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I had to stop slinging my toddler when he hit about 17 lbs. I know plenty of people can do it, but I was having extreme pain everytime I wore him. It felt like a rib was being pulled out. Seriously.

So I switched to a baby bundler which is a type of stretchy, t-shirt material wrap. LOVE it Of all the slings/carriers I have tried this is by far the most comfortable of any. As long as I have him in there firmly and high enough, I can still easily carry him for long walks in the bundler. He's now 23 months and I think around 25 lbs or so.

However, as much as I love the bundler, we most often use the backpack. He seems to prefer it and it is very convenient. Does a backpack count as babywearing? : It's not as comfortable as the bundler (nothing is!) but it doesn't give me pain so I'm happy
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I wear my 22 month old, 30 lb DD in my Maya Wrap sling on the odd occaison. Mostly if I take her to the grocery store and she falls asleep on the way there. I don't want to wake her, and she can't sit in a shopping cart asleep, so I put her in the Maya. I either hip carry or a front carry (basically the hip carry but with her more towards my front). It isn't something I would do for long periods of time, but it does allow me to be hands-free while shopping, and DD gets a good nap! Oh, and I can wear her rather comfortably on my back for short periods of time, too. I think the short periods are due more to me being out of "sling shape" though. DD walks mostly everywhere now, so I just don't use it much anymore.
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I wear my almost 18 month old daughter whenever we are out. Right now we are using a Heart to heart sling and a Mei Tai. I can't get either comfortable so I am waiting on an ergo and a hotsling right now.
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We sure do! People keep telling me she wont be able to ride in the slign much longer and I'm like "You wanna bet?!" Mackie is 14 months and rides hip carry in our BSAP, Maya Wrap and in an Asian carrier we have. I still have lots of slingin time left! At least 6 months! I havent even come close to finishing off my collection and we have no more babies planned (ever) so I'm slingin her as long as I can!

I am making a reversable satin Brocade pouch, 2 reversable Silk Brocade pouches and getting a silk brocade Zolo and another Asian carrier is OTW so I need to get my use out of them while I can! It will be quite awhile before we are done babywearing and we are happy happy with that.
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I should also add my DS is 3 and weighs 43 lbs and I still get him in the Asian carrier every once in awhil. He has sensory integration dysfunction and craves sensory input. When he is sensory seeking I often strap him to my back and we go galloping around the house. The key is comfy shoulders! I custom made a ABC with wide strecth jersey shoulders so it was really comfy! He's a SOLID 3 yr old and I can slingim for awhile still!
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