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5 weeks with bad period pains

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I only 5 weeks pregnant but most days I get period pains throughout the day, Sometimes really bad.

Is this a normal symptom?

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Some cramping is totally normal.  Are you having any bright red bleeding?  It seems people get more concerned when there is cramping and bleeding together.  Spotting can be common too in a healthy pregnancy.  I hope everything is totally fine.  Congratulations on your pregnancy!

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No theres no spotting so hopefully theres nothing to be alarmed about. Thanks pokeyAC :)

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Are you well hydrated? I did hear that cramping can be a side effect of not drinking enough water.

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Yeh I have been drinking water but probably not enough every day. Thanks i'll try that hopefully it will help. I woke up again today really bad and felt so sick. Hopefully just a symptom
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Rapunzell, how are you?

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When I was first pregnant it felt like something was wrong. I was convinced it was ectopic. It turned out there was nothing wrong. The most frustrating part of pregnancy is that no one can feel what you're feeling and everyone tells you everything is normal, or to talk to your healthcare provider. My doctor told me that any kind of pain that comes and goes is OK, but if it's a continuous pain, come see him. The crampy feeling in the beginning was continuous though until about 12 weeks I think. My best guess is that it was just the uterus stretching like it's never been stretched before.

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With my first pregnancy, I had HORRENDOUS cramping early on.  The cramps were so bad that I just *knew* my pregnancy was at risk or over.  She'll turn eight this May.  :)  My OB thought perhaps I had terrible gas but I knew it wasn't that.  It was full on, intense cramping.  I don't know why but it was.  I never had any spotting with her until much later and then I only had the normal cervical spotting after exams. 

I'm now five weeks pregnant with my third.  I had forgotten about all the weird and often unexplainable aches and twinges and pinches and pulls that come along with pregnancy.  But this time they are coming MUCH sooner!  Try to relax and enjoy the ride. 



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I cramped from the night before the bfp until about 6 weeks. I'm almost 9 weeks now, so I'm not sure if I'm done cramping or not. It was about like my period cramps, maybe a bit less painful. Kinda just a dull ache that was on and off throughout the day.


When I googled it I found that is your uterus expanding.

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I found that the most concerning cramping was cervical cramping, especially if it was pretty regular. Uterine cramping can be bad or can be normal. Cervical cramping can be either as well, but I don't think you'd have constant cervical cramping like I ended up having with my early miscarriage. And I was having spotting at the time as well. So, unless you see blood, there's a good chance you are OK. Hope all is well. 

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I only 5 weeks pregnant but most days I get period pains throughout the day, Sometimes really bad.

Is this a normal symptom?

How's everything going, Rapunzell?  Hope you're well.

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Rapunzell - I actually posted this same question about 4 months ago....I was 6 weeks prego (this is my second pregnancy and healthy baby). I didn't have any cramping with my first - at least I don't remember - so I was extremely scared when I noticed how bad and often they were. It feels like strong menstrual cramps...almost 5-6 x a day. It was especially frustrating since my insurance only allowed a pre-natal visit at 8-9 weeks nothing before. Don't worry.....if you don't see bleeding, you are most likely just fine. I tried laying down, drinking more water, "walking it off", asking other moms, reading miscarriage stories to see if my symptoms matched theirs....which none really described constant period pains like you and I experience...I still experience the cramps occassionally even being 22 weeks along. It's normal trust me.....it's scary ansd concerning, but you have found a great blog to get support. This place is where I found comfort when I was having those pains and doubts. Try not to dwell on it....it's really hard not to I know, but there's no use on worrying yourself if there isn't anything you can do about it.

Give us an update once you have a OB visit! Let us know how your coming along?

Thoughts with you...

-Sabrina :)

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