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Home Birth Ideas

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Since we are getting to that stage now, I thought it might be fun to have a thread to share ideas about how you plan to make your HB what you want it to be that might be useful to others.  What foods you plan to have on hand, how you want to set up your room(s) for birth, tips and tricks you've read/heard about, etc. etc.


I don't have much in mind right now, so need to do some thinking.  But in addition to all the standard "birth kit on hand" type things:


So far I am quite sure I'll want to hang out in the bathtub/bathroom a fair bit so for that room I plan:

- to put a yoga mat down on the tile floor so it isn't so hard/cold/slippery

- get DH to install a wand type shower head so he can spray me down if I want to stand up (so I don't get chilled)

- be sure to have lots of towels on hand

- our lights in the room are already on a dimmer, but in case I deliver during the day I may want to have something set up so I can darken the window (it is just frosted glass)


In our bedroom, I want to:

- clear the dressers of all our pictures, jewlery boxes, etc. and put a sheet on top of the glass tops for MW to put her supplies

- have an electric heater on hand to quickly warm up the room for the third stage (reading that it is important to get mamma warmed up quickly to reduce the fight/flight hormones after the second stage, to help reduce the risk of hemmorage)

- have another yoga mat on the floor in the bedroom in case I want to squat, go on all fours or who knows what in that room

- nice, soft blanket to put on top of babe and I right after birth.  I suspect I'll be naked when babe is born as with DS I couldn't stand having ANYTHING on my body, so that will make skin to skin a breeze!



- need to make laboraide and have on hand

- making banana bread with chocolate chips to have on hand

- going to have chocolate milk on hand for right after babes is born (I was reading this in another thread on here somewhere recently, and it makes perfect sense since chocolate milk is such an excellent post-workout recovery drink)



music - I want some but need suggestions

aromatherapy - so far I have orange and peppermint on the list as they fight nausea. 


I am very excited to see (and likely steal!) everyone's fabulous ideas! joy.gif

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Oh, this is a good idea! I need some motivation to get thinking about this. With my last homebirth, I spent soooo much time planning and then everything was over in less than an hour, so I have been way too nonchalant about preparing my space and my body this time!


I plan to labor/deliver in our bathtub (like last time). We will likely move out our linen cabinet, as it is a small bathroom and will get crowded with DH, midwife/assistant, maybe DS, photographer/friend.


My midwife uses a large pan (or similar tray) to set up her things so that is it mobile, but I do want to de-clutter dressers/bedside tables beforehand, as it makes me feel more peaceful when things are clutter-free.


We will have an old shower-curtain or tablecloth to put on the bedroom floor (waterproof) just in case I do not want to be in the tub. I like to have the yoga ball available too, for leaning on or sitting on, and probably a quilt or something to throw over it (nicer than snuggling with plastic).


Lighting - my previous births have been at night, in the winter. I would really love to labor in daylight this time! (though I know i have not much control over this). I used Christmas lights draped across our bathroom light fixtures for some nice dim lighting. It also looks pretty :) Because we will have a photographer this time, I may not want it as dark (again-daylight would be wonderful!)


Music - I need to get on this as it is also my main relaxation/coping technique! In college, I did a fair amount of research on the use of music in labor (from a music therapy perspective) and the MOST important factors in using music in labor are that it is something you like (duh!) and that you practice relaxation techniques while listening to the music in the weeks leading up to labor. I have done this with my past 2 labors and it helps me stay focused, breathing with the music. It is also like a conditioned response: you hear the music you have been practicing relaxing to, and your body goes into relaxation mode. I choose a mix of insturmental music (movie soundtrack type stuff) and other mellow songs that are easy to breath with. I have my playlist, but have been lazy about practicing my breathing/progressive relaxation with it (I do this in the tub mostly, but also in bed to develop that conditioned response in a variety of places). This really worked for me painwise...the only time I really felt contractions as terribly painful was about 2 contractions before I realized I was pushing.


Food - I have been making various protein balls (larabar like snacks) and freezing some to have on hand, but don't spend a lot of time on this as our house is usullly pretty well stocked and with short labors, I don't eat while in labor. We do get a 'birthday cake' for the baby, and stick it in the fridge for our celebratory birth day dinner.


Most of these things I will try to do before hand, or have things readily available starting at 36 weeks. Last time, I made a "to do in early labor" list with things for me to get ready and things for DH to do...I need to work on that as it was very helpful (even though 'early labor' turned out to be 'active labor').


For me to do in early labor - get dressed in whatever clothes I want to labor in, call photographer and midwife, ???

For DH to do - get birthday cake out of freezer, lay out the dropcloths, get our kids busy with a movie or something (if it is not night-time), ???

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Originally Posted by nstewart View Post

aromatherapy - so far I have orange and peppermint on the list as they fight nausea. 


I am very excited to see (and likely steal!) everyone's fabulous ideas! joy.gif

This may sound ridiculous, BUT at work (hospital L&D unit), for nausea in labor we sometimes just rip open an alcohol swab and wave it under the woman's nose. It works amazing for some crazy reason (sometimes better than IV zofran). A very experienced L&D RN shared this little secret. Even the OB residents use it :)

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I really haven't given time to focusing on this topic yet, but reading this thread sure has my inspired. ;)


I haven't birthed in this particular house before, and haven't even been able to picture which bathroom I'll be most comfortable in, or how I'll prepare it yet.....hmmm.


One thing I'm sure I'll have on hand are my couple traditional labor munchies- a bowl of nuts & dried fruit, and small ice cubes made from red raspberry leaf tea. I love sucking on those cubes during labor (but I always spit them out during each contraction! lol)

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