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Mama friends in inner SE PDX!

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Hey all, my babe Moxie and I (she's almost 8 months) live in inner SE Portland off 28th and Holgate, by Reed college. I'd love to meet some like minded mamas near by to kick it with!!

It doesn't have to be inner SE either, just makes it easier if you are! Message me or post on here! smile.gif
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bummer...too bad im in eugene!! 

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Hey, you're not far from me at all. I live near Holgate & 52nd. I have a son who is about to turn 4 and another one coming any day now.


Are you on facebook? My sister and I and another friend of ours were just talking about starting a facebook group for AP parents of young kids in our area. 

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Yes! I'm Nienna BK on Facebook smile.gif
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I sent you a friend request.

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Hi, I'm the sister mentioned above. Look for our facebook group Attachment Parents of PDX! 

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