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Bored frustrated of doing the same thing over and over.....

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I have a SAHM for 8.5 years. I am so done with the stuff.....picking stuff up, the dishes, meals, laundry....it wouldn't be as big of a deal if I got help, or if it stayed clean for more than ten minutes......how does eveyone deal with cleaning up etc, only to turn around and start again? 

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i know it's a bummer to feel like you are cleaning all the time. can any of you kids help/have chores?

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This is the hardest part of being a sahm.  Doing so much cleaning that the family does not notice or appreciate.  The house is a complete disaster if I do not keep things up.  I have stopped taking care of many of my husbands messes.  I just leave them and some of the time he gets the hint.  I have tried to more evenly distribute chores countless times, and each time everyone stops doing their share.  With my children, of course, it is our responsibility to teach and help them to learn how to manage a house.  But to have to 'remind' another grown up is just infuriating!  

All of the more traditional cultures have good systems for dealing with housework.  Having a plan can help.  For instance, only clean certain rooms on certain days.  Or doing an hour of chores each morning.

I try to make everyone play outside when I am going to lose it from the inside mess.   

Leaving the house is the surest way to keep it clean!  After morning chores get the hell out of there and don't return until the afternoon.   

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I am starting to feel like this, being pregnant expecting my first. I must eat all the time, get ready to eat, clean up...I worry maybe I am not cut out for this. I cant imagine having more distractions& more steps to tire me out. I dont know what i am.going to do...
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My kids all have chores. 7 and 5 yr olds unload the dishwasher and put the dishes away. 4 yr old dusts. 2 yr old holds the dust pan. Those are just a few examples.
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First things, i don't have it all figured out so take my words with a grain of salt.  It IS something we just have to do over and over.  I also have to remind myself (and sometimes DH) that we LIVE here, it's not a museum.  I don't keep a perfect home and while I am always looking for ways to get better at it, I don't expect perfection. 


I think sometimes it's a matter of finding a system that works.  My kids are younger that yours but it seems to help a lot if I set clear expectations.  And yes, a lot of it is repetitive. 

For instance, whenever we are pulling in the garage I tell them what their "job" is when we walk in the door.  e.i  Take off AND put away your shoes in the cubby hole, hang your jacket ON the hook and wash your hands.  We are working on them clearing their dishes and I have plans to buy a hand held vacuum (dust buster type thing) so they can clean the floor under their seat after each meal.  Do a good purge!  If you have less stuff, there is less stuff to be out and then clean up.  If you can't find I can't figure out a good way to store something, it needs to go.

Laundry, oh laundry----I keep trying to convince DH to move somewhere warmer so we could join a nudist colony.  I tell ya, those folks seems less and less crazy with every load of laundry I  do!


::Sigh:: and sometimes I just have to stop and count my blessings to remind myself:  My kids are dirty because they were happy playing.  They tracked the dirt inside because they were outside on a sunny, lovely day.  The sink (and counter and table sometimes)  is full of dirty dishes because we have plenty of food to feed our family.  I have piles of laundry because we have been blessed with more than enough clothes to wear.  There is paint on the chair because the kids are full of life and love to be creative.  And so on.

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Laundry, oh laundry----I keep trying to convince DH to move somewhere warmer so we could join a nudist colony.  I tell ya, those folks seems less and less crazy with every load of laundry I  do!


Lol.  The rule in my home is unless something is dirty, it doesn't get washed.  And wearing it one or two days doesn't mean it is actually dirty. It is a very developed country (USA) thing to change everyday. It really helps with the laundry pile to focus on clothes that are actually dirty.

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I didn't do any more cleaning, or change the way I clean. I started volunteering at a local non-profit. Having people outside the home who appreciate what I do, and seeing the difference I make in my community gave me renewed energy for the sometime drudgery of housework. Also, it gets me out of the house and away from the husband and kids a few hours every week and no one can complain, 'cause I'm doing charity work!

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I viewed it as a spiritual discipline of service to others. Feeling grateful for laundry to wash, a house to clean, etc., building my stamina, patience, and spiritual growth.


Part of my mindfulness in the work was to improve efficiency and minimize my impact on the environment.

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I don't do it. I  clean every third day and only pick up every other day. I am not anyones slave and if they cannot help me then they must deal with the pace I am willing to do it at.

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I have three kids - 18 mos, 5 and 7. I'll share what we do as far as keeping the house picked up so I don't spend my whole day moving stuff from one place to another. When I am feeling overwhelmed by things needing to be picked up, I set a timer on the oven for 5 minutes and all of us do a '5 minute cleanup'. Sometimes I have to work to get some bodies moving but they always get into it and in 5 minutes' time our whole downstairs is picked up. Also every morning we do 'rooms' where the kids and I go one bedroom at a time and we all help to check sheets, get dirty laundry going/clean laundry put away and the rooms picked up. Since we do this every day they know the drill and they get a little more independent with it as time goes on. Something that helps with rooms is that we put music on while we're doing it, and we do something fun once we're done. I probably don't do as much 'deep cleaning' as I should but oh, well. :)


As far as the deeper stuff - mental outlook, etc. I agree whole heartedly that practicing an attitude of gratitude is the most effective way to feel happier and more optimistic.

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You know what, some days it's overwhelming and you want to throw in the towel but the best way to get help from your kids and your DH is to keep insisting they help. Your kids especially need to learn that being part of a family means helping eachother out. I don't make my son do as many chores as other 4 year olds are probably capable of but it's because he has severe issues with memory nd concentration and its exhausting to have to stand behind him the whole time he's doing a chore. I'm lucky if I can get him to do daily maintenance of himself all by himself. That said, once. Week he helps gather trash, takes the compost out when asked, and vacuums every once in awhile. I do require tht we clean up before starting new crafts or toys periodically throughout the day. And yes, it is harder to keep things picked up when you are home all day!! Cleaning up after ones self is a skill that must be learned though!
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yes cooking and cleaning all the time can get really tedious! I try to find my balance with it- I like a clean house but sometimes I just have to let it go for a day so I can rest or do other things. I find that when dh and I are in a good loving space- which is often but not always- it is easier for me to see the cooking and cleaning as a loving act for my family. DH does not clean much but he does TONS of ds care and works out of the house while I stay home- so I do feel that as a family unit we are balanced. That helps me to resent it less. I is tiring though- I find it hard to figure out what to cook for my family and feed them and then to clean up later and all that- over and over- I just have to accept it as part of life and a loving act for myself and my family.

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The monotony killed me, and the Sisyphean nature of it all. My solutions were to socialize more and volunteer on the board of a small non profit. Both ways I was using my mind rather than losing it. I work now and am so much happier. Appreciate my home and kids more. And we have a cleaning lady.
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having a cleaning lady is awesome! I don't have one but some day I think it would be awesome to---!

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It is a necessity. My husband is almost pathologically messy plus two kids, two huge dogs, one disorganized grandmother, a cat, a working mom... Our house is a bomb without help. And I literally would have to chose between sleep and doing laundry.
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I only have one kid and an only moderately messy dh- and a pretty small house- if I had two dogs and more kids and a bigger house I would absolutely budget in a cleaning person to come once a week! I think it is great to get help in that way. Or if I was a work out of the house mom I would get a cleaner too-! even being a sahm of one kid and a very helpful husband and no pets I still clean TONS. If I let it go a day the house looks awful-! I am the only one who cleans so if I don't do it is just gets grosser and grosser-!

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It is just so hard. I still spend a fair amount of time cleaning and just plain old chucking stuff out that accumulates in god awful piles.
Compounding the issue is I like a bearish house. I sometimes den up in my bedroom over the weekends when it gets bad!
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ha ha! I like a very clean house and I am constantly getting rid of stuff! And sometimes it feels like constantly cleaning. the cooking part of being a wife and mom is a real challenge for me. I love to cook but it always feels so rushed- cooking good food takes a lo of time and we have minimal childcare help with my three yr old so he is usually underfoot trying to "help aka make a mess--- and when he is napping I don't often want to spend the whole time cooking and cleaning--- I am learning as I go but it is work to make a whole meal every day a few times a day- you have to really love your family  (lol) to find the motivation I think!! Sometimes I get burned out by cooking a nother meal and cleaning up but then again I am so happy to have the chance to feed my family good food- I think when ds starts school it will be much easier for me to have time to cook in advance. Plus ds is a picky 3 yr old eater so it is extra hard to figure out what to even cook!

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I used to look forward to the big oases of time I would have when I got both kids into school. But then, as soon as they were out of the house ... Bingo... My husbands job was downsized. And I had to go back to work! It's turned out to be a good thing, I went from clerk to director of the small non profit within a year. And we so need the money.

But the leisurely hours cooking never happened. And now we both work full time. So .... We eat lots of semi prepared foods. greensad.gif
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