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Prenatal Massage Advice

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DH said I could go ahead and schedule a prenatal massage :) I'm so pumped because I have been waiting to get a massage since my bday. I thought DH was going to surprise me with a certificate... but he didn't get me ANYTHING. It was not a good bday. Then I thought maybe on Christmas, but no. SO I finally flat out asked him if we could put a little money aside for this. 


What I am wondering is- I have two options- a place with a prego pillow that allows me to lay on my stomach during the massage, or a place that just does the side-lying one. Does anyone have any experience or input on this? 

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Cagnew: I got a prenatal massage last weekend at almost 36 weeks. I thought that only side lying was allowed - which I did, and it was great! I hope that helps. Enjoy, you deserve it!

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I really enjoy side-lying. A lot of helpful manipulations can only take place in this position, such as stretching out the soft tissues of the pelvis, hip, knee.

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When I was in school for massage they taught us that side lying is better. There is better support all around that way, for the mom, and it makes certain strokes easier and stuff.They did have some older tables that were for prenatal massage, but I haven't tried the pillow you are talking about. The table was very uncomfortable and I actually hated it. I really liked the side lying massage. I was pregnant during a portion of my massage training.

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During my first and second trimester I liked a portion of the massage to be face down in the preggo pillow. But I'm so big now that side lying is much more comfortable. The worst prenatal massage I had was in one of those tables with the belly cutouts. I was too small and it felt like I was face down in a hammock. Took about 10 minutes of adjusting to get at all comfy. When I worked as a massage therapist we did most of the session with mom side lying and finished up with her face up in an almost seated position because we had very nice electronic adjustable tables.


Don't be afraid to ask for extra support if you're at all uncomfortable. I like to put a folded towel under my belly so it doesn't pull down sideways. There is so much more I could say. I trained all our new therapists in prenatal. Feel free to PM me with any specific questions and I hope you enjoy your session. 

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I vote for being on your side, too--it's what my massage therapist offers and it's heavenly, all supported with fluffy pillows.


As a side note, my chiropractor has the pregnancy cushions so I can lay on my belly for the session, and it's awesome, but not nearly as relaxing as the massage!

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Wow! I did not expect so many side votes! I think I will take your advice and go with the side. Thanks so much!

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