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I just posted this on my facebook account--let the games begin!

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This has really been on my heart lately. The US is the only country that defaults to circumcision for non-religious reasons. If you have ever looked into parents' reasoning for female circumcisions you could see that they are completely in line with our American ideas of male circumcisions. Most US citizens would be appalled at the idea of a girl baby getting circumcised. The most easily identified idea of Female Genital Mutilation is very shocking, and yet the complete removal of all external sex organs of girls accounts for 15% or less of all FGM. The other 85% of girls world-wide are having an equal too, or vastly less invasion procedures that we think is "normal" to give our male infants. As of 1997, we can't even "knick" our girls in the US and this is still in debate. Can we please agree that if over 80% of the men world-wide grow up whole (with no problems) that it might be okay to let them have the chance to do so in the US? Of the populations that do not circumcise boys routinely 98%+ are fine until death, we should not assume that we need to amputate part of our babies just because a "friend of a friend" in the US had a problem. We have made some pretty big mistakes in the past, let's take another look at surgically altering our children's genitals.



***My sister had circ'ed her two sons--the other wouldn't even dream of it, and many good friends have as well. They know how I feel, and what's done is done, but maybe their Grandchildren can benefit?

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Wow! What a gutsy move. Best of luck with that can of worms, and please let us know how it goes! =D

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Great post! Good for you!!

It is keeping it quiet is what gives a lot of people an illusion that cutting their sons' genitals is ok and is somehow their parental right.

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gutsy move... but good for you! Keeping quiet is exactly the reason the majority of Americans think this is okay. I have been starting to get more vocal about it, too, but I feel compelled as Genital Integrity Week is coming up...  but the majority of my friends either don't care about the genital cutting, or just aren't saying anything. The only friend that's voiced her support is a friend who's dating a British guy, where to my understanding, circumcision is quite uncommon over there. Perhaps your voice in this matter will give me some hope, and others as well to do the same and get the message out there.

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I got five "likes", two messages of support, and no negative public comments. I did get a call from my Mom asking "what the %&$# are you trying to stir up with your sister?" After I explained my reasoning, and gave a good case for the idea to let the boys decide what their genitals look like when they grow up, she got it and said she was proud of me for being willing to take a public stance.


I am excited for GIIW, but think I'll try to post something new every few months or so if it seems adequate. That way, it won't seem like I am targeting any friend who is pregnant at the moment and it's just part of my cause.


I give out a lot of advice privately on how to it's just not necessary, and try to help people buck the culture when I can--but I've never been that blunt before and I just wanted it out their as a basis for why I think RIC is wrong.


I was also thinking about giving out my contact information to some of the military parent group leaders in case anyone wanted to talk to someone who had infants/older children who were intact. That would involve me actually getting to know some of the leaders and see if they could help. The military population I've encountered seems largely pro-circ--and yet a lot of their play-group leaders are crunchy civilian types, so maybe just having someone here who could answer their every day questions about standard care would help? Would that be too weird? I don't actually want to attend these meetings, we go to local playgroups in our village.

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