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What to feed an allergic child?

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I'm trying to feed my 18 month old healthy, but feel so limited. She loves meat and fish and soup. She also loves freeze dried apples and peaches (pricey though!), rice crackers and rice. She used to like broccoli but not so much anymore. I can kinda smash them into meat and feed her that way. I can also kinda get her to eat carrots and sweet potatoes if they are blended or in soup and super soft. She used to love beans and now not so much. I'd like to stay away from too many grains because they tend to plug her up.

Is that enough variety for a toddler? She still doesn't have molars, perhaps she isn't ready for food. She started eating solids pretty late because we delayed them since she is allergic to a bunch of stuff. I still nurse her... Probably 80%-85%nursing and 15%-20%solids at this point.
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It  sounds fine to me. How is she eating now with her allergies? Does she have any of her molars yet?

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What foods is she allergic to?

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She's allergic (gets reactions from) seeds, nuts, dairy, goats milk, avacados, bananas and I think mangos if she has too many. Positively tested (SPT) but haven't challenged yet: strawberries, shellfish, chocolate, eggs

I generally keep her gluten free even though she doesn't react to it. Mostly for health reasons and keeping her gut as "clean" as possible. Same goes with grains.

She eats mostly meats and soups I prepare, peas, broccoli, asparagus, carrots. Usually steamed or grilled. Freeze dried apples and peaches she loves.

She has about half her molars in.

I'm at a loss for "snack" and on the go type foods. Seems like everything she eats requires some prep work. She doesn't like any fruit. I think it's the texture. I think the nursing to solids ratio is about the same still except on days I work. Sometimes I can't ump enough milk and would like for her to eat more when I'm gone. Just don't know what else to leave for her.
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HI -


At the bottom of this blog post about elimination diets I have listed a bunch of great allergy bloggers you may want to take a look at - all have great recipes that should help you out.





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