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I've just found a website here in the UK from which one can rent an entire newborn stash (I think of mostly AIOs) for £60 for three months. Is this a decent deal? The website claims it's cheaper than going with newborn sposies. I've heard that one-size diapers don't work well especially on smaller newborns, and buying newborn diapers that can only be used for a bit and them storing them or selling them seems like a hassle. 

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I CDed Leo from day one. If you have a sewing machine and very basic sewing skills, there are a bunch of patterns online for making cloth diapers. I made him 30 newborn diapers. about 12 of them were all-in-one pocket diapers, and the rest were pockets to be used with a cover. It was wonderful. The next set I made is about 24 diapers. Some to use with a cover, some pockets, and then about 6 prefolds. That's lasted us from about 3 months till now. He's 20 months. He decided last week that he likes underpants, and uses the potty when he's wearing them. 


For all CD moms, I highly recommend EC (Elimination Communication). We did it with Leo from day one and by three weeks old, he only pooped in the potty, no more poopy cloth diapers to wash! I have changed about 5 accidental poopy diapers in the past 19 months. It is wonderful!!! Now he is potty training himself because he has never learned to use the diaper as a toilet, there's no real 'training' to do!

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I thought (briefly) about cloth diapering and I think I've given up the idea. Our only real choice would be a diaper service which is most likely out if our price range because I can get diapers for so cheap wit sales and my discount at work. I know it is not ideal, but we don't have our own washing machine and... Yeah just not a good idea. Also I don't really have a great way to hand wash ANYTHING. if you all have any ideas, I'm totally up for it, though!
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I would not want to handwash diapers. Especially if you have anything other than flats. People claim washing flats isn't too bad though. You can google it. It's something like the flat challenge or something. 

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I'm excited about this more than almost anything else, I think! lol


I saved all of the cloth from my last 2, plus a friend gave me a whole stash that she'd received from her mom but never used. Because of that friend, I have dipes in my stash that are still brand new! :) Bonus!


For my boys, I did cloth + sposies (on outings, trips, or when daddy changed them since he wouldn't use the cloth). This time, though, I'm going to try going all cloth all the time, at least for the year that I'm at home.


I've already been topping up my stash - buying new covers (most of the old ones were plastic & no good anymore), new wipes (old ones disappeared), and some AIO's.

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I would not want to handwash diapers. Especially if you have anything other than flats. People claim washing flats isn't too bad though. You can google it. It's something like the flat challenge or something. 
I just don't think I can chance it. It's so much work on top of having a newborn if I did find a way to hand wash. Hopefully we will be in a new place by then with our own washer and dryer smile.gif
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I think I just realized I again need a clothesline.  Best 'bleaching' tek there is.

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EC is pretty interesting to look into.  Even if it doesn't quite work for you, every time you have a success that's one less diaper to wash.  :)  We've always done about half EC, on the days when I had enough energy to pay attention.  Having them run around in just prefolds helps too.


Babylegs!  Does anyone else like them?  :)  My boys never really wanted to wear them, but I thought they were awesome...

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I plan on CDing and can't wait to start my stash!  I've heard that one size cloth diapers dont fit newborns well either and some people choose to use 'sposies for the first few months.  I think I will try a bunch of different brands to see what I like the best.  Then build my stash based on what I know I like.  I like the idea of the AIO's being so easy almost like a disposable.  Babies do start to get wiggly once they get more mobile and changing can be difficult at times!

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harpersmion yes! I love baby legs. My son had a collection that he tolerated until his thighs got too thick. If I have a girl this time...watch out!
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