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Do you suppose lantana will hang with me over the winter or do you think I'll have to re-plant next year? I've never grown it before & I've heard both things, so I'm not sure what to expect.
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Lantana is a perennial. It will die to nothing after a frost. It comes back from the roots and partially from the old stalks.

It is important NOT to prune off dead plant material until spring after the plants have re-emerged. I think many people think they are dead and rip them out when in fact they are not. My neighbor almost did this, this year with a beautiful ring of lantana (var samantha). I squealed when I saw her doing this and had to show her that the plant was NOT dead just dormant.

They need lots of sun and well draining soil. You will not have as good results if they are fully shaded.

Have fun! Lantana comes in so many exciting colors! We have one hybrid this year at the nursery in the patriot series called Hot Country that I adore!! It starts out a pale yellow fading to a pink then a hot pink. I am not a hot pink person. In fact any bluish reds turn me off but this one is spectacular. We also have one called hallelujah which is the sweetest cream color.

I hate working with lantana but the colors make it worth it!
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I was hoping that was the case. Dh put a new koi pond in the yard with a raised bed around it & I was looking for something that would form a nice border around the back side with some pretty bright flowers. I got a few little 'New Gold' lantana that already brighten up the area, so I can imagine how pretty it will be when they grow up.
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