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I am so sorry for all of the breast feeding issues, I have definitely experienced them as well. I also had a big meltdown, Writermama, but mine was day 5. I get tiny little mini meltdowns occasionally as well, probably every other day. I warned DH to keep an eye on me and make sure I don't have PPD, but so far it seems like a very reasonable amount of baby blues.


I know it is not that helpful, but with the BFing issues (I had sensitive and then bloody, cracked nipples, followed by mastitis, ouch) what has helped is time and trying to be a stickler about the latch. It is hardest for me at night when I am too tired to be persistent, but it is helpful for me personally to force myself to get out of bed (which wakes me up) and go sit upright and focus on the latch. Grayson was 12 days old before we were able to have an entire day of good latches. My nipples are healing and I am finally feeling much better. 


Babytoes- my little one's lower lip is often sucked in, and I found on the Kelly mom site or somewhere else during my googling a technique for using the index finger of the hand that is supporting the breast to pull down on the chin (while baby is suckling), it pulls the lower lip out and helps babe get a better mouth full of boob.  This is hard to explain and also hard to get the hang of while nursing, but we are pretty good at it now.


Of course it is helpful to see a LC, which I did, but not until day 14 and our issues were basically resolved by then, funny how that happens.


Spughy- my kids look a lot alike as well, and often I have that time warp feeling, VERY weird!


Scruffy- it's so funny to see their little heads next to such a big breast!


Mayday- I'm so sorry about the prolapse and know next to nothing about what you're going through, just wanted to offer support. Hugs.


MPs- sorry things are so crazy at home, I am appreciating that DS1 is 5 years old and pretty mellow! Sending you mellow toddler vibes!

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Spughy, I'm so sorry to hear that your milk isn't in yet.  Mine came in 4 days postpartum with my son and that was a loooong 4 days.  I am so glad you have a plan (u/s for retained placenta, domperidone).  I am glad you are being so diligent to make sure Clayton (cool name!!!) is nursing as much as possible.   You have a great attitude about this, but I know it must be frustrating (understatement).  Good luck and keep us posted!!!

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Originally Posted by LightForest View Post

hug2.gif You are not alone!

Maybe we should coin a new term -- my 2 year old is also a "fresking terror" these days. We took the subway to a restaurant this evening, and the 2 year old was shrieking constantly on the train. On the way back my husband was able to distract her by letting her literally do pull ups on the straps that you hang on to (the ones that hang from the head-level bars, to hold while you stand on the train). Geesh. This kid blows my mind.

New baby boy is nursing like crazy and has been pretty gassy lately. I'm trying my best to keep from nursing him every time he fusses. It's just so tempting to use nursing as a magic bullet! The last few nights I've gotten next to zero sleep, up with a nursing or fussy baby while DH tends to our toddler, who's been sleeping poorly herself. DH goes in to sooth DD, then ends up falling asleep in her bed for the rest of the night. Then DD wakes at the crack of dawn and comes in to hang out with me while DH continues to snooze in her bed.

For some reason, this smiley seems appropriate right about now:  hammer.gif

Lol! My little "fresking" terror was up all night last night too! After I read this I though, phew, at least he's quiet at night! :/
Jinxed myself, lol.
I hate to say it, but going to 4 kids is hard. Even though the baby is calm, everyone else is having a harder time adjusting.
As dh says, we've been through worse, we can do this.
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With all the 6-week ladies in the February group talking about getting over a fussy period, once again, I'm plugging The Wonder Weeks! Week 5 is the first big developmental leap/fussy phase! Next one is 8 weeks. So just throwing it out there-- I think I am going to try and wait it out before I eliminate anything from my diet, etc. But JMO!


BFing is going better here... Not fabulous (well, maybe fabulous about 30% of the time), but okay. I went to Passover yesterday at my grandmother's house (our first non-doctor outing) and my grandmother was on much better behavior (she has been making passive-aggressive comments during her weekly visits about nursing, our parenting, etc.), I think thanks to my aunt and mom. Honestly, she's just an anxious person, and though she's a hippie at heart in some ways and super willing to learn new things, we are doing a lot differently as parents... and she IS pushing 90 years old. Anyway. Baby L was a big hit. smile.gif

Speaking of which, she was up to 7 lbs 12 oz at 24 days, up from 6 lbs 6 oz at birth! So we were pretty happy. Her NB clothes fit well, and she can wear some 0-3 without being TOTALLY swallowed up. Definitely still in NB (cloth) diapers, but some on larger settings. I can't believe she'll actually be outgrowing things soon!

DH and I are working hard on balance, as I reopened my online stores on Monday and he started work the Monday before last. He has a deadline on April 15, so he has decided to go into work 3 full days per week until then (in general, he'll only be in the office 2-3 days per week, and only maybe 4-6 hours on those days), which kinda sucks, but is probably best. At least he is productive there, and we are working on being productive at home. He is having the Working Mother's Crisis, I think-- the other night, I chose not to wake him for diaper changes (he does all of them if he's home), so he could get more sleep. He appreciated it, but also felt guilty. He texted that he felt terrible not contributing to the care of his child. greensad.gif And when he's home, he doesn't get loads of work done, because even though he could put her in the Moby (which we both love!), he honestly prefers to sit and hold her and watch her sleep. Which is adorable, but, let's face it-- impractical.

Our new mantra is that we have to try new things every day. Just dive in and give everything a shot until we find something that sticks, whether it's a new way to soothe, practicing NIP, figuring out when to EC her, how to work from home, when to shower, when to leave the bedroom in the morning, etc. This is SO not how I generally do things-- I like to research a thing to death and decide on a course of action before I actually try anything new. But such is parenting, I think! It keeps coming at you without ever really giving you a break, so no procrastinating and talking about how "I should really think about trying X"-- just got to dive in! It's going pretty well, considering.
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I gave my copy of The Wonder Weeks away. I wonder if I should get another? Hmmm...
I am trying to completely follow my instincts with this baby. I almost think reading all the books and having the Internet so easily accessible hurt that with my last baby or two. I didn't just follow my gut, because they were "supposed" to be doing this or that. So far I'm way less stressed baby wise!
But, we have reached a fussy stage here, at 3 weeks. I'm sure it's a growth spurt. He's been real hard to console from about 7-11 each night. Not full on screaming, just off. So far I'm handling it well! Not too stressed or anything. Which surprises me, I quit my antidepressant a couple weeks ago due to side effects, so i thought I'd be more anxious/depressed right now.
I feel like maybe I'm finally getting the hang of this baby thing, oh about 11 years into my parenting career, lol.
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Idiot, or new parent?

My parents wanted to take me and my brother to lunch today, so I got myself all psyched up to finally breastfeed in public, packed extra diapers and provisions in the diaper bag, gave the sleeping baby to Mom to hold, carefully dressed myself in an appropriate nursing top combo, put on makeup, checked my hair, got directions, put on the Moby wrap to pop Lina in during lunch, washed and changed and clothed a sleeping (ish) baby and told my parents I'd meet them at the restaurant. At which point, my mom ducked back in the house and asked, "Where's your car?"

Oh, yeah. At work. With DH.

Along with the carseat.

I am currently at home, wearing my cute outfit and my perfect makeup, drowning my sorrows.
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I still do stuff like that! I've left the house without diapers, or took diapers but no spare outfit, just in time for a blowout, etc...

I think I get in such a sleep deprived haze PP! On Tuesday, my birthday, I fell down the steps in front of a packed restaurant. While I was holding the baby!! I was so embarrassed, but I'm just in a daze lately.
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Happy belated Birthday, MPsSweetie!

Buko, at least you were organised enough to leave the house. By the time I've got everyone fed, washed and dressed to head out, we need a nap! It's only been 2 weeks but I've barely left the house yet. Poor DS1 is bored to tears.....and has been sick......which makes it hard on everyone. The weather is horribly cold and unseasonal too but I guess all those reasons are more conducive to resting with baby.

I've been thinking about the Wonder Weeks also, found it v helpful to be aware of them with DS1. DS2 is having little fussy spells in the evenings now, where only the boob will calm him but he gulps so hard that he spits up most of it........what to do!!
My main problem is my continuing night sweats, ick, they are driving me mad. I wake several times a night to wet bedclothes, nightwear and hair. If baby is too close, he'll be damp or wet too and I have to change everything in the middle of the night. I'm in the habit now of getting up to make a cup of tea and a hot water bottle to heat me up. I went through this with DS1 also for a month or so, as well as early on in both pregnancies, it seems it's due to hormonal changes, ugh.
Is anyone else going through this? My misery loves company smile.gif
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Buko - This made me laugh. I hope you get to have a repeat chance at getting out the house soon! 
I remember using the Wonder Weeks as almost bible with DS. We're going through that fussy period right now. - Ugh. I was actually just thinking of picking up another copy of the book (I got one from the library the last time) to help settle my frustration & questions regarding if she's gassy or just going through normal development.
We're doing better over here. I was hoping to get out to an Easter egg hunt for DS today, but it's just not going to happen. We'll do something tomorrow for him at home. Luckily he's still too young to really get the concept of Easter & such. My goal for next week (going on 6 weeks ppd) is to get a schedule set, well a flexible schedule, to help keep me on top of things. I think I've been a bit depressed lately and have had a hard time finding motivation to clean, cook, eat, etc. It's time to turn that around. Wish me luck!
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Just thought I'd post a quick update - a bit of domperidone (plus assiduous pumping and strongly encouraging nursing at every opportunity) has totally overcome my supply issues and I am producing LOTS of milk now.  Yay!  Even after 4 months of work with DD I never really had lots.  But now, especially in the mornings, my boobs have too much for the little one to nurse back to sleep when he wants to.  And he is peeing and pooping a ton, and obviously content and satisfied with life generally.  He is a very mellow little baby and extremely interactive for someone so new.  His big sister adores him and wants to play "kissing" - she tries to kiss him and he opens his mouth and makes faces.  (It's activating his rooting reflex, but I'm not going to spoil her fun by telling her that.) He's sleeping well and I'm getting more and better sleep than I have in months.


So right now, everything is good.  love.gif  Of course I know everything can change quickly, but I sure am going to enjoy this while it lasts.


Further update: Clayton weighed in at 3 1/2 oz over his birth weight today - 11 days old.  This feels SO GOOD.

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