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Do you wear your toddler?

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So, do you wear your toddler and if so, which carrier do you use?

My DS is 15 months and approximately 22 lbs. We use a side carrier called Sarah's Ride, but I think I NEED a new one. Okay, it's a want not a need

So what does everyone else use?


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I have a 19 mo dd and a ds who will be three July 1st. Both (ok, each) of them still ride in my Maya Wrap in the hip carry at times. The older one mostly just gets in when he's ready for his nap and I can't lie down with him yet. He will often fall asleep in the sling. But even though he's a peanut, at about 35 lbs the sling is starting to leave red marks on his legs. But I use it for my dd when we are out and she wants to be carried, and still take it on walks and to the grocery store as backup.

Even though I don't love padded slings, I think for a heavy toddler in the hip carry they can be good because the padding helps with comfort and you don't really need to do a lot of independent adjusting. Just make sure it fits snugly enough to give good back support. If you do padded I'd go for a Rosado or an OTSBH. The hotsling pouch with padded leg rail is nice but you won't have the padding at the shoulder. Pouches aren't my favorite for hip carries because it's not the most comfy shoulder to me, but lots of folks love them for that.
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I wear my 14-month-old in a hip carry in a pouch (either the KKAFP, or KKACP, and I just ordered a hotsling), or in a kozy carrier. He wasn't crazy about the kozy the first time, but now we both love it!
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My ds is almost 15 months and is 21lbs. For longer periods of time (lots of walking, heavy housecleaning, cooking, etc) I'd use my Baby Trekker.

For less intense activities (walking around when he might get down a lot or I have a helper...or running errands on Saturdays) I loooooooooooooooove my Moby Wrap. If he'll face in, I love the wrap cross carry. If not, I like to wear him on my hip.
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I'm trying to still wear my almost 3- year old using the Asian Baby Carrier (ABC) style. I just made one to see if it will work out. I think it might, I may need to add some padding to the shoulder area. I need to just figure out how to comfortably use it. I think for older/heavier kids, something that the weight is on both shoulders is good. I can not use my ring sling with Leif anymore, it is just too much perssure on the one shoulder.
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Yes! On the hip in the NN. I need another baby carrier and I'm considering a Mei Tai for my slim yearling. Actually, I think I'm gonna get a MT *and* an unpadded ring sling. I have an OTSBH but it makes me feel like I'm wearing a queen-sized comforter over my head. I suppose it will be good when Bleuet is big, though.
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I wore Reese until she was almost 18 months old. We used an Urban Tot Tote from fussybutt.com and I carried her my hip. She got to heavy though, and I haven't been able to carrier her in sling/pouch anymore. I miss it though.

Edited to Add: She got to heavy for my back, not the pouch.
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I wear my 2 year old(22lbs) in the Wise Woman ring sling(hip carry) and in my stretch & woven wraps. I haven't done a back carry in a few weeks but I'm getting really good at the hip cross carry and front cross carry with her. The only thing I realized after wearing her while shopping is everything I buy is either on the bottom shelf or the top shelf.lol

I put my 3month old(14lbs) nephew in the Wise Woman sling in a budda carry, I think that is the coolest way to carry a baby. Now I just need to figure out how to steal him from my sister for my babywearing classes, she lives 3 hours away.
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Oh yeah, I forgot about my EBMT. Duh! I mostly use it outside for short walks and stuff. It's comfy but dd mostly just rides in it to humor me
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I wear my 17 month old, 24.5 lb toddler almost all the time when we are out. I alternate between my hotsling and my Ergo, depending on how long he will be in the sling. Both are fabulous!
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I sling-nurse 16 mo 30 lb ds down everyday for naps and nights using our maya. Out for extended periods of time I back carry him in the Kozy and for short stints in and out of shops I use our OTSBH. I'm waiting on a girasol and am looking forward to using that as well.
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IK wear my 31 lb. 2 year old in my rebozo for skort periods of time. He's too heavy for more than 20 minutes or so. I hike/take long walks with him in my Kelty Backcountry. Niether of these is ideal though. I'm planning to make an Asian style carrier soon!
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Ok, well even after adding some padding to my ABC I still could only were Leif for a few minutes. He is really heavy for me. Boo Hoo! I was hoping this was the answer to my *childs to big for a sling* problem!
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Wemoon are you getting him high enough on your back? That's key. And where are you tying the carry knot? If I tie it mei tai style, YK around ds's back and then around my front, I can't carry him for long periods but if I tie under ds's bum I can carry him for a good hour or more and he's 30 lbs. Sorry OP that was a bit T
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Jeni have you tried a wrap?
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See that may be it that I just don't know how to tie it right. I'll try again. I'm going to go look for detailed instructions.

Carrie, no I've never used a wrap before, this is my first time trying something other than a pouch or a ring sling.
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Crap I still wear my PRE-SCHOOLER if he wants! LOL I have Joe who is 18 months and about 28 lbs or so and I sling him more than I do the pre-schooler of course, but he brings me the sling and says "up up up" When we go for walks I wear the sling and he walks until he gets tired then it is in the sling.

My pre-schooler who just turned 4 and is 50 (YES FIFTY) lbs goes in the sling when he gets really sick. He has RAD so when he gets sick he gets REALLY sick and he just wants to be held/cuddled and will ask to go in the sling. *sigh* my DH can carry him for longer than I can but I can go a little over an hour with him in the sling (just a ring/maya type sling). The sling also rocks with croup, walking up and down the street at 3 am...

Now of course slinging is a big no no for me, I am not even supposed to lift over 10 lbs. I do, of course as I have to lift Joe a few times a day but I do it as little as possible now. I can't wait until the new baby and then I can sling again! ~
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Originally posted by allformyboys
Crap I still wear my PRE-SCHOOLER if he wants!

My pre-schooler who just turned 4 and is 50 (YES FIFTY) lbs goes in the sling when he gets really sick.
Whoa mama! That's some serious slinging. Sing it with me...I am mama, hear me roar
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I can't pretend that it is my first choice with him though, he won't let me SIT and sling, but I have to walk or at least sway with him. BUT it is MUCH easier than trying to just hold him in my arms! I can only do that for about um 3 mins....LOL

Yes I am super mom! (HEHEHE not)
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My dh thinks I am hard-core.

I sling my 34lb dd AND I am 17 weeks pregnant! ROOOOOOOAAAAARRRRR! It's getting a little tough, though. I am finding I get winded after 15 minutes or so, so I better cool it soon.

We use a Maya Wrap in the hip carry.
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