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Originally Posted by swissmiss2584 View Post

Can't wait to see how team green turns out!!

When we went in for our US I could have sworn I saw girl parts!!!! I told my fiancé afterwards and he laughed and said he knew we were having a girl since everything in our house is already female except himself and he just had a feeling it was going to stay that way. orngtongue.gif (we live together with my mom, a girl cat and our 2 girls currently ) But technically we are still team green since the envelope containing the gender remains unopened orngtongue.gif
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Thanks for the congratulations, Jennyanydots and Bromache!!!  My whole family and my partner were convinced it was gonna be a girl.  And here in El Salvador people say that when it's a girl the mother's face plumps out and she is glowing but, when it's a boy, the mother's face thins out and she looks more sickly - so most people had thought I was having a girl cause I'm definitely plump and glowing, haha.  I suppose ultrasounds are not a guarantee, but it sure looked clear as day like a boy.

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Team Pink. smile.gif
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Congrats CDsMom!! You have a son now right? That's so exciting!
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Yep. smile.gif
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Are you shocked? I'm so happy there's another member on Team pink! We were getting pretty out numbered there
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Green here, 9/24. I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't tempted to find out this time but I do so love the surprise. smile.gif
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I'm shocked but not surprised. I was kind of expecting it. It would have been financially smart for us to have another boy, since we already have everything. Haha.
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That's definitely a girl!!
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How can u tell? I don't even know what bit I'm supposed to b looking at. Lol
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The three lines right inside the legs. It's a vagina. If it were a boy, you'd see a little peepee sticking out in between the legs.
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Congratulations, CDsMom!

I have a bit of a feeling that we'll be Team Pink, too... The timing was definitely right for that, if you believe the Shettles theory. Four days before ovulation... it's a wonder anything survived! lol.gif We'll find out on May 1st!

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Yep. We did it on O night and I was on top. I guess some old wive's tales are true. wink1.gif
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We did it 2 nights before and the night of O. I'm thinking there were some girly sperm in there waiting when I ovulated.
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Yeah, if we're going by pregnancy symptoms and Shettles methods, then this is definitely a boy for me.  We find out tomorrow for sure.  Oy, pins and needles!


I think team green is going to sway it for the pinks here at the end, but that's just me.  I just can't believe we have this big of a divide between girls and boys right now!

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Oh, sorry!!! I'm due the 10th!
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Ok, so we caved. Got the call yesterday that our MaterniT21 test results were in and we could choose to find out gender. We were not expecting to get that call until the 23rd at least, and we thought we had more time to talk about it- but really, we just couldn't wait smile.gif

So the test says boy! I'm shocked- I felt so certain this was a girl. Guess my intuition is crap, eh? I'm very happy- it was a win win situation, and I knew we'd both be thrilled either way smile.gif
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Congratulations everyone! I'll finally get to find out today at lunchtime; I can't wait! I really have no idea what it's going to be, but my mind still slightly goes towards girl.

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I was finally right - it's a boy for us!  I'll try to get screenshots from the CD later on today or tomorrow.  I saw what I imagine are testicles, but nothing super clear (he was breech during the scan and laying kind of awkward, IMHO) but I definitely did NOT see the three lines, so I am assuming that what I saw were indeed testicles.


I have never studied male genitalia as in depth as I did today.  :)

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