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Opinions on Mid-Wife Kate Aseron

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I recently met with Kate at Rising Moon Midwifery and am curious to hear about people's experiences with her. I saw a previous thread on her but it was a few years ago and wanted to see if there were any recent opinions on her personality and what she's like to work with. My husband and I met with her and she was very nice but not very talkative. I am looking for someone that isn't going to have such a strong personality that I feel like I am birthing on a military base. I am also a southerner (living in a foreign land smile.gif) so I am looking for someone with a very nurturing personality.

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Welcome to Mothering calawa! Hope you find a midwife who suits you. :)

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Wanted to bump this up as I am planning on talking with her too. Thank you.

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Welcome to MDC & congrats on your pregnancy!


I don't know Kate personally but have emailed w/ her off & on for non-birth stuff over the years.  I do know one mom who used her, but I'm not sure how many times.  The last time was last fall.  I do not believe she is on MDC.  


It seems like quite a leap from "wasn't talkative," to "birth on a military base."  Maybe she was PMS'ing?  Maybe she wasn't feeling too talkative?  Maybe there weren't many/enough open ended questions?  Maybe you two just didn't click?  


I hope you find a HCP that you connect with!


Best wishes,


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I wasn't impressed by some web forum interaction that was bristly, defensive and full of poor grammar so I can see how the OP might have picked up an impression of a strong personality that might not be what she is seeking...

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I've heard some really great things about her. Have you met or talked with Nicole at Sudharma? She's really awesome.
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She's my midwife and I love her, actually! She's both really professional and really friendly. She's extremely knowledgeable and confident but she's also fun. She holds meetings for other mothers who have or are birthing with her and she'll talk business but also make jokes with us, talk about what we watch and read, etc. I love that she has a professional and a social personality, I feel like I have a really intelligent friend overseeing the birth of my baby and that gives me a lot of reassurance.


She is also my second midwife this pregnancy. I had another that I just did not click with as much.

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