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Newborns pee every time they wake up, right?  And then some?   Like 20 times a day?  Seems daunting to catch it all, but I'm game for trying!

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Newborns pee often, when they are awake (it's been three years so I don't remember exactly how often, but I know it was a lot and I couldn't believe people let their newborns sit in pee so much), but they also are pretty predictable. Normally, with a newborn, I'd take him/her to the potty when s/he awoke, nurse, and then the baby would be asleep again. If not, we'd do the potty again and then either a carrier, swing, or bounce chair. I'm not recommending using swings or bounce chairs: I don't think they help with ECing at all, and we definitely had more misses there, but my second child especially liked to sleep swaddled in a bounce chair and my eldest liked to have me to cuddle and nurse without the baby right on me, so that's what I did. I find that babies signal pretty clearly when nursing or being in a carrier, and newborns aren't awake very much, so while the newborn was awake, I felt very "on," it wasn't really that much of my day, and slowly the time between pees when awake lengthened. I actually find ECing a newborn a whole lot easier than a mobile baby. HTH!
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No suggestions, just subbing to get the updates! We're going to CD this time but I haven't started a stash.
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We've got prefolds with a variety of wool covers (baby beehinds are my favorites though I love our imse vimse cover too) and Thirsties covers which I also really liked.  By the time my son was almost a year I had also stocked up on a stash of AIOs mostly Bumgenius but also some others that I got off craigslist.  My friend has also promised me her diaper collection that I'm super excited about. Once we get out of the newborn explosive poop stage I'd be siked to transition to mostly using AIOs.

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I have already collected a stash of GMD newbie prefolds for pumpkin. DD was in sposies for the first 3 months bc she was so tiny & I was so overwhelmed, so CDing a newborn will be a new experience for us. I have a few thirsties covers & plan to sew up a bunch of fleece longies.

We have tons of Sunbaby & Alva pockets and some goodmama fitteds - all one size so hopefully we can transition from the nb prefolds to those.
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How much do you guys think it would cost to order good fabric and sew your own?  Would I be saving vs. buying newborn diapers?

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We used a diaper service for the first year with DS, and I am kicking myself fr reselling all of his covers from when he was smaller! Our stash right now just consists of what he's been wearing since he turned one- nothing small enough for a newborn. I think we'll start with diaper service again for at least the first couple of months. It made life so much easier when bags of clean prefolds just showed up at our doorstep smile.gif
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Has anyone used kissaluvs size 0 for a newborn?  Or is my info about great newborn fitteds 8 years old since that's how long since I've been diapering a newborn?

I was thinking to buy used diapers off of ebay, because fitteds are expensive unless you buy used.  

I was scouting etsy for cashmere longies and overalls and they are only about 12-28 dollars each, so I was thinking to have the entire xs/s layette be cashmere (and cotton and silk long sleeved t-shirts) and then use fitteds without a cover (since the cashmere pants work as a cover when lanolized).  But which fitteds?  I haven't tried Green Mountain, are they as well fitting as Kissaluvs?


The vote for xs fuzzi-bunz being so trim sounds good.  However, my full term babe was over 9 pounds at birth so I don't know about needing size 0 or xs diapers at all!  I may just skip that and buy smalls or 9pound+ one size diapers.....


Anyone tried a one size that really fits a 9 pounder?  Seems like most of them don't fit that well until more like 10-11pounds.  But, if I deliver early like with DS1, and I end up with a 6-7 pound baby then I'd like to have proper newborn diapers....

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I have no idea what we're going to do. all the info on cloth diapers is overwhelming and I can just see my husband now getting frustrated with putting them on (he's never changed a diaper in his life).... The only diaper service around here does prefolds, which seem complicated... it's just a square of fabric you fold and pin on and then you put a cover over that?? seems tedious and like it would take awhile and leak and just generally be annoying. 


there's two companies where I live that offer diaper pick up and compost diapers professionally (they break down in 6 months). One company you buy the diapers through them and they include in the cost of the diapers the pick up and compost, the other one they just pick them up and you pay for the diapers separately. I did the math and one company is $124, one is $120. The diaper service for cloth diaper rental/pickup/delivery is $100, so it's really not that much more... and when you factor in the water bill necessary to wash all the cloth diapers at home (or at the facility) and the soap products needed, and just the general work of having to deal with dirty cloth diapers--- composting seems better for the earth- no water, no soap, just a giant tank they put them all in-- although it is kept at a steady 140 degree temperature and aerated constantly to encourage decomp-- it produces fertilizer that is recycled and sold at garden supply stores!! Also we travel a LOT and compostable just seems easier than cloth. 


I'll probably get a stash of cloth diapers too and try both. It's most important what baby's skin likes... so if the compostable ones irritate we'll do that. Anyone have experience using compostable?

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I don't but I have to say cloth diapers are highly addictive, squishy, adorable, silky soft, and make changing your baby's diapers actually fun.  You actually look forward to the next change so you can put a different cute one one.  Rather than it being a chore.  Just sayin'.....

Plus it's not just prefolds + covers.  You can get all kinds of adorable fitted diapers and then use wool pants as diaper cover as well as clothes.  Or use pockets/all-in-one diapers that work exactly as simply as disposables (well the snaps take longer, but you can get velcro which is just as fast then).  However, you do have to wash them.  Luckily your machine does 99% of the work.  You can shake whatever there is into the toilet, throw the dipe in the pail, then wash every other day so they don't get funky by sitting around.  You'd need 2-3 dozen diapers.  But collecting a stash of the cutest, sweetest ones you like the most is the really addictive part.  joy.gif

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Not to be a debby downer but i think that if your are considering compostable diapers from an earth friendly perspective you have to think about the manufacturing costs.  Yes, there is a lot of water that goes into washing cloth diapers but there is a lot of water and energy that goes into the factories that produce those compostable diapers.  If you are paying an actual service to responsibly compost your waste then you at least don't have to worry about that part but I've had friends use those and talk about how earth friendly they are but just toss them in the regular trash (i.e. into a land fill where they will never ever compost).  Also, when you're done having kids you can sell your cloth diapers and/or covers (if you do a service) and recoup some of your money.


Prefolds really aren't bad and I actually found I had way more "explosions" on those rare occasions when we were traveling and used plastic diapers.  You also don't have to deal with pins.  There are these sweet little gadgets called snappies that have little claws to hold the prefold closed.  We found them to be fast and easy. I also had a friend who skipped the snappies and just folded the prefold in the diaper cover.  Granted, she admitted to having to go through more covers in a day than we did but she had plenty and it worked for her.


Anyway, though I was happy to see the diapers go when my son potty trained I never regretted using cloth.  We even had a brief period of about a month where DH  washed all the diapers by hand because we were without a washing machine (I admit to refusing). 


I am getting a whole new stash of AIOs from my friend to add to our expansive prefold collection!

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I had a couple of very generous folks give us various brands/types of cloth diapers when DD was born a couple years ago, and I also have some small and medium cloth diaper kits from Wazoodle that I never put together last time, so I think we are set. I loved using cloth, but I slacked off mostly after my daughter turned a year old. Excited to be getting all that out again, gonna have to get sewing soon!
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I had a couple of very generous folks give us various brands/types of cloth diapers when DD was born a couple years ago, and I also have some small and medium cloth diaper kits from Wazoodle that I never put together last time, so I think we are set. I loved using cloth, but I slacked off mostly after my daughter turned a year old. Excited to be getting all that out again, gonna have to get sewing soon!
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I put one pair of bumgenius and one fuzzibunz one size on my baby registry.... how do you know which ones work til you try them?? so complicated!! 

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http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=10  You read posts about cloth diapering a new baby!  :)  You can buy some options used there at their FSOT forum, to save cash.

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Yogi I, I had different brands and types given to me, so I was lucky enough to be able to try lots of different kinds. I still use ALL of them, but definitely have preferences. I think you really just have to try them and see what works best for you and your LO. And it might change as your babe gets bigger, too.
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so many types!!!! I checked out the diapering forum--- I can see how it can get addictive buying all the cute covers and such- I can't really understand a lot of the lingo, it seems like CD mommas have their own language and abbreviations!! 


I'm going to ask for a couple of every type (but no velcro), and a pack or two of compostables. 

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Yeah, there are a ton of choices. I think I may have already posted this, so sorry if I repeat myself- but we started with diaper service prefolds. I kept an eye out and found some unused and gently used AIOs and pockets at consignment shops, though, and started to gradually get a feel for what I liked. It's amazing what good deals you can find- I think some mamas consign after they decide not to CD or after deciding they don't like a particular diaper they bought several of... the treasure hunt is fun, and it can be an inexpensive way to find out what you like.
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I've always used prefolds and a cover (snap or Velcro). You just fold the front into thirds, maybe down at the top of it is too long, and let the back fan out. Honestly my husband isn't great at it. I've had 5 babies only in cloth and he has done maybe 20ish changes? Not sure. In more recent times I'd try to give him more ready to go ones, but really if we managed jobs differently and he wanted to, I'm sure he could do it. I'm trying to remember my favorite brands, I'll have to post again after I've looked through my stash. Laundry-wise I've never made a big deal, just rinse out poop and wash with other clothes. Personally I don't like the look or smell of disposables. I thought that was what babies smelled like when I was a kid! I also don't like the cloth dipes to be too bulky. I have early walkers (8 or 9 months).
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  Personally I don't like the look or smell of disposables. I thought that was what babies smelled like when I was a kid!  

yes!  Me, too!  It was such a nice surprise that babies dont' stink, it's the disposable diapers that stink!

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