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An other booster question!

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Hello mamas!


I wish I had time to browse thru all the other threads but I really don't! I need to find a booster for DS1 for our return to the USA. For left in November for Europe and he was pretty close to outgrowing his Britax Marathon, so I'm assuming it will be too small when we return in 3 weeks! Here he used a Romer high back Booster (I believe that's a Britax company for Europe, but could be wrong!) It was ok although we only used the car a few times a month. We could bring it but will be coming back next fall and don't want to deal with that in the plane. We will also be leaving DS2 Radian here :( and switching him to ff in the Marathon (he will be 3 1/2 when we get home). Unless someone convinces me to get a new radian for him... Would it be worth it you think? The only car seat we are bringing back is DD's radian that will be used by DS2 in the plane... I know I'm not easy to follow lol So basically I need help finding a good solution for us but for sure a safe reliable car seat/booster for DS1! Thanks for reading my random thoughts... And helping in any way you can! 

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How old is DS1? How tall?  How heavy?  Are you interested in harnessing him forward facing or are you comfortable with the booster?


Does the car will be putting the seats in have headrests?


The current AAP recommendation is rear-facing until at least two.  The NHTSA is rear-facing until four if possible.  Most people consider forward-facing at 3.5 to be mostly parental preference.

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DS1 will be 6 in June... Haven't measured him or weighted him lately but he's at least 46 inches and 45 pounds (tall and skinny type... ) Like I said he has been in a booster here since November because I had no other options. Going back to harnessing could be ok cause he was able to buckle himself in and out alone last summer already. He is a very safe and responsible child. Is there any seat where I could use the harness than can be use as a booster after? As for rf DS2 I know it's our choice but wanted to do it as long as possible as he doesn't mind it at all, but DO NOT want to have to carry it in the plane again like last fall. I had 2 Radian with us in the plane... They are way too heavy and one person needs to take them both cause the other is babywearing DD, plus the carry ons. No way!!!!! But I was just trying to see if buying an other one would be logic or not! And to be honest I don't remember when the Marathon will expired. I will have to check once home. Any thoughts?

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If your 6yo sits properly in his booster, a harnessed seat is not any safer.  Statistically they are proven to be about the same in terms of safety.  Some people think boostering is safer, some harnessing, but nothing has proved either way.


I'm unsure what else are you asking?  Do you want to know about a good option for seats for travel so you don't have to bring 2 radians?

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Yes I'm wondering if buying an other radian once I'm home for DS2 (3 1/2yo) would be a smart buy. If the Marathon is expired for sure I'll need an other seat for him since we are leaving his radian here for next fall. But even if its not expiring soon, should I buy one to keep him RF longer than use it as a booster for him for later? Thanks

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Forgot to ask something. Any booster better than the others out there safety wise and possibly easier for DS1 to buckle himself in? Thanks

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So you only need the seats for the summer?


For the 3 1/2 yo you might want to just get a Maestro.  It will fit him harnessed ffing and it's only $80 as opposed to nearly 200 for a radian.  That is if the MA won't fit or is expired.


As for boosters, it can be child and car dependent.  Most boosters will work, but some don't provide a good fit on some kids.  The Graco Turbobooster tends to work well for most kids, and is lower cost. 

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Don't plan on using the Radian as a Booster later.  After forward facing, you'd be able to harness for quite a bit longer but most kids outgrow the height seating capacity of the booster about the same time they outgrown the harness height.  How big is DS2?  If you want to keep him rear-facing the new Gracos (Headwise/Size4Me/My Size 70) rear-face to only 40 lbs (same as Radian R100, 5 pounds less than the R120 or RXT) but have 4" more of height capability, which is quite a lot.

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Oh ya didn't even think about DS2's weight for the rr!!! Same as DS1 haven't weighted him in a while but he is over 40 for sure... In my arms he weighs more than DS1... He is massive compare to DS1. So he is only a few pounds away from the weigh limit anyways I guess (he has the 120). How much longer (in years if possible) do you think I could use a Radian 120 ff? It would be for this summer yes but then when we come home in the spring 2014 we could use it in DH's car if he still fits in it. Right now we only have car seats in our SUV (don't need more at this point!). Ok, we don't have any more options really for rr for him. Without looking at the cost which seat will bring me more safety and more life for DS2 ff??? Same thing for the booster (not looking at prices) which one is the best after the one you suggested? How do I know for sure which one will be the best for him? Can you actually try a car seat and return it if you don't like it or your child doesn't like it? Thanks again ladies for both your help! It is greatly appreciated... Need to find a booster before we leave so I can order it and have  my friend who will pick us up to bring it to the airport for our ride home!

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