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Soaking beans

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Hello Everyone, 

I'm just going through the NT book and learning how to prep grains properly. I've been soaking my beans in the colander over a bowl in the kitchen. Sometimes they get too long. I read you are supposed to stop sprouted around 1/4 inch for most beans, so here are my questions:


1. If you let them sprout for too long and want to stop sprouting them but aren't quite ready to use them...can you just se them in the fridge until you are ready to cook with them? I've been using mine in stews.


2. Are you suppsed to still soak them overnight before sprouting? I think I might have done this once and I know it works..but this last time I forgot and tey sprouted anyways, although I think it might have taken an extra day or two. Thoughts?


Thank you!!

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I found the answer to my question by googling and reading NT. You ARE supposed to soak the beans overnight and then sprout.

Ideally, you sprout them until the tails are 1/4 inch.

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