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Book recommendations for a 5 year old girl?

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My son's friend is having a birthday party and her mom suggested getting her some books. Does anyone have suggestions? I don't know if his friend can read yet.
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My girls love the Little House books.  We have been reading them for about two years.  We are also reading Ramona books and Magic tree house.  These are all chapter books that I read to them.  

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My girls like the little house on the prairie books and the American Girl books.

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We really like Astrid Lindgren's books, especially "The Children of Noisy Village" and "Happy Times in Noisy Village". Dd enjoyed the little house books as well?
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DD is 4.5. The Little House books weren't quite as big a hit as I thought they might be, but we made it through a bunch of those. I also second the Astrid Lindgren suggestions. Those have been very popular for a year or so.


In the last few weeks we've read Ramona, Heidi (big hit, I edited out some of the religious stuff, though), The Wizard of Oz, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Secret Garden, Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, Lemony Snicket, and a few Roald Dahl books. My DD has a big appetite for high drama and lots of emotional tension, though. :p

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Moomintroll books are fun and unusual (for read aloud)
Beautiful picture books are still popular at that age (or should be!) also more complicated picture books- William Steig comes to mind, Kate and the Beanstalk is great.
Borrowers, Edward Eager, Edith
Nesbit (5 Children and It).
All of a Kind Family
I usually assume people have little house, Roald Dahl, etc
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Dd first discovered the Little Critter books on her 5th birthday. She loved them and still does.

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Clifford, Berenstein Bears, Eloise, Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious, Skippy John Jones, and Madeline are all engaging and have great pictures. She will most likely enjoy them even if she can't read them independently.
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My DD had a strong passion for the Little House books at thois age. We read them together once and she read them over and over by herself. She also liked the Magic Tree House series, Ramona series, Ivy and Bean series, the Spiderwick Chronicles, and the first Harry Potter book (but the second was "too scary").
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These are great suggestions! I found a nice book set of Fancy Nancy that i hope she likes. Thanks. These are good to keep in mind for my kids as well.
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DD is 4.5 and seems to really enjoy bigger books these days.

We've read

Island of the Blue Dolphins
Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh
The Odyssey (Gillian Cross, really nice version with very cool pix)
The Borrowers
Peter Pan ( the original one, HuGe hit)
D'Aulaire's Greek Mythology (my kids are obsessed with Greek myths right now)
First two Harry Potter books (I think they get a little dark)
I know there's more but I am blanking.

Thinking of starting The Hobbit.
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