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Lehigh Valley PA Doula

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I hope it is okay that I put this here.  I am currently finishing up my birth doula certification and need to attend two births in order for completion.  I am offering doula services, as a student, for no charge for these two births.  If anyone is interested or knows anyone who may be, please feel free to contact me.  I am servicing the Lehigh Valley, PA and some surrounding areas.

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Have you registered on www.doulamatch.net ? I've gotten one referral from there, plus it's free.


As a side note, I would encourage you to charge at least something for your services (unless you're working with a mom in need). A new doula is still providing a valuable service. 

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Yup, signed up on match last week some time.  :-)


I really don't feel that comfortable charging as a student.  I'm kind of viewing it the same ways as clinicals for nursing school.

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Hello! I am moving to the Lehigh Valley within the next two months and am interviewing home birth midwives. If you have not already completed your observations by then, you are welcome to come to mine! November of this year in South Whitehall! Not sure how to privately message someone here
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I have sent you a private message.  I hope you are able to get it!  :-)  Welcome to the Lehigh Valley!

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