swallowing pre-natals makes me gag as well...so i open the capsules & stir them right into my juice...still tastes pretty vile but i do not have to deal with my gag reflex :) how is the diet change working?


mrsand mrs: fantastic news about the twins! boy/boy or boy/girl? how exciting!!!!!!


Mamamash: i hope your pup is feeling better. sending healing doggy vibes!


**** my DS is feeling better (the swelling & redness has subsided but he still has a concentrated red welt/bite on his leg...if it is not significantly reduced in the morning i am taking him back to his dr.... i have plied him with probiotics, vit c, and immune boosters to counter balance the antibiotics). i have still have no idea what bit him (i am assuming some kind of spider but i really have no idea). when we are in canada we live in an apartment right by the university. i love where we live because it is filled with international students. only down side is last month the building had a weird infestation of egyptian ants (apparently they are not native to canada) and they were completely invasive.i guess someone brought them here in their suitcase from their overseas travels (?).

my other possible explanation for my son's reaction is my DSD is gravely allergic to bee stings (& carries an epi-pen) and i wonder if my son has weird reactions to bites (along with his plethora of other allergies). 

*****oh and i am so stoked...i received a week's extention for my paper! :) woot woot!!!!

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 i think i need to add in some dvds at home, or go to "gentle" classes and do the modifications I need.

let me know if you find a good prenatal yoga dvd :)

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let me know if you find a good prenatal yoga dvd :)

I borrowed Natural Journeys Leise Hart's Fitmama DVD which has salsa dancing and yoga on it and I'm not impressed with the yoga at all. I'd love to hear about any good ones, too.

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DS is better! Thanks for good vibes! And I'm still in the clear (knock wood), now just need to catch up on sleep. After I finish this bedtime snack...eat.gif  Thankfully, my nausea seems to have retreated and now I'm starving.  So, I'm sure that weight gain is just around the corner (I've lost about 10 lbs since my BFP). 


mrsandmrs: so exciting!! Glad you got to hear your good news and do some more daydreaming about who these babies are. :)  Hope your doula meetings go well. Even if you ended up with a c/s, perhaps you could negotiate with your doula to provide some limited postpartum help if you ended up not needing her for labor and birth. If you have multiple doula options, just be up front about you and your wife's personal communication style/needs, wishes, concerns, etc. and you'll know who you click with by how they handle the conversation, I bet. 


amandabee: Hoping for continued healing for your DS.  And woot for understanding profs! 


bexsd: How did your NT appointment go? I think you said it was today? 

I'm taking a prenatal yoga class too, once a week and it's waaaay too gentle and slow for my taste. Last pregnancy, I just took my normal classes with modifications as needed.  I have done videos led by Esther Ekhart on YouTube and she now has a website with a subscription service to do classes from.  I'm thinking about springing for that (I think it's <$15 a month).  I've really enjoyed her teaching style and the classes are just the right level of challenge for me.  She has several prenatal offerings on her website (ekhartyoga.com), and one free sun salutation sequence for pregnant women (about 7 mins).  I do have a "Yoga Mama" DVD, but it's rather dated, and done by Crunch Fitness so it's pretty produced and (to me) creepy. It's just meh in terms of the class itself.  It's just hard for me to do yoga at home because our computer is in the playroom/music room, and in order to do yoga unmolested, I have to get up super early to escape DS or do it after he goes to bed, when I just want to hang out and debrief with DH after a long day.  First world problems. 

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Mrsandmrs, congrats on at least one boy! How exciting. I am happy for you, but also a wee bit jealous. I have to wait til the anatomy scan in four weeks and I want to know *now.* wink1.gif

Whoever posted about getting hairy boobs made me LOL. I was just griping about how I'm getting all that lush pregnancy hair growth everywhere on my body except my head! It's starting to feel rather ridiculous.
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Amanda bee; I'm glad your son is on the mend, and hopefully it'll continue healing so he doesn't have to go back to the doctor.

I like the idea of prenatal yoga, but I think it might break me since my hips are already sore a lot of the time! I'm also very unflexible.


My healthier diet is going pretty well, apart from the coco pops and yoghurt raisins, but still far better than I was! I might actually have to do as you do Amanda Bee with prenatals. Mine are so huge that there's no way I could swallow them! They were bad enough before the morning sickness started.

This morning I dreamt that I was in hospital because there was something wrong with the baby, and the nurses told me it might not live to the age of 7. It was a huge relief when I woke up!

My poor daughter is having an awful time with a night time cough. It's been going on for over two weeks now and I keep having to give her calpol so she can sleep. I don't know what else to do since the doctors usually can't do anything about these things. But none of us have had a good night sleep in age because of it.

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