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If you could do that easily, everyone would do it, since a lot of us think of the Vax Court as a Kangaroo Court. I believe you have to go through the VaxCourt first and THEN you may pursue civil damages, maybe, if you didn't waive that right in your Vax Court settlement, but I am open to seeing a reference. I do believe tho that there is a no fault system in place that protects the Vax manufacturers and I have seen that in internal Pharma literature too. Really no one would go through the drawn out agony of Vax Court if they could win big in a Civil Suit, what would the motivation be to go through the Vax Court where awards are mostly capped @ 250G?


There are mandates in each state, for school entry . . . Then there is the CDC schedule of Childhood Vaxes and then vaxes they recommend . . . 

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Awards are not capped at 250k. Thats, I think, the cap for just pain and suffering, but actual medical expenses, expenses for life long care, etc have no cap. People do opt out of vicp. As recently as 2004(?) there were hundreds of lawsuits in the courts against vaccine manufacturers. Do a little research, you'll find it.
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I do plenty of research, thank you . . . There is a 250G cap, I will concede I don't know exactly what is capped. There are also gag orders. What liability protections is Pharma talking about in their newsletters if there aren't any liability protections? Real question.

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I don't believe there are gag orders. Many of the decisions if not all are freely available online.

I didn't say there aren't any liability protections. I said those protections aren't total. Their liability is certainly limited. I certainly couldn't speak beyond that to why something is in a newsletter I've never seen.
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There are MOST definitely gag orders. The verdicts are also sometimes (often) 'unpublished' (including two recent ones). A BFF went through the VICP. She was offered *considerably* more money if she signed a gag order. She turned it down. Her daughter's injuries were profound (high functioning plays no where into it, nor does 'autism', it is more like 'wheel chair'). No one on her medical team ever disputed the causation, just for some background of why she was even able to take a case thorough VICP.


Gag orders are really standard in legal cases, so I would be really cautious about ruling them out . . . .

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There are MOST definitely gag orders. 

I can also tell you personally within the Pharma industry there are gag orders for ex employees, even those at very low levels that would surprise most.

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Thx for the link but I do know for a fact that there are recent decisions that are unpublished . . . 

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Yeah I don't really understand what the distinction is between published/unpublished on there.  You can access decisions of both types.  Maybe the unpublished ones offer less details?

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Yes, I think that is what it is . . . 

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