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wool wraps recommendations?

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I am googling wool wraps with flats&prefolds in mind, maybe even a couple fitteds. It seems like certain ones arent compatable. I like Greenmountaindiapers but they have no wraps. Then i see charts saying wraps may be so different than pull on wool, but mostly i was thinking it will help not spread the leaks when pulling off. Just wanting to narrow this down, maybe find another all in one diaper website with wraps?
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Wraps are easier to change with flats or prefolds if the poop gets out than pull ons (though they are not bad). You do need to make sure they are big enough to fit over the prefold.

I like BabyBeeHinds wool wraps. They are machine washable on cold, but run small.

I also like the Happy Heiny snap wool wraps, which are generously sized.

There are several other brands

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We got some really nice wool wraps from Etsy -








I like them both a lot! There are lots of other people on there, too. We use them over GMD prefolds.

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