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when will I need maternity clothes?

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Can any experienced mamas shed some light on this? I looked through my pregnancy book and it said my waist might start to thicken around 9 weeks but that I might not need maternity clothes until 16 weeks or later. Does that make any sense? I'm a smaller person (5'3'', US size 2/4 ish, but with 10-15 pounds extra weight on me) and am thinking that that means I would need maternity clothes earlier. I have lost weight recently so I have a lot of slightly too large stretchy clothing that I wear around the house, but when I want to look nice I wear non-stretchy skirts that sit right at the waist, so I'm thinking those skirts won't fit for long, especially with the lovely bloating I have going on. I know we have lots of experienced mamas in this DDC, I would love to hear your experiences with this!

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I needed maternity clothes around 17-18 weeks with my first, but it will probably be earlier this time.  I kept wearing some skirts with zippers by wearing a longish shirt and leaving the zipper open and the button attached with a hair tie or something like that. 

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It really depends on your body shape and how your clothes fit.  I have a much smaller waist than hip/rear so all my pants are already big in the waist.  Pregnancy just makes them fit better for a while LOL


If you wear fitted clothes, it depends, but I'd say 4 months.  You will be in an awkward regular clothes don't fit well but maternity clothes are too big/fit weird because your belly isn't big enough phase for a while, so you'll probably want some stretchy waist stuff for that 3-5 month period.  After 5 months the maternity stuff starts to fit, but before that you will find it too big probably, esp. if you get the belly panel pants.

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Hi there! 


I have a completely different response than the OPs.  :)  I am five feet tall, a petite size 10.  This is my third pregnancy.  With my first, I was in maternity pants by ten weeks.  With my second it was around eight.  With this one, I wore maternity pants YESTERDAY.  I'm only five weeks!  This is insane, I tell ya.  Clearly it's just bloating from progesterone but, oh my, I look like I'm three months along!  It's madness.  I have a pretty extensive maternity wardrobe and I have a couple of great pairs of maternity jeans that have buttons on the side (similar to little kids' adjustable waist pants) which are perfect for the early days. My advice is to get yourself a bella band. They are great for the in between stages.  And when you wake up one morning in the not so distant future and realize you can't button your pants, you'll be prepared!  :)  The bella band sits tightly around your waist so you can leave your pants unbuttoned without them falling off! 

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Extra weight or not, on your first pregnancy everything is still going to take awhile to get moving. The muscles of your stomach and surrounding area are still very strong (enjoy this, they'll never be the same!) and will hold things in for quite awhile. Your uterus, in your first pregnancy, doesn't rise out of your pelvis until at least 12 weeks, either.


my advice would be to hold off for as long as you can. I know it probably feels exciting to wear maternity clothes right now but I promise you you'll be sick to death of them in a couple of months and DESPERATE to get back to your "normal" clothes!

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Jonesies - My guess is you'll be pretty comfortable until 20ish weeks :)


AFM - I'm paranoid I'm actually going to need maternity clothes this time. I mean I did buy a  very few the first time around, but I've just heard all these stories about the second time around...

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With my DD, I didn't need maternity clothes until 20ish weeks myself. I was working in Labor and Delivery at the time and vividly recall wearing my scrubs and patients having no idea I was pregnant until well after 20 weeks. This time around, it's another story! I am a little over 7 weeks and my pants already feel too snug around the waist. I also feel like I look 3 months along or more, I have a serious baby belly already that I don't think is just bloating. I wear pretty loose, flowy clothes but am still trying to cover up for a few more weeks, scarves and flowy cardigans thumb.gif  I did buy a belly band (Target had a decent one for $15) and plan to use that but I've already worn a pair of maternity jeans and maternity chinos that I got on sale from Gap Maternity. The waist is low and stretchy, super comfy.

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