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black in toddler's back teeth

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Hi Mamas,

About 6 months ago my 3 yo son was dxed by a holistic dds with early childhood cavies. We decided to forgo fillings and try brushing with black walnut powder and try fish oil supplements and daily xylitol hits.


The first few months it seemed to slow down, but the past couple weeks I've noticed my son now has black color in the center of the problem teeth. He doesn't complain of tooth pain.


I plan to take him back to DDS next week, but wondered what your experience is with center of a tooth turning black. I wonder if it was the walnut powder?! I have tried brushing and picking the tooth but the black will not go.


I appreciate hearing your thoughts.

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It sounds like his cavity got worse. Please, see a dentist. A small cavity can be filled in twenty minutes.

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My 4 year old has a cavity on her back molar. There are 2 small black spots. I take her in every 2 months for the dentist to keep an eye on it. I've been putting MI paste on it, which has hardened the tooth, and the Dentist says it's not getting any worse. She still says it's a pretty small cavity.

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Please take him to the dentist. This is probably not something you can help on your own, you want it taken care of before it gets worse.
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Thanks so much, Mamas. Chloebelle, what are the ingredients in MI paste?


DS has been watched by our dentist and I will take him back this week to make sure it's not getting worse. The tooth seems to be remineralizing as the hole is not as deep as it was. I think it may be the black walnut powder getting stuck.

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According to this http://www.thenourishinggourmet.com/2013/01/a-success-story-remineralizing-teeth-after-bottle-rot.html

black can be a sign of the cavity being dead (?) for lack of better term! I'm actually hoping DS's will turn black (if that's the case)... Please keep us posted as to what the dentist says!! My fingers are crossed for you!

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