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cure for bums on arms

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I discovered a cure by accident, I was looking for petroleum jelly for my dry feet. I was out so I thought the vapor rub had petroleum jelly so i put it on my feet and rubbed the excess on my arms. I had the bumps on my arms as long as i could remember they disappeared in one hour. I still have some dark spots i assumed was the scarring from having had them so long but my skin stays smooth now I just have to apply it once a week. :) So for those with this problem try vapor rub.

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That's a great tip!


clove essential oil is also great. I keep it in my med kit as a local anesthetic and stumbled upon it's great help with burns a few years ago. I was lighting sparklers for kids at a 4th of July party and one basically exploded in my hand. My right hand was burnt up to the wrist. Red and nasty and excrusiating. I was in so much pain I wasn't thinking straight, so I started dumping clove oil on my hand to numb it. It worked and more. My hand was in horrible shape. Blistered, several finger nails were black or yellow and melted. I kept it coated in clove oil any time I started to get sensation back because the only sensation was extreme pain. It healed surprisingly fast, only a couple weeks until the skin looked completely normal again. I had a few spots that felt no sensations for about a month. I was afraid there was permanent nerve damage, but that came back too. Now, there is absolutely no sign I was ever burnt. It's my "go to" for burns ever since. 

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