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Breaking the news to older children

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I am looking for some ideas for a good way to tell my DDs, who will be 17 & 15 when baby arrives, that they will be gaining another sibling. DD1 is very easy going, and at least outwardly will probably take the news well. DD2 is a little more vocal about her feelings, and may be a little resentful. They adore their little brother, who will be 2 this spring, but they sometimes think he's a pain, understandably. I try to be conscious of not taking advantage of them to babysit too often, and when I do ask them to watch him for longer than a quick "can you keep an eye on him while I run to the bathroom?" I pay them... but still, I'm afraid that their initial thoughts about another baby will be, "oh great, more work," no matter how hard I will try to make sure it doesn't turn out that way for them.

We've been open to, if not actually TTC, having another child for a little while now, so that DS can have a similar aged sibling. Last fall I miscarried shortly after we announced the girls (and other family members). They took the news well enough (pretty much as above), and we told them by baking a cake and decorating it with the names of all three sibs and a fourth row of question marks. It was cute and we are thinking of doing something along those lines, but I'm looking for suggestions. smile.gif

Any ideas?
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Anyone? I know it's not super common to start over having more babies when your kids are teens, but I hoped I wasn't the only one! Just looking for help coming up with something fun and playful to help break the news with a smile smile.gif
Any suggestions are welcome!
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It isn't uncommon, and I know there are ladies on this forum who do have teenagers and are pregnant.  Give it a little more time, and someone with experience will answer you.


Try posting in our due date club. I *know* there are mommas with teens in there.

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Thanks for your response smile.gif

I was just hoping to get some ideas, not necessarily only from BTDT moms, and I thought only asking one DDC would limit responses. Guess it's a boring topic. I'm planning to wait a few more days before we tell them, so no big rush.
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we told our DD's right away.  I'm one of those mamas who has trouble keeping a secret! Maybe you plan some thing special for them to break the news-such as a starbucks mother-daughter date.  My youngest was excited, my older DD not so much so, as she will have to share her room with her younger sister now. 

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