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I'm sure it would help, but we only get in the bath once a week.  She has super sensitive skin, so more frequent bathing will have to wait until she's older.  I still hold out hope for a good detangler.  She is adamant that I use one particular brush, which is OK for tangles and doesn't pull badly.  That means I can't get all the tangles out, but if I can keep up on it, the once-a-week combing is not too bad.  I think the daily brushing is helping her scalp get a little desensitized and she is not complaining so much.

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You could always do the old "head over the tub" hair-only wash; I used to get very dry in the winter and we'd do my hair only every other day - I actually got a kick out of hanging over the edge of the tub with just my head in and everything else staying dry!  Especially if you have a shower wand, it would be easy peasy to do. 

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Bought one of those Tangle Tamers -- INCREDIBLE!

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Originally Posted by seaheroine View Post

Bought one of those Tangle Tamers -- INCREDIBLE!

Right? It's life-altering!

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Based on this thread, I bought one too-- and it really works!  Shocker.  Usually these things are  a scam. You do have to go through the hair really slowly, but it combs through hair like butter.  But dd hates getting her hair combed so much that she won't admit she likes it, but last night after her bath she asked me to use it instead of the regular brush.  (BTW: She has fine, wavy blonde hair, but tons of it, so a thick head of fine hair that tangles almost instantly at the nape of her neck if it's not in a pony tail or braid.)

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My daughter had a very short pixie haircut when she was 3-12 years. This was wonderful for her independence. She was able to wash her own hair, get herself ready for school without help, and greatly boosted her self-esteem. She was able to be her own person without societal constraints on gender roles. This has persisted into her adult years int terms of her willingness to see human value beyond gender.
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