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Call the Doula!

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Our twins were born on the Farm in 1982 with Ina May. Our birth became the film, Vertex Twin Birth and also the chapter in Spiritual Midwifery, 2nd edition on twins, pg. 129. Footage from the film has recently been used in Birth Story and More Business of Being Born; segment 1.

I am an author, retired midwife, doula, lactation consultant, and a few other things like a mom and grandma. (We had three more babies besides the twins who turned 30 this past fall.

I am writing 2 books: Stone Age Babies in a Space Age World: Babies and Bonding in the 21st Century and Call the Doula!

Check out the blog: callthedoula.blogspot.com and the web site: www.callthedoula.us to read more about the books.

You can find the box there to submit your own birth stories that will be considered for one of the books.

Much love to all the courageous mamas out there!

Stephanie Sorensen

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Welcome.gif to Mothering Stephanie!  It sounds like you have lots of wonderful experiences to share with your fellow members.  Thank you for joining our community and joining in on the discussions.

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