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Anyone Breastfeeding?

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Anyone breastfeeding while pregnant? Anyone thinking of tandem feeding? My daughter is 2.5 and breastfeeding, not that much though, mostly just to get to sleep at night. I'm open to tandem feeding, just planning on going with the flow. I'll be leaving her for a week in June, so I'm thinking things might naturally move on then. We'll see though!

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Same here. My son is 2.5yrs as well. smile.gif He has cut way back since becoming pregnant. Mainly to go to sleep with a random one hear and there. I'm following his lead for now. But wouldn't mind the break for a few months before new baby is here.
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Me three.  My son is 3.  He only nurses 0-2 times per day.  My supply is pretty much gone, and I have found nursing uncomfortable since being pregnant.  However, nursing continues to be an important source of comfort and pleasure for him so I'm following his lead on when to stop.  

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I am.  My son is 21 months and nurses quite a bit still.  I initially thought I'd try to wean him after he turned two, but that's just around the corner and nursing is so important to him that I don't see him stopping anytime soon.  And I wouldn't dream of taking it away from him at this point.  I imagine we'll be tandem nursing for a while.  My major concern is whether I should night wean him or let that situation evolve on its own. 

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My son will be 3 next month, and has been more or less weaned since December. (I actually think the probably hormonal "kick" was why I got pregnant-I've always had fertility issues) I still nurse him occasionally when he needs comfort or doesn't feel well, although I'm almost positive my milk is completely dried up. Even the little bit he does nurse is hard, because I get so sensitive when I'm pregnant that its almost painful and its really hard to stand. I'm sure he will want to nurse more often when the baby comes, his olde sister did when he was born, so I'll see what happens as far as actually tandem nursing goes.
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Yep, she's almost 18 months old and nurses 3-8x/day and about 4-5x/night. She's getting molars and has been sick so it is all she wants to do.

I nursed through my last 2 pregnancies - and tandem nursed my oldest and middle child for a year and the middle and third child for 3 days. My middle child was not a fan of my overactive let down - so he weaned himself, even though had every intention of tandem nursing for a year or more.

My milk supply is very diminished, but she doesn't seem to mind.
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Oops, it posted twice!
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