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no doulas in the OR at AAMC?

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I was interviewing an OB the other day and she said the policy at AAMC is only one support person in the OR. Is this right? They generally struck me as more progressive than that.

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Did she mean the OR or the birthing room?

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In the OR. For a planned C-section, if that makes any difference.

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I don't know about AAMC, but both hospitals I was with only allowed one person. I had a doula with my second and had a repeat c-section, after trying to vbac. The doula was not with me in the OR, but she was in recovery. Both ORs were kind of small, I am not sure if there would be enough physical room for another person.

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I knew it was a common policy, but I feel like I see a decent number of people saying they managed it too? Maybe I'm just not reading closely enough. Or they were talking about meeting up in recovery like you were talking about. Thanks

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I don't know...When I was given the epidural, everyone left the room, the doula, the midwife, so I assume it was policy. If you have hired your doula, you could ask her...they seem to know about the policies in a lot of hospitals AND how to nicely get around them.

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I don't live in Maryland anymore, but I wanted to add that I have been allowed in the OR as a doula/midwife both in New York and Oregon.

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My mom works at a hospital in MD as nurse in L&D and it is standard practice.  ETA- standard practice for only one support person in OR, to clarify.  Some hospitals do not even allow doulas in the recovery room.  It is also standard practice to clear the room of support people when giving an epidural.  

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