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so my hubby and I are going to go through with the step parent adoption process so he can legally adopt my child from my previous marriage and a child i got pregnant with using a sperm donor. A few side notes though before I continue. My hubby, myself and the ex husband are all in agreement with this and on the same page. My husband has been their dad since day one. They are 5 and 3 and we are ttc for another, our first child together. anyway, i am curious if anyone has btdt in terms of a step parent adoption process. I have a few concerns:


-how long does it take?

-how much does it cost?

-what goes into the home visit process? will I have to go through all the things my husband had to go through (fingerprints, background check...) even though I am already the mom (legal and biological)?

-how does the process differ for the child that was conceived through a sperm donor?


Any info would be much appreciated :)


*sorry a quick update.