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the first year is behind me!!

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i can't believe it!!!!!
thomas and iris turned 1 yesterday!!!!

happy birth day to me

this year has gone so fast
it's unbelievable

anyway, just wanted to share
hope you all are well!

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Happy birthday to thomas and iris!
And you made it. I thought it was funny when someone said that to me on my twins' first birthday, but it's true!!
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Yay! That first year is a bitch! Happy belated birthing day to you, mama.
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Happy birth day!!!! So...when does it get easier with twins? Can't wait to see my boys at a year! Congratulations! Yay!
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And CONGRATULATIONS, Elyssia for surviving the first year!!

Fleurette...when does it get easier? For me the first year was easier then the second has been so far. Now that they are mobile and more "opinionated" things have been crazy! But it's the good kind of crazy.
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I found that it got much easier when they turned 4. For us, 3 was much worse than 2, but then it suddenly changed after their fourth birthday. 6 and 9 were HELLISH years, but so far 10 has been fairly even-keeled. Oh, damn, do you think I just jinxed myself? :LOL
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Congratulations, Elyssia!! And happy birthday to Iris and Thomas!!
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: Thomas & Iris!!!

I agree, the first year is very difficult. 2nd year is challenging, too, but in different ways. Once they're running in opposite directions, it's easy to remember those days when they just laid in one spot with fondness!

Enjoy your 1 year olds!!!
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thanks mamas!!!!

now i talked to somebody w/ 2 sets of twins
whom i met out walking the other day
and she said that it got easier (each time)
at about 18 mos.
i just try to keep telling myself
that things could be a lot worse
so this can't be all bad
jeez, what if i had unhealthy kids?
or one (or more) w/ a continuing physical problem?
what if i didn't have a very helpful dh?
what if i was being judged in some way on my housework??
(boy, i'd fail that one)

anyway, thanks again for your congratulations and encouragement!!
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