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13.5 wks from last week. Hot mess headed to the pool. Flat belly and abs no more...
A week later and it's feeling humongous today. DS poked my belly and asked me if I was full...

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Holy guacamole, Sila. You look amazing!! I look like that when I'm running 60+ miles/week, little belly and all. Never while pregnant. Wow! I wish I looked that fantastic now. I just feel very round smile.gif Love all those amazing baby bellies!
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Sila, lol.  I finally have a tiny belly like that going on 16wks.  I finally feel pregnant.

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Oh gosh, thanks Sparkle. I miss my running days (can't run while pregnant it makes me sick).


Hippy - Haha great! I bet your little belly is cute!


I don't mean to complain that I feel huge. I hope that wasn't offensive. It just feels so different to me personally. I'm blessed with a long torso and I have a very titled back uterus. Everyone's bumps are super cute, special and miraculous! Keep 'em comin'!

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Hey Ladies ! Here I am at 19 weeks and 1 day

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I think I'll take another pic to add to my collage tomorrow once I make sure to get all of the..... lead out.  redface.gif

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Here's my updated collage.  I think I can maybe see a difference between last week and this week waaay down low.  Still a lot of blub.  Still waiting for this "pop" I've heard about. lol


p.s. Please pardon the state of my vanity.  I'm a horrible housekeeper.

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Peacemama - So jealous that you are nearly half way!!! Are you finding out if it is a boy or girl in there?


Ultrafighter - I see a difference! 

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Nope we are not finding out because we do not want to subject the baby to an unnecessary ultrasound and want to be surprised. 

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Ultrafighter I totally see a difference too!!


Sila Oh my goodness, nothing you said was offensive at all!! I totally get it. It's all relative. I was a bit heavier starting this pregnancy than my usual weight (TTC for 11 cycles was rather stressful) and at this point, my belly is quite big, all baby-full.  I also can't run when pregnant, I find it way too uncomfortable and the pelvic pressure makes me super nervous. So it's walking for me! I hope to be back to my usual weight/fitness level by next spring, looking as awesome as you look now :)


I LOVE seeing all of your truly amazing bellies!! So, so beautiful!!

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Thought it might be time for a update smile.gif this is me at 17 weeks and 3 days with my first bub! We found out this week that we are having a little boy!

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You look so cute, Bree! Beautiful baby belly smile.gif

Here's a shot my DD got this morning. I'm 20 wks, 2 days by dates but my early ultrasounds indicate I'm close to 22 weeks.
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22 weeks and 4 days 


Such lovely bellies everyone is getting :D 

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18 weeks and 5 days...feel like to anyone else they probably just think i'm bloated...can't wait to have a good bump going on!

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I love that belt creating kind of an empire waist look!

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I finally feel like I look more pregnant than just chubby.  Yay!  This is me at 20+4.

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Here's my 20 week photo - halfway there!  I'm at 23 now.

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A little behind. This is fro ma week ago at 18+2. 


Ultra - Your belly has totally popped out!


Super cute bellies everyone! We're half way now and these bellies are really going to start growing!

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Here is my belly at 19 weeks and 4 days smile.gif love all your bellies! It's so exciting to see the changes!

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