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Need largest prefold!?

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Help! My 28 lb 22 month old has outgrown the XL toddler prefolds! They are too tight on her hips and she says 'owie' lately. Ditto the size 2 Thirsties covers! They're supposed to go to 40lb! With the prefold they're super binding on my baby's legs. I've been using flats folded and Bummies wrap but I really prefer prefolds. Anyone know who makes the largest size?? I got mine from green mountain diaper. Thanks!
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How are you folding /fastening the prefolds? Does your baby carry her weight in the thighs or waist?
The bikini twist can give extra width. Snappies come in a toddler size if that is causing hip pain. Pins might give some extra room, too.
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In her thighs. I fold down the back an inch and snappi it regular. I usually don't have much time to get the diaper on but I'll work with my technique tomorrow. I could swear my (now 11 yo ds) wore the same size until 3+!
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Have you tried flip diaper system?
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I would try just trifolding your prefolds. My Bummis ones fit my son until he was potty trained at about 35lbs folded that way and there was still lots of room to grow. Makes for faster diaper changes to boot because you can have the prefolds preloaded into the wraps.  And the Bummis Large sized wraps worked great as well!

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