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members following you?

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What does this mean? I noticed the new (to me?) feature of following others/others following you. Does this mean they are notified when you post? And if so, what if you don't want your posts to be followed? Just thinking about posting sensitive information, i.e. DDCs, etc. (Or posts like thiswink1.gif) Thank you!

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i think that sometimes you just end up finding a person that you really like..their posts,blogs and comments and you can choose to follow them and see what their posting only on mothering. i think the whole mothering community is a sacred and respectful place that this  is used as a positive action rather than a negative action. but, if you find that you are being followed by someone and don't want to be i think you just go to your preferences and delete your follower.....i'll have to get back to you on that though . I know there are members that i just think are so like mindedsmile.gif

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