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Originally Posted by Storm Bride View Post


Looking back, I wish I'd thought of it. She was a really annoying person, in general, but that conversation, in particular, is burned into my memory.

Eh, hardly anyone could fire out a line like that on the spot, under those circumstances. This is why I am a writer, you can go back and write cool comebacks for yourself. :D

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Good one, Katielady!  That should stop them in their tracks.  I'm sorry you had to deal with that, Storm Bride.  That person really stepped over the line.  I think it would be more appropriate to ask if you would like more children, and when you said you were working on it, to say good luck and move on.  Your reproduction is personal.

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3 pregnancies, 2 children.  Praying for another child to be conceived hopefully in May.  

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4 pregnancies, 2 kids. Grateful.
And praying I never get pregnant again (we're older ... Couldn't handle it...but late conceptions run in my family)
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4 pregnancies:

3 live births

1 early term miscarriage--it was sad, but I got pg with my second so soon after.  That healed me.  I couldn't have my Kayla if the other pregnancy stuck.  And I wouldn't give her up.  :-)



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I am currently near the end of my 6th pregnancy.  I had three boys, then 2 losses at 13, and 14 weeks.   I am now 39 weeks pregnant.

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I've heard stories of small children telling their moms about being in their belly but not being ready to be born so they went back up to heaven to wait until they were ready and then they came back and were born.  I find that comforting sometimes when I think about pregnancy loss.  The baby's spirit is at peace, and it may come back to earth and join us later.

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3 times.  One miscarriage and two living children.

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6 times although I suspect 7:  I have two awesome children and I'm done!!


1988  Termination

1996  Live Birth

1999  RU-486 Termination (participated in the FDA study to approve the drug)

2005  Miscarriage 9 weeks

2005  Miscarriage 9 weeks

2006  Live Birth

2010  Suspected early miscarriage but if it had not been a miscarriage it would have been a termination


Just a note:  All but the first with my husband of 23 years

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4 times, 3 living children.


1 termination at 9/2008

1 DD 3/2010

1 DS 1/2012, who passed last April to SIDS

Twin DD's 1/2013


I've been pregnant 4 times in 5 years, and birthed 4 children in 3 years. Whew. I've got implanted birth control for the time being :)

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8 pregnancy ,3 living children and one on the way 7 babies in heaven 

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4 times... DD9, DD6, miscarriage at 7-8 weeks, DD3 (conceived next egg after miscarriage).

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Two pregnancies, one child and currently 22 weeks with baby #2. I feel so fortunate not to have experienced a loss. My heart goes out to you mamas who have been through so much, especially those of you having to deal with others' insensitivities. I am fortunate that I get pregnant very easily but on the flip side it means DH and I have to be VERY careful. <3 to all you brave mamas!!
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Twice.The first was terminated early on...no regrets.


The second produced my now 6 yr old son smile.gif

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Two pregnancies, two beautiful girls. We are finished and I had a tubal ligation; even though there are only a few weeks in each pregnancy where I don't feel wretched I'm a bit sad that I won't experience it again.
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I have been pregnant 5 times. 1 miscarriage at 16 weeks following 3 beautiful births and now currently expecting #4

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4 pregnancies, 4 full term births with healthy kids, 3 living sons. Scared to have more even though I want more. Afraid my womb is tainted and Ill never be able to grow a happy baby again.
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Glad you started this thread, because recently I was thinking back on an abortion I had in 1991.  I was 22, living on the road with my boyfriend-- no money, no food.  I keep up a bit with 2 girls who were born before and after my child's due date.  They are both in their 20's, and in college, and it makes me sad.  I don't exactly regret my decision, but now that I have 2 daughters of my own, I don't think I could ever make that same decision again.  It was a fairly late abortion as well, in the last week of it being on-demand.  I don't know.  I am long out of that relationship and thrilled about it, but do not take that decision lightly.  :(


So, 3 known pregnancies, 2 children.  No apparent miscarriages.

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1 MC @ 12 weeks, 1 healthy DD. Honestly, I don't know if I could go through another pregnancy. I spent the whole time frantically worried about loss. At one point I was so convinced I would lose the baby that I took a trip and stayed in a hotel for a few days, waiting for it. (I was living w/ my parents.). I don't think I even realized that miscarriage was a possibility until it happened.
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2 pregnancies and 2 kids.  I'm sure I have not been pregnant any other times.  The only time we had unprotected sex was from when I was 28 to 31 (after that DH got V).


I might have lost a baby, though with my first pregnancy.  It might have been a twin pregnancy to start with.  Twins are not rare in my family.   I had cramps and bleeding during week 8 - 9.  Healthcare here don't usually do early ultrasound so we never found out what happened.

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