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Possible vaginal infection

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 I'm 22 weeks along in this pregnancy and it is really taking a toll on me.  2 weeks ago my midwife detected blood in my urine and told me it was probably a UTI, so I did the norm to get rid of it, cranberry and uva ursi etc.  My symptoms became worse, but I just assumed it was the pregnancy...for example....lower back pain by the tail bone, body aches, head aches, brown vag discharge, smelly urine, cramping and a 2 day bout of nausia.  Finally, I looked in my husbands medical books to find out that these are all symptoms of a bad UTI or bladder infection.  SO we went to the redi-clinic only to find that my urine was perfectly normal...no trace of anything.  I am still suspicious that something is up like maybe a different kind of infection.  Has anyone else has experience with this, if so, what could it be and what should I do?  My previous 2 pregnancies were a breeze compared to this.

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i don't know mama...i am hesitant to give any advice. what does you midwife say know? anyone else have ideas?



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A vaginal infection can be super serious and cause. Membranes to rupture. Call your midwife and tell her all of your symptoms.
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Yes, my midwife knows.  I have been taking raw garlic internally 3 times a day with lemon water and echenacia as a natural bacteria/fungal killer. I am beginning to think I am just doing to much in this pregnancy, but it would be nice to know I am in the clear for an infection. 

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Were there leukocytes in your urine?

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No leukocytes, it came back negative in the test they took.  I am thinking I got rid of my UTI with the cranberry and I was just doing too much.  Now that I have been trying to take it easier I'm feeling alot better. 

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